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Your home is naturally a high traffic area and your furniture and wood surfaces fall victim to daily wear and tear.  Villar Restorations is skilled  in all types of home furnishing repair. Whether it's that family heirloom, a damaged piece of important family furniture or an antique, Villar Restorations is the vendor of choice. 

At Villar Restorations, we will revitalize your valuable furniture and wood pieces, restoring and enhancing their natural beauty and strength. Our skilled craftsman meticulously remove the telltale signs of age and use, virtually erasing scuffs, gouges, water rings, and dents. Even broken, water damaged and burned pieces can often be repaired to like-new condition.

Our experts will counsel and educate you regarding the nature of your furniture.  Only the finest techniques will be employed to restore your piece to its original glory. 

Villar Restorations' specially formulated finishes and techniques are proven solutions for today's homeowner.