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And lo, the Whyaati People realized their mistake in trusting The Sky Devils. And they mourned the loss of so Many. Upon their new earth of frosted soil and bitter winds, their spirits did falter. The People stood on the brink of savagery and extinction if not for the words and actions of Naidi Fios, Holy Monad of the Third Ring. He brought to his People the gift of survival and in his Word, the Ice did lift and the Animals beckoned forth the People as if they were long lost brothers. And the Whyaati People did embrace.
--The Tristine, Ancient Text.

A Sketch of Whyaati History
The Whyaati people were not native to their homeworld of Whyaa. They in truth originate from several light years away on a densely populated, tropical world in the Banjoi Cluster. Here, over 120,000 years ago, the Whyaati established their first civilizations. By 45,000 years ago, the Whyaati established a small net of colonies and tribute worlds in the biomes of many Delta Quadrant worlds. The Whyaati were highly advanced and definitely had contact with the Preservers, whos civilization was in decline. Next to nothing is known about this era, for modern Whyaati believe that their race's civilization is only some 15,000 years old.
The Whyaati seem to have befallen a terrible mistake that cost them their very lives and grand civilization. It was a terrible event that the Whyaati paid for in grave penance till the day the Preserver's passed into the annals of history.

The Beginning
Although the races go unnamed and the history is lost in the vastness of time, the Whyaati, at some point, seem to have entered into an allegiance with the progenitors of the Borg. This alliance was, at first, very beneficial. The three races created a cooperative and the then-mechanistically trained Whyaati embraced cyberneticism. However, as time went on, the Whyaati's partners became more and more fanatical about "racial perfection". Several splinter groups began to abandon the Whyaati homeworld in search of a new life. It seems that the vast majority fled into the arms of their old rivals, the Preservers. The Preservers agreed to give these expatriates asylum in return for a dastardly cost- the Expatriates had to help their once-enemy destroy their own people.
The Whyaati, having no place to go, agreed, justifying it as a "cleansing" of their people that had been irreversibly corrupted by a growing evil. The Preservers and their Whyaati expatriate allies invaded Whyaati space and, using a new weapon, caused the planet to phase invert out of existence. 13 billion Whyaati died in a matter of minutes. The expatriates were horrified at what they had done. In so doing, they wiped out the most compassionate of the Borg progenitors. If this had not been done, it is a possibility that the Borg would not have returned out so ruthless as they have. Thus, the Expatriates were shipped to their "Reservation" without any resistance.
The Whyaati Reservation was a comparatively cold, wind-battered, backwater world in Preserver space. The Whyaati were not naturally adapted to such harsh conditions and suffered heavily. Of the 212,000 expatriates, it is estimated that less than 5,000 would survive the first generation!
A wave of "Borg Hate" in the Preserver society forced these normally compassionate people to completely abandon the Whyaati to a dreadful fate. It is very likely that the "Sky Devils" that the Tristine speaks of is in reference to the Preservers.
The Whyaati would have probably gone extinct and slipped into obscurity if it hadn't been for a young Vanyel by the name of Naidi Fios. Fios was a Changing One that went out to explore the countryside, when he witnessed several native fauna gathering food. He deduced that by watching these animals, the Whyaati may be able to survive. Fios lucked out and the Whyaati began to thrive.

The Paleolithic Age
The Paleolithic Era began over 15,000 years ago, shortly after the Whyaati learned to survive. Most of the era is characterized by nomadic gatherers and pastoral agriculturalists whose history was relayed primarily through song and story. Several semi-nomadic "cities" spread in crater valleys with lakes. These became important rendezvous points for celebrations and trade. These also allowed the rapid spread of beneficial techniques and technology.
The facts of their abandonment, their involvement with the Borg, even their technology slowly faded from known fact.
The Religious Caste comes into its infancy during this period as various "creation myths" began to pop up through out the culture. This sect is primarily made up of shamans and storytellers, like the Druids.
The "Little Ice Age" lifts almost totally by this period, filling the lush craters with deep freshwater seas. The plateaus around these lakes and the mountains beyond become the habitable zones of the Whyaati.

