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  • Full Name: Thackeri Vel (Parn is the Host's Family Name)
  • Nickname: "Spots" (given to him by a former girlfriend)
  • Rank: Full Grade Lieutenant
  • Position: Chief Medical Officer, USS Liberty
  • Species: Trill (Joined; two previous lifetimes)
  • Gender: Male
  • Status: Divorced; Single
  • Orientation: Heterosexual/Bi

  • Height: 6 feet (1.82m)
  • Weight: 165lbs.
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Blondish-Brown
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Age: 28 Terran years. (Born August 12th, 2352)
  • Birthplace: Neumarteen Vaz, Trillius Prime

  • The bilateral lines of spots normal to Trill

  • Distinguishing Marks:
    Thackeri Vel is of fairly average build and height for a male of the Trill species. His hair is primarily dark brown, with the occasional blondish-frosted tip. His eyes are a kind but piercing blue. Like any normal Trill, Vel possess lines of C, L and T-shaped brown spots descending bilaterally down his body. Vel keeps himself clean shaven. Usually, he has a kindly, welcoming smile across his pink, chapped lips. When he does so, his face dimples at his cheeks. His most unusual feature is the fact that Vel wears a pair of reading glasses (more of a personal quirk from his first host than a medical requirement). When not on duty, Vel is quick to remove his uniform and change into civilian clothes. He is most often seen wearing "cargo" styled slacks and loose fitting, long sweaters over plain white undershirts. When in uniform, he prefers to wear only the undershirt beneath a light blue, knee-length lab coat.

  • Medical Profile:
    Despite an unerring sense of self-guinea pig syndrome, Vel is in fairly good health for a Joined Trill.

  • Psychological Profile:
    Vel and Parn, like most Trill, have gained a singular personality- a blending of persons. He has a compassionate and culturally open, unprejudiced view.

  • Previous Lives:
    The Vel Symbiont possessed two previous lifetimes, both living to a ripe old age. Pairias Vel was 91 when she died a great grandmother and one of Trill's most noted authors of children's books. Edanyel Vel was a diplomat to the Federation for the Jarada and helped open the Federation to First Contact amongst several other Insectoid-like species. He was 84 when he died of a Jaradan attack.

  • Personal History:
    Vel had a fairly lecherous and "player"-like personality before his joining. He got into several tumultuous relationships in his past, most of which ended badly. He had a hastily done and ended marriage to a Trill woman in the Symbiosis Commission named Isharim Set. He and Isharim have a seven-year old son, Erim Set. Currently, Erim lives with his mother on Trillius Prime, but Vel and Erim keep in constant contact, attempting to see each other whenever they can.

  • Childhood Education:
    Born to a single mother in Neumarteen Vaz on Trillius Prime, Thackeri never knew his father. Thackeri's mother was a naturalist and survivalist who had tenuous connections to the Trill University of Ecology. Vel learned a great deal about the natural world, including holistic medicine. As a young child, Vel wanted to become a "Modern Savage-" a member of a movement that advocated a return to a more primitive, natural lifestyle. Up until his teens, Vel kept up the image of a Modern Savage, with "dreadlocks" and a penchant for the wild. To this day, he still enjoys scenes of nature and life to sterile holodecks. However, he abandoned the "Modern Savage" movement during his middle teens, citing he was tired of being "hungry and stinky."

  • Higher Education: Trill Academy of Medicine on Trillius Prime's largest moon, Zephyr. Continued his Residency years on the Trill Medical Cruiser Ap Centri.
  • Academy: Did not attend Starfleet Medical Academy; Trained as a Field Medic for a Trill Symbiosis vessel originally. There, he majored in Comparative Physiology/Anatomy and Trauma Procedures. He minored in shuttle piloting.

