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General Information

The USS Law is a Prometheus Class Starship. The Prometheus Class starship is an experimental state of the art prototype developed at Utopia Planitia during the 2360's. The Prometheus Class was intended to be an long range vessel capable of carrying an offensive to an offensive force. The class was developed as a response to the increasing threat to the security of the Federation. In addition Starfleet wanted a vessel that can separate and have both sections operate semi-independently of each other. This separation procedure would take several years to design and became known as multi-vector assault mode. To complicate it further each section would be equipped with its own systems such as warp drive, impulse engines and weapons. Unfortunately, the development of this vessel was slow indeed due to the lack of technology available. However with the completion of the Galaxy, Sovereign, Intrepid and Defiant Class Projects in the early 2370's the new technologies developed were transferred to the Prometheus project. In the end the Prometheus Class incorporated the latest technological developments from propulsion, weapons, computer systems, shipwide holo-emitters and an advanced sickbay including the new EMH Mark II. The Prometheus is the fastest ship in the fleet with cruising speeds of warp 9.995. Instead of two sections as originally envisaged the Prometheus has three independent sections that can become three ships with each section operating independently or with the other sections. There are a total of five warp nacelles on the Prometheus Class, two for the primary and secondary sections, and one nacelle for the tertiary section during multi-vector assault mode. Each section of the Prometheus is powered by its own warp drive. The Prometheus prototype has the latest offensive and defensive systems that were developed from previous classes such as quantum torpedoes and ablative armour from the Defiant Class and regenerative shields from the Sovereign Class. The most unique feature of the Prometheus is the multi-vector assault mode in which the vessel splits into three smaller ships, each capable of independent warp flight and fully armed. Each section can be remotely controlled from the Main Bridge via the ships sophisticated tactical computer. This is similar to the saucer separation of the Galaxy Class ships however only the stardrive section on a Galaxy Class ship has warp power and offensive weapons. Therefore, separations on a Galaxy Class ship are done in times of emergency and not for tactical considerations. The separation leaves the saucer section of a Galaxy Class ship extremely vulnerable. With the multi-vector assault mode this gives the Prometheus the tactical advantage of numbers and allowing her to outmaneuver and outflank her enemies. In 2374 the Prometheus prototype was launched on stardate 50749.5 from the Beta Antares Ship Yards in the Antares Sector. Due to the complexity of the many systems onboard the Prometheus underwent a rigid testing phase. The level of automation was more substantial than any other starship since the M-5 mutitronic unit that was tested on the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2268. As a highly classified starship only four people in all of Starfleet had been trained to operate the Prometheus. Security was so tight that access to all important systems can be restricted and only assessable from the bridge if necessary. However, during the first test flight the Prometheus was captured by the Romulan Tal Shiar agents and her crew killed. The ship was hijacked and taken to Romulan space. However, it was in this mission that contact was reestablished with USS Voyager via their EMH. The EMH Mark I was downloaded from an alien relay system and with the help of the new EMH Mark II they were able to retake the ship and destroy two Romulan warbirds that had crossed the Romulan Neutral Zone to capture the Prometheus. Despite the security breach Starfleet was impressed with the performance of the Prometheus prototype. A ship the size of an Intrepid Class vessel with the fire power of a Sovereign Class ship. Especially with the way the Prometheus was able to destroy a Romulan Warbirds with ease despite sustaining heavy damage. While it was designed for deep space assignments, the Prometheus Class like the Defiant Class was intended for military or quasi-military purposes. As a result some officers in Starfleet dislike the use of a starship that was more combat orientated but with the recent threats to the Federation support for this class has been quite supportive.

Ship Particulars

Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral Joel Nunez
Executive Officer: Open
Chief Engineer: Open
Classification: Deep Space Explorer/Long Range Tactical Cruiser
Class: Prometheus
Naval Construction Contract: 1986-C
Building Site: Beta Antares Shipyards
Ship's Compliment: 141 Normal, 250 Maximum
Computer Type: Library Computer Access and Retrieval System (LCARS)
Launch Date: TBA
Motto: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the First Inaugural Address.

Physical Desription

      Length: 415m
      Width: 170m
      Height: 113m
      Mass: 850,000 metric tons Speed:
      Optimum Speed: Warp 6
      Maximum Safe Cruising Speed: Warp 9.8
      Emergency Speed: Warp 9.58
      Maximum Speed: Warp 9.995 (for thirty six hours)
      Destructive Speed: Warp 10


Docked Mode:
      12 x Type XII Phaser arrays, total output 60,000 TeraWatts
      2 x Pulse fire quantum torpedo tubes + 290 torpedoes

Seperated Mode:

Primary Hull:
      6 x Type XII Phaser arrays, total output 30,000 TeraWatts
      2 x Pulse fire quantum torpedo tubes + 115 torpedoes

Secondary Hull:
      4 x Type XII Phaser arrays, total output 20,000 TeraWatts
      3 x Pulse fire quantum torpedo tubes + 175 torpedoes

Tertiary Hull:
      8 x Type XII Phaser arrays, total output 40,000 TeraWatts

      Auto-modulated high capacity regenerative shield system, total capacity 3,915,000 TeraJoules
      Heavy Duranium/Tritanium double hull plus 18 cm Ablative armour.
      High level Structural Integrity Field

Strength Indices:
      Beam Firepower : 1,800
      Torpedo Firepower : 1,350
      Weapon Range and Accuracy : 1,175
      Shield Strength : 1,450
      Hull Armour : 3,100
      Speed : 4,125
      Combat Maneuverability : 12,500
      Overall Strength Index 2,347