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  • Racial Characteristics:
    Whyaati possess a series of C, L and T shaped blue spots descend from his forehead around his neck line and down his spine. A similar line descends from his abnormally high navel, down both sides of his legs, loop around his upper arm and descend down the outer portion of his arms and hands. Possesses large bluish regions under his arms/armpits (till where his floating ribs are), in his pubic region and down his inner thighs, on the soles of his feet and the palms or his hands. Possesses a dual-pointed ear with unusual inner ridging and horizontal folds near the points. Has a Brunali-like nasal-cranial ridge with folding on the bridge of the nose. Like all Whyaati, he possesses a 17cm long vestigial tail, webbing to his toes, and a vestigial bone ridge on his sternum. The eyes appear to have no pupil- instead the iris dilates and contracts like a camera lens.
  • Personal Markings:
    Nexx has dark blonde hair with pale tan skin that seems to glisten a bit in bright light. He has a runner's build (Whyaati do not possess bulging muscle definition). His eyes are a deep and twinkling blue and are pupiless, surrounded by an iridescent teal-turquoise ring that shimmers as if slightly liquid. Nexx has a small hairline cut about 1/8inch long near the bottom of his nasal folds. (from a knife fight in his youth). The metallic strip in his hair denotes his caste heritage (Religious). He possesses a thin braid growing from his sideburn placed behind his left ear that is laced with a piece of gold thread, roughly 27 centimeters (10.6 inches) in length (again, a Caste mark). This is a Religious Que and to touch it without permission is likely to land the offender on the floor.
  • Medical Report:
    Dr. Maryann Trevelyn, Starfleet Medical, Denver Colorado. I must note that until I met the Nexx family, I was completely unfamiliar with Whyaati physiology. Dunkains mother, Cami, fortunately, is a doctor. She explained to me that a temperature of 99.2 (37.4) is typical of his species and that a heartrate of 136 is very typical, given that the Whyaati possess, in essence, two small hearts. It is my understanding that Dunkain should be going through a physiological change at the age of 22, called "The Heat". This stage lasts for two weeks and anatomically, he will be capable of reproduction for those two weeks. Expect a state of heightened metabolism, vitality and also a more impulsive and shall we say sensual personality. Although I have not witnessed this "Heat," physiologically it is similar in effect to Vulcan pon-farr, without the psychological aspects of anger and violent frustration.
    Nexx Dunkain was born on Banja Arcology in 2357 (Federation) in Blue Sector- generally acknowledged to be one of the more upper-middle class sectors that is primarily populated by Religious and Guilded Caste members. As a member of the Religious Caste, Dunkain was drilled and conditioned to be friendly, open, understanding and, ultimately, highly spiritual. He follows Bey Whyaati, the predominant religion of his world. As a member of the religious Caste, Dunkain was indoctrinated to follow the tenets of Whyaati'Da, more than most members of his species would be. At the age of 10, Dunkain was involved in a Kora-Fight with a member of the Military caste. Dunkain received a small scar on his nose for his troubles. The Military Caster tried to cut off his Que.
    At Age 13, his family, while on vacation on Barrail IX, were attacked by Borg. He managed to escape with his family as the Haven military organized resistance. However, the shuttles co-axial warp drive failed and flung them into the Alpha Quadrant, not far from the Breen Hegemony. The Breen captured them and prepared to sell the family into slavery. However, Starfleet Intelligence had been watching this particular cell of Slavers and intervened.
    He and his entire family were debriefed in San Francisco and were granted asylum and citizenship on Earth after a few years. At age 16 (the age of majority amongst Whyaati), he attempted to join Starfleet. His resourcefulness and innovative spirit, coupled with his open minded attitude gained him entry after his chief rival (friendly rival), an Andorian, was injured in a Chaka-Duel with another Andorian cadet.
    As a Prenumax, Dunkain was schooled in the broadly humanistic ways that Whyaati are taught. During his Numaxnos, he chose an apprenticeship with a family friend who was a member of the Guild of Terratro. He aspired to be a member of this illustrious guild. Unfortunately, his Numaxnos was cut short when the whole family was accidentally transported to the Alpha Quadrant. He ended up following a more Human way of being educated, which frustrated him. His teachers remarked that Dunkain seemed a bit restless and even passive aggressive at some points. During the first year of his Apprenticeship, Dunkain was schooled in the arts of being what the Whyaati refer to as "Living Computers," under the Guild of Terratro. Although he exceled at the duties required, they were cut short. Thus, he is not allowed to bare the Mark of Terratro (The lips are painted metallic blue). His training after the shuttle accident became more typical of a Human child. He possesses a C+/B- average at this point, due to his unfamiliarity with Human ways.
