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STARDATE 50219.3
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The United Federation of Planets has begun construction on two ships to begin its fleet that will roam the galaxy. The two ships, safely held at Utopia Planetia, are set to be launched sometime within the next month. The two, one Intrepid Class and one Premonition Class, will be the flagships of the fleet. The Intrepid Class vessel, the USS Orion, will fall to more power during times of war.

The USS Orion is commanded by Captain Brad Ruder. He has served in many space ferring administrations and will command this ship. He is also the UFP (United Federation of Planets) Head Administrator. Under his command, though no one yet, they will head the more important situations.

The Premonition Class vessel is very important as well. The USS Law, headed by the Vice Administrator of the UFP, Commander Joel Nunez, will be conducting tests involving Starfleet's newest weapon, a Temporal Stasis Field. It regulates which ships can move within the field, focusing on Federation Warp Signatures. Other shis will be locked in time, although still open to be fired upon.