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The Strong Arm of the Whyaati
The Whyaati Military is a complex but efficient machine that the Haven of Species uses as a precision tool. Unlike the Federation, the Haven and the Whyaati maintain a large standing army with various types of starships, including dedicated warships. This fleet is usually referred to as the "Haven" or "Whyaati" Marine Force. Within this large, all-encompassing institution are several other small groups, including the Jal Sheve and Jal Pa.

The Haven Marine Force: Jal Ganesh
The Haven Marine Force, or, as it is less commonly referred, the Jal Ganesh, is the military wing of the Haven Marine Force. It is dominated by the Whyaati Military caste and various other Haven Member Races.
The Jal Ganesh's fleet is one with two philosophies. Protect and Defend and Interdict and Destroy. The first is the most important- the Jal Ganesh acts as the police force and military defense of the Haven. The second is more proactive.
The Whyaati and their Haven allies are involved in a sporadic but very intense war with the Borg. To safeguard lives, the Jal Ganesh regularly patrols its borders and around known transwarp conduits for any sign of Borg activity. When a ship or ships are detected, the Jan Ganesh Command Council will issue orders to create a fleet detachment, which is sent to destroy or curtail any Borg attempting to enter into Haven Corespace.
Most of the vessels in the Jal Ganesh are small and very fast but heavily armed vessels. Their primary tactic is to disable as much of the Borg ship with verterons before they beam over explosive charges to damage the unarmored and less-protected inner portion of the ship.
To back up the smaller interdictor ships, the Whyaati possess larger command and control cruiser-style ships that blanket the small ships in cover fire, attempting to disable the Borg with larger verteron torpedoes and polaron beam weapons.

The Jal Enta- the Expeditionary Force
The Jal Enta is more closely analalogous to the Federation Starfleet. Its primary purpose is to map the quadrant and to contact as many alien species as posssible. Unlike the Federation, the Whyaati possess no Prime Directive. In the mind of the Haven, with the Borg on their heels, they must save as many sentients as possible, thereby securing new allies, new resources and new manpower. The Whyaati have already catapulted two relatively primitive species into the galactic civilization, citing the alternative was Borg assimilation.
The Jal Enta is usually detached from the Jal Ganesh and maintains less armed and armored ships. However, because the Jal Enta is the primary force of exploration and discovery, they are also usually the first vessels to dectect Borg activity.

The Runner Command: Jal Shak
The Runner Command is the creation of the Jori'Da Coalition nad is a truly ambitious undertaking. Having been formed only in the last few years, the Runner Command is one of two "Baby Forces" in the Haven Marine force.
The mission of the Runner Command is to board Borg vessels using cloaked vessels. There, they evacuate (read: capture) as many Borg drones as possible. The drones are beamed along a series of transporter relays that have been cloaked in subspace. The result is that the rescued Borg drone may be beamed off the Borg ship and sent several light years away.
Runner Command ships are smaller and specially designed with several layers of sensor masks, power signature masking systems and a sophisticated cloaking device.

Jal Pa & Jal Naya: Military Intelligence & Psi-Batt
The Jal Pa is the equivalent of Military Intelligence within the Whyaati ranks. However, the Jal Pa is split into two different groups- the mainstream Jal Pa and the Jal Naya, which is a Military Intelligence wing that exclusively employs high-level Psions.
The Jal Pa has a very difficult job, because one cannot easily gather intelligence on the Borg. The Borg send signal and image intelligence, therefore Traffick Analysis is a viable form. However, this requires the agent to submit to Cybernetic Augmentation (an act that many Whyaati are uncomfortable with). They must because the Borg communicate with each other in a range-enhanced, almost telepathic method sort of like a hive mind. In order to gain Signal or Image Intelligence, the Whyaati Intel Specialist must link to the Hive Mind. This is alot like hacking a computer.
Sentient Intelligence on the other hand is virtually impossible. There are no Borg traitors, aside from the extremely rare member of Unimatrix Zero. However, the Jal Pa has successfully created a small network with Unimatrix Zero.
The Jal Pa gains "SENTINT" in the only other method possible- by debriefing and employing those that have been assimilated and then returned to Whyaati society. As a result, the Jal Pa employs and uses a disproportionately large number of The Returned, more than any other branch by three times the number.
Some say that the Jal Naya exists because of the above practice. The Jal Naya, however, does not police the Jal Pa, at least not officially. However, a small sect of ultra secretive agents known as Five does monitor the entire Intelligence wing and the Military at large.
The Jal Naya is another level of Intelligence. They use psychic probes and interrogations of Borg Drones to gather data. This practice does raise some eyebrows amongst the Whyaati populous at large since the tenets of Whyaati'Da prohibit uninvited brain scans.