  • Trill Symbiosis Commission:
    During his stint at the Academy and his Residency, Vel (then Parn) petitioned several times to become a Host. He gained acceptance after his fourth attempt of entering the program and never washed out. He was taken under the wing of a fairly prominent diplomat turned teacher, Edanyel Vel. Edanyel Vel was a Federation diplomat who worked primarily with the Jarada, a group of near-xenophobic Insectoids. Although Thackeri trained to gain a Symbiont, he was not intended to have one when he did. On a trip to Jarada to open a Xenobiological Symposium with Insectoid and Humanoid races, the Trill entourage accidently insulted the Jaradan dignitaries. It was a running firefight back to the ship. Edanyel was mortally wounded by a Jarada as the Ap Centri fled the system. When the Ap Centri returned to Trillius Prime, it was discovered that Edanyel posthumously endorsed that Thackeri gain the Vel symbiont in a letter. Several hours of hot debate followed, as some members of the Commission sought to find Vel a more suitable candidate. meanwhile, the Vel symbiont was slowly fading. In a show of loyalty to Edanyel and a display of character, Thackeri addressed the assembly. He gained the symbiont soon thereafter, to his surprise.

  • Cadet Cruise/Residency: Served aboard the Trill Medical Cruiser Ap Centri
  • First Tour: Continued serving aboard the Ap Centri as a Medical Officer. He gained ACMO status in 2378, as a 1st Lieutenant.
  • Second Tour: Vel entered the Starfleet Exchange Program, coming aboard the USS Liberty as its Chief Medical Officer. His primary field still remains "Trauma," although as a child, he always loved studying various forms of alien plant and animal life.

  • Quirks: Vel is highly allergic to Retinox 5 (it almost killed him). He has had some laser surgery done to his eyes. Despite this, he wears glasses when reading. He is an endlessly curious experimenter. Whenever possible, Vel prefers to use more "natural" medicines, and thus, he keeps an interesting array of plant and animal specimens in both sickbay, in the arboretum and in his quarters.
    Vel can be kind of flirtacious in a light hearted way and generally has a light hearted and complex sense of humor. He prefers the natural environment to the sterility of a space vessel- he views starships as a necessary evil to seeing the wonders of the natural universe.
  • Strengths: Vel has exceptional hearing, olfactory and tactile skills, which he honed as a "Modern Savage." his primary strength, however, is his compassion and control. In dangerous situations, he is remarkably cool. However, he is highly sympathetic to what he is doing and has been known to get a little teary-eyed if he lost a patient. He is quite cool under pressure, when the casualties are pouring in (because its a professional obligation more than a natural part of his personality). His medical specialty remains Trauma/Stabilization from his years serving in the Dominion War, but he is quite versatile with medical treatments, including holistic medicines.
  • Weaknesses: He is allergic to retinox and other retinox-derived drugs, which means he has to take some alternative forms of medicine. He is highly protective of his symbiont. An oath-born weakness is the fact that he will not kill without explicit reasons and often, a direct order. Vel also has a penchant for experimentation and a somewhat cavalier attitude about it. He will stick his fingers in a goo and taste it to see what it is, or cold mix chemicals just to see how they react. This has, on more than one occasion, sent him to the emergency room.
  • Hobbies: Vel's most common hobby is tending bonsai and orchids. He recently picked up these hobbies on a trip to Earth. Vel is also an animal lover and is particularly fond of fish. However, he also enjoys spelunking, mountain and ice climbing, forestry, fishing and camping. Sports wise, he enjoys the art of the sword and is also an accomplished bowman. He loves to garden. As a gentlemanly pursuit, Vel is an accomplished writer.
  • Favorite Food and Drink: Vel is most fond of citrus blends, citrus drinks, spicy teas and raktajino. One of his favorite foods is an earth food called "Vichyssoise". He also likes Gazpacho and Plomeek Soup. He is a big soup fan and prefers to "drink lunch."
  • Favorite Music: Depending on his mood, Vel enjoys "The Classics" and various Trill composers. He prefers "upbeat" and "modern" forms of techno/trance-like music more often.
  • Favorite Holosuite Programs: Zen Gardens, Hoobishan Baths of Trill, Onshonan Ice Cliffs of Andoria, Yosemite/El Capitan, Ktarian Alps, Mammoth Cave, Kendo I, Archery I.
  • Language Spoken: Trill & Federation Linguacode fluently. Has a passing knowledge of major Cardassian words (mostly medical; from serving in the Dominion War). Also understands a few phrases in Romulan and Klingon. Instinctively understands Jaradan chemical and body language (but cannot speak it easily)- has a passing knowledge of the spoken words.

  • Liberty Manifest