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The harvest of individuality, of nurturing and self-expression is symbolized by Virgo, the earth sign associated with selfless service, self improvement and work. Those born between August 20 and September 21, belong to this mutable, practical and introspective tribe.

Governed by Mercury, the children of Virgo are concerned with knowledge, with sharing information and learning. However, unlike the other Mercury ruled sign, Gemini, Virgo seeks that knowledge which can be applied, tested, and put to work. Perhaps that is why the Virgo native is critical, analytical, and occasionally nit-picking. She (for Virgo is a feminine sign) is driven to put her knowledge to work, to be of service not simply to satisfy her curiosity or impress others.

Of all the signs in the Zodiac, Virgo is most closely associated with health care. Whether she is attracted to the occupation of nutritionist, occupational therapist, nursing, alternative healing or even medical researcher, Virgo wants her service to directly benefit living beings. Service is the key to her life, and one of the most tragic things that can happen to the Virgo native is not to find that niche in the world where she can care for or serve others.

Lacking that niche, Virgo will become increasingly sensitive and critical. She will find fault with everything, most especially herself and may completely withdraw from social and personal interaction. Governed by a sense of inferiority, Virgo might be victimized by those who are more interested in using and manipulating her for their own benefit, than those who are truly appreciative.

She can avoid this, by realizing her latent capacity to heal and transform, by developing her natural discrimination, for Virgo is well aware of what is useful and helpful to herself and others as well as what is not. She has the ability to perceive what will be useful, will yield positive results, what is worth investigating and apply her energy. However, to make use of this gift, Virgo needs to overcome her natural caution, literal mindedness and fear of financial insecurity. Naturally attuned to the problems and pain in the world, the Virgo needs to periodically refresh her spirit and revive her soul, through meditation, relaxation, music and revisiting the world of nature. Strict adherence to routine, to duty, to formal structures can interfere with the self revitalization and renewal process, so going on vacation is particularly important to Virgos.


Like Capricorn, Virgo can be a late bloomer, and often needs a long period of apprenticeship or preparation before she feels competent to fulfill her role in the world. A positive Virgo is confident about her potential and is often willing to wait for their expression or fulfillment. However, as time goes by the Virgo will worry that her potential is being wasted, that she lacks the practical skills to manifest them in a concrete way. This is why Virgo often needs a mentor, someone who perceives, encourages, and applauds her activities. Quite often the Virgo child will search for such a mentor and her parents must not discount her need for approval and hands on guidance.

In addition to her attraction to the healing arts, Virgo is often found in the field of education. Her passion for learning, for perfecting her skills, for being of service, can come to fruition in the academic world. She is a natural researcher and like all mutable signs, enjoys passing her knowledge and skills on to others. Quite often those born under a Virgo Sun sign, or have their Moon or Ascendent in Virgo, become the mentor they looked for as a child. They become the mid-wives of the future, nurturing the potential of less developed, or immature beings. Finding, in their own way and time the Holy Grail of meaningful service.

On the autumal Equinox, September 23, the Sun will move into Libra, the Sign of balance and relationships


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