The Jal Sheve- the Temporal Intelligence
The Jal Sheve is the second "Baby Force" of the Haven. Using borrowed (read: stolen) Krenim technology, the Whyaati have established Neumona Triax, a small space station situated around an unimpressive neutron star. Neumona Triax is, however, phased out of the timeline, much like the Krenim Temporal Ship was. The station, however, possesses no weaponry and is in fact a very sophisticated and sensitive sensor array that monitors the "proper" time flow.
The Borg regularly use temporal incursions in an attempt to destroy the Whyaati. The most common points in time targeted are the Enduring Penance, the Battle of Cha'Tan, the Whyaati Expatriate Exodus millenia ago and the time of Naidi Fios. Thus far, all seventeen Borg incursions have been successfully thwarted, but at a high price. Only twice have the agents involved returned alive.

The Whyaati Uniform is a fairly simple piece of clothing. It possesses a grey undershirt to which the rank insignia are clipped to and an over-jacket. One side of the jacket's shoulder and sleeve are made of black suede material- the other is colored according to caste and has a rougher texture. Officers wear knee-high, duranium-toed boots and a metallic belt. Department Heads and Command Officers wear a toga-like linen that drapes over the back and front, connected by a large metal plate with the same motif as the shoulder patch and colored in that of the officer's caste.

Jal Ganesh- Marines

Jal Pa- Military Intelligence

Jal Sheve- Temporal Police

Jal Enta- Expeditionary Force

Jal Shak- Runner Command

Psionic Battalion

There are six branches to the Whyaati Military Force and each possesses a different shoulder patch which is worn on the right (black) sleeve on the upper arm. The coloring of these patches has nothing to do with Caste.

The military structure of a Whyaati ship is quite different than that aboard a Federation ship, but not completely dissimiliar. While Federation ships focus on the Captain and his First Officer in command, Whyaati ships place a great deal of emphasis on the ship's "Triad"- the Captain and the two ranking senior officers. The Captain looks to his First and Second Officers in the same way that a Captain on a Federation ship- as his council. However, the Captain maintains a greater degree of control over what happens on his/her ship and can only be overridden by a unanimous vote between the XO, 2XO and the CMO. Also, Captains regularly go on Away Missions, followed by his "Senior Guard".

While the Captain is referred to as the "Prime Officer and Diplomat" he or she is considered a Command Officer. The Executive Officer holds the official title of "Prime Strategic Ops Officer." The Second Officer is the "Prime Operations Officer." All subsequent Department Heads are referred to as "Primes"- "Prime Medical, Prime Science, Prime Engineer, etc." Most Captains of Frigate sized or smaller vessels are Majors, those with larger ships are Colonels. Starbases, Outposts and Arcologies are almost always commanded by a Sacrant. Fleets of various sized are controlled by senior Colonels, Fireline and Firewall Colonels and Sacrant-Majors. Endars control Corps of ships (currently, there are three Corps and thus, Three Endars). Truly small ships, such as a Fighter Wing, Science Ship, Comm Relay or Scout are often commanded by persons as low in rank as Lancer Majors.

One important facet of the Exceutive Officer or "Prime Strategic Ops Officer" is that he has the dubious, similar duty to a "Political Officer." However, his job is more akin to an Intelligence Analyst who works for his Captain rather than against. It is his job to make sure that the Captain has up to date and accurate information. The Second Officer fulfills the traditional role of a Federation Executive Officer, who is the Captain's liaison to the crew.