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†††††††The Weapons of our Warfare
††††††††††††††††††† Written by Caroline Lanette Alderson
††† The first thing a real leader has to learn is to
be able to admit when they let the enemy in, and then
to teach others how it happens and how to prevent it.
Some preachers don't want to appear weak so sometimes
don't want to reveal their struggles with the enemy.
However, its not the struggles so much we are showing,
but the struggle and then how God instructed us to
deal with it to get free. If preachers and leaders
won't reveal to others how they struggled and fought
with God's help, against the enemy, then how is anyone
supposed to learn? I've always said, I would rather be
right by admitting I'm wrong, so that I can now be
right, than to cling to my right to be wrong, just
because I don't want to appear weak, because then I
remain wrong. How stupid is that? Pretty stupid, and I
don't want to be stupid. I want to be wise in all
things. Besides, thatís the spirit of pride. Pride is
another spirit from the dark side.
††† To get started, I'm going to compare a little
something to something natural so that it can be
better understood. You know how in Star Wars,
sometimes a good Jedi will get turned to the dark
side, hopefully only temporary? Yes, I know that's
fiction and all. But, that's what came to my mind. 
†† I opened the door, or I let my shield of faith
down. Just like in Star Trek, if the enemy shoots at
you, sometimes he can take out your shield. That's
what happened to me this weekend. I got in strife with
someone I love dearly. When I did, I let my shield
down, and that spirit of strife sneaked in. And that
sneaky, no good for nothing scoundrel brought in four
of his buddies unbeknownst to me. I discovered them
later with God's help.
†† I'm sitting here listening to Jerry Savelle, and
nothing is getting in, and its been an hour. I'm like,
what is going on?? I always get something when I
listen to preaching. Why isn't anything getting in? I
have been pouring in the word of God for the last two
months, and think and talk and do the word of God.
Yet, something is clearly wrong here. I have darkness
in me, where I had only Light. What has happened?? I
was sensing the strife, and the darkness, and the
bitterness, and the criticism, but I would just try to
shake it out of my head, and on my own strength. I
would attempt to control my thoughts and my words on
my own. I did have a measure of success, but the
darkness was still there. Granted, I was working hard
not to feed it, but because the darkness was still in
me I would accidentally give into it. And then something
happened with a totally different person, and now I
have jealously and envy, which isn't like me at all. 
†† Tonight, Billye Brim was on live at a church and
they were broadcasting it on media player and I'm
listening to it even now as I write this. And she got
in, even with the darkness in me. I asked God to
instruct me how to get rid of this darkness. I pretty
much knew when it came in, but I needed His help and
His weapons to get them out. And no, I wasn't
possessed or anything lol. They weren't in my spirit.
They weren't really in me, I don't think. I think they
had just moved into my house temporarily and was
bugging me, and obstructing me from receiving all that
God had for me. 
††† As God instructed me, I took His weapons which
belong to me as a child of God, and I kicked the enemy
out of my house. I said, "I bind you spirit of strife;
I bind you spirit of criticism; I bind you spirit of
bitterness; I bind you spirit of jealousy; I bind you
spirit of envy, and I cast you out of my life strife,
bitterness, criticism, envy and jealousy. I plead the
blood of Jesus over my mind, my emotions, my soul, my
spirit, my body, everything that I am." (It doesn't
have to be in that exact order or anything. I know
that its spirit and then soul and then body.) 
†† Then, I said, "Father, I repent for having given
into strife and letting down my shield, letting all
these evil darkness spirits in. I ask You to forgive
me in Jesus name. I thank You for correcting, and
disciplining me, and for instructing me on how to get
them out, and for making accessible to me Your
weapons, which are the weapons of my warfare."