The Neolithic Age
The "Bread Basket" of Whyaa was the Banja Crater Valley, an expansive, ancient crater valley surrounded by plateaus and mineral-rich mountain ranges. The crater floor is not entirely oceanic; some of it are obsidian flats which were used as quarries. Banja is built almost entirely of it and a strange, beautiful stone called 'Mavnorite', a green marble-like stone.
The social stratification and advancement of the Caste system is quick. The Guilded caste develops as an inferior subsect to the Religious Caste. The Military Caste is a sub-sect of the Religious Caste called the Zealot Guild. Unfortunately, many of the still-nomadic groups looked enviously on at the Neolithic peoples and began to raid them. Theocratic Monarchies and Oligarchies rule this time period, as various "Priest-Princesses" assert domination. However, the Whyaati, like many other cultures, see no purpose in defining and segregating power according to sex. Power tended to rest in Changing One and female genders because of their natural communication advantage.

The Banja Civilization
The first group to rise to prominence and utilize copper then bronze was the Banja Valley Civilizations. These groups formed a loose confederation of city-states that depended upon each other for mutual support and trade. The vast majority of these city-states were run by "Patrons" or "Patronesses"- religious and noble political and social leaders.
The Military Caste began its first crawl into existence as the Banja Kingdoms saw the attacks and raids by nomadics unacceptable. The first Expeditionary Forces were utilized to counterstrike these groups, forming in essence, the first privateers.
By the time the Banja Kingdoms had discovered the use of iron, the Banja had spread over a great deal of the tropical belt. Most every group who submitted to their rule was allowed to keep their laws, language, religion and customs. In time, most of these groups embraced the Banja and their technology.

The Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution began, some say, with a whistle of steam, and the smell of sulfur. It was a simple Jenova who discovered the use of geothermal energy. Later, hydroelectric power in small dams would be used.
The use of electricity and the laborious conditions that were needed to supply it sparked the first Guilds and Unions to rally for equality. Up until this point, the Whyaati Guilded lived happy, but powerless lives. The Unions and Guilds changed all that and helped institute a bloodless coup that would reshape Whyaati politics. The first meritocracies were instituted in the Banja Alliance governments. The differentiation between Civilian and Citizen had begun.

The Fall Back to Darkness
For the first time, the natural equilibrium the Whyaati had developed since their landing was forgotten in favor of progress. Coal and gas are not abundant sources on Whyaa. They are simply too deep or too impure. Because of this, the Whyaati developed steam power using geothermal energies and hydroelectric power. This was clean in many ways, but created massive amounts of water vapor in the atmosphere.
Whyaati geothermal energy was not refined until the Forgiveness. The pre-Fall technology allowed for intolerable levels of sulfur and other poisonous volcanic gases to escape. This fact, and the rapid depletion of readily available water caused serious environmental damage. Stories of the era report massive overpopulation, famine and several incidences of plague that would sweep the entire habitable zone.
Freak thunderstorms and lightning would level sections of cityscape and decimate the crops with brush fires. Rainfall exceeded normal amounts by up to five times and worse, the rain stung because of volcanic gas.
By 4,000 years ago, the Whyaati had blocked out the majority of their sunlight and warmth. Temperatures plummeted and a new Ice Age seemed inevitable.

Second Rise
In Whyaati eyes, their shapeless nature gods had unleashed their evil avatars onto the world to punish the them. Most Whyaati left they had to repent for their sins.
The Whyaati began to build self-sealed environments- Arcologies- until they could deal with the problem. Refinements in energy gathering techniques became a priority. This included gaining new resources, like the atom.
After about 300 years of diligent work and rationing, the Whyaati had become successful. Technology was forcibly advanced very quickly, especially in medicine, energy and agriculture. Structural technology made leaps and bounds to be able to construct the arcologies.
In total, over 55% of the Whyaati race was killed off. 70% of the animal and plant life was either extinct or severely depleted. 88% of the "lost" species, fortunately, had a few specimens in captivity that the Whyaati would breed and release back into the wild over time.

