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What Stops the Healing of God?
    Or, Why doesn't healing come?
    By Caroline Lanette Alderson
  Let's start with this scripture. I have this one
memorized. John 10:10 The thief comes to steal, kill,
and destroy, BUT, I came to give LIFE and that MORE
   Or, I come to bring you the EXCESSIVE LIFE.
   What falls into the category of stealing? If you
lose your health. If your health was stolen from you.
Who stole it? A thief! Thief, thief! Bring back my
health! That's mine! Is stealing ever God's will?    
    Religious minds over the year, because they could
not figure out why everyone wasn't getting healed, put
on this holier than thou attitude and said, and I can
hear the silly voice now. "It is not always God's will
to heal, my son." What they are really saying is, I
don't know how to get you healed, so I will tell you
it's because it must not be God's will. Um, what a
crock. *sweet smile*
    If you're not getting your healing, I can tell you
why, and it has nothing to do with it's not God's will
to heal. It is always God's will to heal.  But, I'm
getting ahead of myself. Going back to John 10:10 Who
is the author of stealing, killing, and destroying?
Bingo, you got it! Satan! So, if something falls in
the category of stealing, killing or destroying,
Satan, not God, is the cause of it. So, wouldn't it
make sense to say that God would be against anything
that Satan is doing? Wouldn't His will be the opposite
of the devils will, or whoever is stealing, killing
and destroying? That would make sense to me. Does that
make sense to you? 
    Who whispers in your ear over and over? and it
sounds like a nasally voice to me. *laughs* "You're
never going to get healed. You're never going to get
well. In FACT, (let's rub this in a little more, says
the evil imp) you're going to get WORSE!
mahahahhahahahahah!!" Okay, maybe I got a little
carried away... or... did I? I think that's really how
they talk. They gloat over you to God, neener neener,
Sally didn't get her healing. Whoo hooo, I tricked her
into thinking she had to keep that cancer! I told her
that God doesn't love her, and that it's not always
God's will to heal. That she wasn't good enough to get
healing. She's nothing. Why would God want to heal
her? And on and on and on with his lies, he goes. And,
yes I know what the enemy is saying, just as much as I
know what God is saying. Have you noticed reading
this, they are complete opposites? Whatever Satan is
saying, turn it completely around, and wahla! you will
have the will of God. 
    Let's look at say car accidents. What causes them?
Let's look at the Christian who has a covenant of
protection with God. God is my protector and it is
always His will to protect me as I drive my car today,
or while I am with another person and they are driving.
And yes even if they are not a Christian or don't know
about their rights as a Christian, I will still be
protected while I am with them, and they will most
likely be protected while I am with them too. Or say,
on a airplane, I don't care if the pilot has been
drinking and under normal circumstances might crash
the plane. Not while I'm on it, he's not! Why?
Because, of my covenant of protection with God. God
has an obligation to protect me no matter what is
happening around me or in the world. I don't care if a
war is raging around me. The Bible says ten thousand
will fall at my right, and a thousand may fall at my
left, but it will not touch me. Why? Because I have a
covenant of Protection with God, and He has to take
care of me. 
   Someone says, but God can do anything He wants. He
doesn't have to take care of you. Yes, He does. He has
to keep His word or He will be a liar. And God is not
a man so therefore cannot lie like a human. He made a
covenant with Abraham to take care of His own. I can
claim that covenant for myself, because I come from
Abraham's loins, and the covenant was for all of His
children and children’s children forever. And Abraham
is my Father. God promised in Exodus, He promised, not
to put sickness or disease on me. If He breaks that
promise to His people, He would have to destroy
Himself for lying. 
   What is the abundant life, or the excessive life?
Is it abundant life to be sick? Is it abundant life
for your body to be racked with pain? Is cancer the
abundant life? Is diabetes? Is pain the abundant
life? Are cramps the abundant life? Is being blind the
abundant life? It's not???? OH wow! So, what does that
mean then? It means that it must not be God's will! 
   So then, what is God's will, if that's not it?
