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Vigilant Crew NCC-77701

Click on the Crew members name to see their bio.
Openings for Chiefs on the Vigilant:

Chief of Medical
Chief Counselor
Chief Engineer
Chief of Communications
Chief Helm
Chief of Strategic Operations
Chief Flight Control
Transporter Chief

Beginning rank for new people to this sim, is Lieutenant. An active posting Lieutenant will be promoted to Lt.Cmdr. after three months of rl service time to our Starfleet sim. After the three months, if you have not heard from your CO on having your character promoted, please free to email your CO and apply for promotion.

Lt. Cmdr to Commander takes generally 6 months of active service for your character rl time.

Updated 06/08/05

Ensign Tima (female) (NPC) -active- Security Officer

Cadet 3rd Amos Prinn (NPC) -active-
Fighter Pilot Student age 18
Zoe Starfleet Academy
On a training mission aboard the USS Vigilant

USS Vigilant Senior Crew Bio's

(Star Base 853) Admiral Jeremy Albright
Fleet Captain Laurana Fitzpatrick
XO and Chief of Tactical Commander Tsalea
Chief of Intelligence Cmdr Talitha Dalton
SO and Chief of Security Lt. Cmdr Tamerlane
Chief of Science Lieutenant. Tanix Kashington
Assist Chief of Science Lt. Fox Halan Logan

X-Wing Fighter Pilots

X-Wing Leader Sword Squadron Lieutenant Commander Amelia Pearson
X-Wing Leader Shield Squadron Lieutenant Commander Kynan Thane

Vigilant Crew Bios

Galley Manager and Eagles Nest Bar Tender Lt. Commander Kyan Lee Thane
Lieutenant Kezya Holmes Commications Officer (NPC)