"Penax Squad to Relay Station One, we're setting up the transporters. Standby for our signal and energize."
Garret Pryio blinked, wiping the perspiration from his brow while staring into the HUDComp's tactical display. All he saw was row after row of Borg alcoves, a few of them occupied by the zombie-like automatons that were once vibrant, alive sentients.
Garret's companion heaved in a deep breath and exhaled erratically. Clearly, he was nervous. Garret surmised that this was probably the kids first Run--right out of the Collegium.
"Found him", the kids voice trembled and cracked like a pubescent teen. Garret fingered his gauss cannon carefully and pointed it the Drone before him, reading in Borg.
"Yep. Species 0003, Whyaati. 35 of 48. Doctor Faas Helko. Good job kid, now hand me the transmitter."
The kid turned his attention down to fondle a piece of black metal. Suddenly he jerked as a pair of nanite tubules injected into his unprotected throat. The kid gasped, and wheezed loudly, his face pulsing, turning whiter. As Garrett raised his weapon to put the kid down, an implant shot out of the kids cheek and clenched the flesh.
"Garret Pryio of Species 0003, you will be assimilated. Welcome home," came the voice of the Borg Queen.
The last thing Garrett felt was a pair of tubes pierce his neck, draining away his individuality. He dropped his spent gauss cannon, which lay at his feet with around a dozen Borg. Being a Runner wasn't easy.

The Modern Era of Whyaati
Early Exploration
The early space program of the World Republic was marked by several successes, but also by tragic failures. The Whyaati colonized the worlds in their home system with relative ease. Whyaa was the fourth planet in the system and was in a Trojan orbit with a smaller, Mars-sized Class M world. Two other worlds in the system were inhabited as well.
The trouble began when the space program launched sleeper ships at the six closest star systems. Four of the sleeper ships made it and reported successful landings. However, after only a few years, the colony on Madetta Prime ceased contact. The ship that investigated the site reported scenes that appeared as if the entire colony had been scooped from the earth, leaving a massive crater.

Co-Axial Warp Technology: Space Folding
The Mew Daru Colony developed the first working space fold drive, which propelled the Whyaati into a new era of space exploration. Several species were contacted, including the Brunali and Caatati.
Unfortunately, space fold technology proved to be extremely dangerous and a series of accidents prompted the technology?s review.

The Seclusion
The Totem Call Movement was responsible for the deliberate retreat of the Whyaati from the stars. The homeworld maintained contact with its colonies, but no ships with space fold technology were used during this lengthy period. The Totem Call Movement was also responsible for the current Humanist ways of thinking in Whyaati society.
The Seclusion is quickly ended by First Encounter with the Borg. It is an isolated incident, but the Borg methods closely resemble the losses on Madetta Prime colony, and Whyaati are seen among Borg units. The Military Caste called for a massive buildup of space forces. During this time, the caste gains great influence.

The War of Against the Borg
The Whyaatis first reaction publicly was a friendly one. They were impressed by Borg technologies and innovations. However, the Borg began to attack and assimilate Whyaati colonies. The Whyaati reacted fiercely and retaliated with all their might. These initial counterattacks startled the Borg and the cybernetic people reeled at their losses by the Whyaatis hands. The Borg, of course, recognized one of their founding members, and sought to bring this group back into the fold, no matter the cost.
After 400 years of perpetual conflict, the ever-growing, bulbous Borg Collective began to advance along the Whyaati lines. The Whyaati borders faltered and fell closer to the homeworld with each passing month. The Whyaati, disgusted by the notion of EVER joining the Collective, decided to instigate their ultimate sacrifice- the destruction of their world.
Preparations were made and gene samples of every animal and plant were taken. All were stored in the various arcologies of the Whyaati. The arcologies were, in turn, augmented with fold drives and weapons.