Well, didn't the Bible say we can have on earth what
God's will is in heaven? Didn't He? He didn't? Are you
sure? Can you back that up with scripture that it's
not always God's will to heal me? I want to see a
scripture that says I cannot be healed. That it's not
"always" God's will to heal? Is that in the Bible? Um,
not my Bible. That's religion. You won't find one
scripture in the Bible to back that up. So, if you
can't find any scripture to back up its not always
Gods' will to heal, then where did that come from? How
bout the devil? Of course. What better way to deceive
mankind than to tell them repeat-ably that it's not
always God's will to heal, and it would never be God's
will to heal me. Shudder the thought. He is evil, evil
evil! He wants to keep God's people, sick, busted, and
broke, down, depressed, and sick in their minds. Of
course he does. He can be stupid but the last thing he
wants is for you and me to find out our rights! 
   I have a right to be healed! It's in my contract
you dumb devil! What is the will of God? It's not some
mysterious thing. God's will is His contract with me.
Yep, betcha didn't know it was that simple. If healing
is in my contract, than it's mine. Healing is the
children’s bread. It's part of the Christians walk.
Sure, I don't have a million scriptures here, but look
at all the healing articles that have been sent to
this list, and you will find tons of scripture that
says the same thing I am saying here. It all agrees. 
   Okay, so what stops the healing of God, or why
don't some Christians not get healed, if everything I
said is true? I have answers! I sure do. Not religious
ones either. They aren't easy answers, and your flesh
won't like it, but if you really want to know the
truth and be healed, then suck it in soldier and let's
apply the word to our life so we may be healed. 
   See, we have this shield of protection surrounding
us, called the Word of God. Now, everyone sins from
time to time, even me, even preachers. But, we have an
advocate, or a lawyer with God, and we have the blood
of Jesus that if we sin and repent, (repent means to
change not just say your sorry, but really set
yourself to change, making a constant conscious effort
to change) then God will forgive us. I have this
friend from Singapore who calls it "wiping the slate
clean". That's what God does. He wipes the slate clean
with the blood of Jesus, and it is like we never
sinned. I wish people could do that as well sometimes.
That is what true forgiveness is. 
    When sickness, or disease comes on me, I immediately
as soon as even a sniffle comes, I go, "no you don't.
I am healed by the stripes of Jesus, and this has to
go in the name of Jesus." Sickness and disease,
pressure, strife, lack, stress, etc are all the works
of the enemy, and none of it has any place in my life.
Period. No ifs ands or buts. None of this is the work
of God, or ordained of God, or is ever used as a
lesson. We have an enemy of our soul in this earth
who is after our words, after our faith, after our
health, after our protection, after our prosperity. Of
course he wants you to fail! That's the devils job is
make you fail. But, he has no power, except the power
of deception. All he can do is try to get you to
believe his lies that God won't heal you. But, would
you accept a bag of snakes if I brought them to your
house? Would you? Or you would get a shot gun and
chase me off? *laughs* Okay well, maybe everyone
wouldn't get a gun, but you get my point. So, why pray
tell, are you letting sickness rule and reign in your
life??? Kick it OUT already! OUT, OUT, OUT, GET OUT OF
body is the temple of the Holy Ghost! It is not the
temple of sickness and disease! No way! There is no
sickness, disease, or lack in heaven, so why will we
accept it on the earth? It's not any different. Make a
decision today, to kick out everything of the enemy
out of your life, and accept only those things that
lead to edification, those things that are good,
lovely, of a good report, and excessive abundant life.
      Lord, I pray that the eyes of the understanding of
the word come upon all who read this, in Jesus name.
That their ears will be open to understand; that
revelation knowledge will flow, and that the enemy
will not steal this word from their heart, but that it
will produce a hundred fold in their lives, in their
minds, thoughts, and in their bodies. 
Confession of faith:
   I overcome sin with righteousness. I am the
righteousness of God, in Christ Jesus. I think only
the thoughts of God. I speak only the words of God. I
overcome lack with prosperity. I overcome sickness and
disease with health and healing in Jesus name. The
name that is above all names. The name of Jesus is
above the name of sickness and disease. The name of
Jesus is over the name of <insert your problem here>.
All things not of God, bow your knees to the name of
Jesus who is over all other names.