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Rank: Captain
Name: Joel Nunez
Position: Captain
Species: Human
Age: 26

Background: Joel was born in San Francisco, CA, USA on stardate 47510.9. As a boy he grew up around the Starfleet environment. He wanted nothing more than to one day pilot starships for the United Federation of Planets. At the age of 17 he received his FAA Certified Pilots Licence and enrolld in the Starfleet Academy right out of Highschool. During the three long years at the Academy he learned the in's and out's of piloting many Starships. He graduated from the Starfleet Academy on stardate 49618.6 as the No. 1 ranked pilot of his class. He was brought aboard the USS Thunderchild, an Akira Class Cruiser as their Helm Operator on stardate 49625.7. He was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and then Lieutenant while aboard the Thunderchild. After two years aboard the Thunderchild he was transferred to the USS Imperius, an Achilles Class Battleship on stardate 49822.8 as their Helm Operator. He was quickly promoted to Lieutenant Senior Grade. He obtained the rank of Lieutenant Commander after being on the Imperius 1 year. He was promoted Commander before leaving the Imperius. Starfleet promoted Nunez to Captain on stardate 50006.2 and awarded him command of his first ship, the USS Hercules, a Norway Class Cruiser. Unfortunately while Nunez and a squad of men where on an away mission the USS Hercules was ambushed by several Jem'Hadar Warships and destroyed on stardate 50014.8. Still craving the need to pilot he requested to fly a Peregrine Class Fighter. He aquired Saber, a Peregrine Class Fighter with a co-pilot, Commander Jeff Van West on stardate 50028.9. For one year Nunez and West fought with Saber in many different battles. Nunez got promoted to Commodore while West obtained the rank of Captain. West, tired of constant battles left Nunez and Saber for a chance to command his own ship, a Dauntless Class Explorer. Nunez passed Saber on to two young pilots fresh out of the Academy and began to work a Temporal Research Facility near Vishan IV on stardate 50111.6. He obtained the rank of Rear Admiral on stardate 50105.8 and became Commander of the Temporal Reasearch Facility. The original Premonition Class Starship, the USS Premonition was destroyed on stardate 50119.8. Now with the rank of Vice Admiral, Nunez will command the USS Law the second Premonition Class Starship in hopes of making Temporal Weapons a powerful ally to the Federation. Starfleet trusts Vice Admiral Nunez will carry out his duties and help Starfleet with a successfull Temporal Stasis Field. Nunez has almost 5 years of service to the United Federation of Planets. He is eager to Command a ship once again.