The Enduring Penance
As the Borg encroached on the Whyaatis home system, and the outer worlds and outposts fell, the first of the Whyaati arcologies lifted off. As the Borg swarmed into Whyaa's space, the arcologies folded away, but not before massive barrages of thermo nuclear, biogenic and antimatter charges were detonated in Whyaa's atmosphere. Volunteers remained on the surface to initiate a massive thermal induction in the planets core that would, in essence, destroy the world. Other volunteers manned the hundreds of thousands of defensive posts that covered the escaping Whyaati arcologies from Borg attacks.
In total, 260 million Whyaati lost their lives on the planet surface as a sacrifice. Another 340 million were slain by the Borg, most of them by the destruction of the arcologies they were on. 112 million Whyaati were successfully assimilated by the Borg, mostly from the outer worlds and outposts that fell. In total, it is believed that 117 Borg Cubes were involved in the assault; 74 were destroyed when the world exploded, or were destroyed by planetary defense systems. 2.4 billion Whyaati escaped into space by space folding away.

The Haven of Species
Simply known as, "The Haven", this galacto-political power was formed some twenty years after the Enduring Penance when the drifting Whyaati fleets, still somewhat scattered and mobile, came upon a huge fleet of colony ships, transports and a few escorts. They were called Nuvari, and had been in transit for over a hundred years. They too had been victimized by the Borg. The two races immediately signed a pact of non-aggression, which, within a few years, turned into a full military allegiance. The Haven of Species was born.
For several decades, the Haven still roamed the quadrant seeking to avoid the Borg at all costs. Several of the arcologies- seventeen (17)- decided to put down roots in some remote sectors. These worlds were terraformed and fast grown Whyaati life was introduced to these new homeworlds.

Encounter at Cha'Tan
For the next four hundred years, the Whyaati and their allies would run in circles, trying to protect their landed brethren. The Borg only had a faint idea of where their "lost allies" had hidden. The Whyaati only engaged the Borg when absolutely necessary, and had great luck in destroying the ship before the Queen could get an exact fix. The Whyaati would rescue isolated groups of people, including Brunali and Caatati ships.
This all changed at the Encounter at Cha'Tan. The brunt of the Whyaati arcologies had been unified to discuss plans of retreating from the sector altogether. The Borg Queen caught wind of this and sent several Cubes and Spheres to annihilate the Haven. Her plan backfired. As the Whyaati lines broke and their fate seemed inevitable, a rift in space opened up and several thousand unidentified ships swarmed over the Borg. Ten Borg fell in the first volley alone. The Whyaati saw this and martialled their forces for a regroup-counterstrike. The Borg fleet was decimated. The mystery saviors did not hail the Whyaati fleet and for a few moments, a tense standoff ensued. But as mysteriously as they had appeared, they disappeared back into the spatial rift. The race was Species 8472.

Today- 2378
The Encounter at Cha'Tan strengthened the resolve of the Whyaati people. They renewed their efforts in rescuing victimized races and sought out new alliances. Species 8472 allowed the Haven to work its magic, rally its forces and build better anti-Borg weaponry. When Species 8472 disappeared from the war, the Haven was fairly well equipped to wage a sustained war where they could hold their own against such a formidable enemy.
The efforts of the U.S.S. Voyager, a Federation Starfleet vessel, only served to better the situation of the Haven. With the destruction of the Unicomplex, the Borg Queen and one of only four Borg Transwarp Nodes, the Haven has seen significant drop off in Borg attacks. The Brunali homeworld was spared from immediate annihilation and for now, is safe. The Borg are slowly rebuilding after their significant losses under a new Borg Queen. However, it will be some time until they are back up to their full potential. The Hven hopes that the Borg underground movement known as Unimatrix Zero, coupled with invasions from Fluidic Space, will in time cripple the Borg enough for a final offensive.