    He was skilled, as a child, in a traditional Whyaati martial art known as "Koti'Da"- a purely defensive martial art analogous to an eclectic mix of Terran Aikido and Capoeira. He is a "sennark" in rank (roughly translated, Green Belt or low-intermediate level.) The martial art involves the use of a Koti whip, a micro-molecular filament weapon. Nexx has not perfected the use of this.

  • Natural Abilities:
    All Whyaati are short-range telepaths (capable of deep scan with a willing recipient while touching), meaning that they cannot sense or detect anything from someone farther than four to six feet away. Ideally, the Whyaati touches the one he wishes to communicate with. All Whyaati are semi-aquatic in origin and can hold their breath in excess of ten minutes.
  • Special Abilities:
    Dunkain is unusually adept at discerning patterns and connections. Dunkain is fairly holistic in his approaches and tries to examine the bigger picture. Jaeliyo Raax (Body Reading) and Jaeliyo Kanda (Pattern Recognition) disciplines, possesses a nearly-Eidetic Memory (would be fully Eidetic and more if he had continued his apprenticeship in the Guild of Terratro). Possesses a low-intermediate level in the Whyaati martial art of Koti'Da. Because of his ability to discern patterns and his near-eidetic memory, he has excelled at languages. He speaks: Whyaati, Andorian and Federation Standard fluently, speaks Vulcan, Denobulan, Klingon, Cardassian and Romulan with varying proficiency. He gave up on trying to understand Breen.
  • Strengths:
    Dunkain is honest, compassionate, open-minded, gallant (almost to the point of martyrdom- another trait of his species) and is ultimately quite friendly. Dunkain is unusually strong in his faith and it is rare that despondency and hopelessness get to him.
  • Limitations:
    Dunkain is rather passionate and can often seem somewhat sophomoric. Dunkain has taken the Oath of Honesty, which means he will not readily lie. Dunkain also tends to see the universe through the lens of civilization rather than machinery. He focuses on the effects of the machine on people rather than the workings of it. Dunkain is also endlessly inquisitive (almost nosey), but unfortunately, somtimes even the simplest questions become complex conundrums to him. Deep down, he is unsure of himself. He feels that he must follow in his fathers shoes and measures himself by the success of others.
  • Likes:
    Dunkain discovered chocolate a few years ago. He truly enjoys Andorian Esh-Esh (bear meat sautéed in fat and caked with salt, in a stew form). At Luna's Italian Bistro aboard SBT, he discovered "Calamari".
    After growing up with Humans, Dunkain, while he sometimes feels like an outsider because he has chosen to hold onto his Whyaati ways, enjoys the company of those people. Nexx is attracted to the truly bizarre or complex.
  • Dislikes:
    Closed-mindedness and a total lack of emotion repel Dunkain. He sees such things as alien, unnatural and ultimately as lying to oneself and self-defeating. He seems to have a major grudge against the Borg but thus far, he hasn't discussed the reasons why. Hes also not particularly fond of the Jem'Hadar and Vorta despite the notable fact that he has never met anyone of either species.
  • Ambitions:
    Dunkain joined Starfleet because it was that institution that saved he and his family. He has grown up with the ideas and policies of the Federation and seeks a reconciliation of those beliefs with "Whyaati'Da". Ultimately, Dunkain wishes to serve and better Starfleet. He has joined to better it and to see the rest of the galaxy. As he gains confidence and reconciles his beliefs, he may strive for a command of his own. He is currently driven by a somewhat shapeless and elusive desire to excel in his chosen profession- he cares little for wealth or power, he just wants to be one of the best in what he does. He seems to be driven by a powerful inner faith and love of the ideals of Starfleet.
  • Quirks:
    Dunkain has many. If anyone touches his Religious Que, they can expect to find themselves on the floor in some kind of highly uncomfortable joint-lock. All he ever says is, "Never touch my Que." Dunkain tends to bite his lower lip when concentrating and walks with his hands behind his back. He always seems to have a quiet, kind smile on his face, as if he is constantly telling himself an amusing joke. Dunkain will also say "Please" and "Thank You" to replicators and computers. Dunkain DOES NOT take sonic showers- he takes old fashioned water showers or baths. Nexx takes a decidedly humanistic focus to the world and doesn't react to some technologies well (in all likelihood, he would find Data to be puzzling and would treat him very much like the Ba'Ku did) During a side excursion to Earth before arriving aboard his first post, he picked up "Sarbie", his pet Beshi. He received Sarbie from his love interest senior year. (Sarbie is a ridiculously cute, white, furry, seal-like creature that trills when its happy).
  • Hobbies/Interests:
    Dunkain is quite well-rounded. He enjoys Andorian Tra (Trance/Industrial-like music), Tierfolt (a Whyaati sport) and snowboarding! Like all Whyaati, Dunkain loves the water. Dunkain loves Sherlock Holmes (its that pattern recognition part of him). His favorite holo-suite programs include exotic swimming and diving locales, beaches, Sherlock Holmes mysteries, famous Tierfolt matches, Chakabal (another Whyaati sport), the Ktarian Alps and the Colorado Rockies and various Andorian mythological stories. As a hobby, Dunkain loves to build models of ancient seafaring ships from different worlds. He possesses sixteen models so far. He has an interest in piloting.
  • Traditions:
    Follows a lot of different Whyaati traditions. He regularly communes with his Totem Animal- a Kovi (a Bear-like spirit) but also respects Shibal (the jungle Cat). He celebrates Solstice, Equinox, Sanctuary and the Enduring Penance holidays of his people. He celebrates his Rite of Numax and Formal Naming every year. He also engages in his fasts and light physical punishments (usually self-flagellation) should he lie, and to remain penitent. He is deeply spiritual.

  • Year One: As a cadet, Nexx had a difficult time fitting in. He was the butt of many pranks by older or more popular cadets. Nexx almost washed out his first year due to his feeling of isolation (a near-torturous feeling to the very sociable Whyaati). His instructors noticed a great deal of frustration on his part as he struggled to reconcile his beliefs with the policies of Starfleet. Not knowing that his Que was religious in nature, one particular instructor, a Dr. Gav Gaxnik, a Tellarite, attempted to grab the Que and subsequently, Nexx put the professor in a joint lock and nearly broke his arm. He received several demerits for this action, but it was deemed that neither the Academy nor Starfleet could make him remove his Que. Nexx managed to squeeze by with a C average.
  • Year Two: Nexx managed to make friends with a group of Humans and subsequently, his grades and attitude improved somewhat. He still struggled with his ideals, frustrated with the very mechanistic focus of our Starfleet. However, he has little to no interest in the fields of counseling or medicine. Thus, he struggled (and continues to struggle) with fitting a mechanistically focused job with his humanistic indoctrination.
    Year Two marks an improvement in his grades, but his lack of strong decision-making skills and solving of deceptively easy problems is noted. He goes unscathed in the Breen attack on Earth. He is noted for conspicuous gallantry in saving the life of his roommate during the ensuing fire in his quarters.
  • Year Three & Four: Nexx falls in love with a Human named Adam Benteen. He flunks Advanced Thermodynamics because of their intense relationship. However, he does come back strong after the apparent end to his relationship, which seems to occasionally trouble him still. He graduates in the lower half of his class with a major in Flight Control and Navigation and a minor in Sociology, Linguistics and Archaeology.
  • Cadet Cruise: Nexx was posted to Starbase Tango for the first few days of his tour, then transferred aboard the USS Yeager as acting CONN Officer after that ship was ordered to detain a raider vessel. His most notable actions aboard the Yeager and SBT was the co-discovery of thermophasic life forms, and he helped locate the raider vessel with several fellow cadets, and played a minor role in discovering the identity of the raiders and a saboteur aboard Yeager.
  • First Tour: Transfers to the Science Division as a Social Scientist. Classified operations aboard the Federation starship Arizona, along the RNZ and on the separatist-dissident colony of New Venezula. Cited for conspicuous gallantry in protecting a fellow officer; promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Suffered from severe compression-style phaser shock to the thorasic cavity.
  • Second Tour: Emergency orders from Commodore Coonradt transfer Nexx from the Protostar, his intended transfer, to the USS Edison following the death of their CONN Officer. Currently holds the position of Helmsman. Nexx has transferred back to Command & Control. Nexx was briefly held hostage by the Aldean people following the deactivation of their Custodian. (classified reasons.)