Starbase 853 and Albrindor

Chiefs needed on Starbase 853:
Chief Tactical
Chief of Communications
Chief of Strategic Operations
Chief of Science
Chief of Intelligence
Chief Flight Control/Space Traffic Control
Wing Leader for a fighter squadron
Transporter Chief

Zoe Academy Instructors
Cadets in the Academy - Zoe Academy on Starbase 853 is a seperate sim for those who wish to roleplay a cadet in the academy
Zoe Starfleet Academy

Commandant Sebastian Winthrop
CO of Zoe Starfleet Academy
Lieutenant Jake Montgomery
Instructor for X-wings fighters advanced class

Professor (Lieutenant) Yakuta Tomo Te Sakura Deto Te Unimo Goltan
Instructor in 1st year rules/regs
2-4th year "cultures of the federation"
Andorian (NPC) -active-

Cadet Selena Jerabek Human/Betazoid age 16 first year second year fighter pilot
Cadet Taecia Ashnaugh Human age 15 first year - Engineering
Cadet Gabriel Walker Human age 19 2nd - Engineering
Cadet Rei Rainstorm Neko age 19 second year - Medical

Cadet Amos Prinn Human age 18 third year - Fighter Pilot (NPC)-active-
Cadet Alex Greenwich Human age 20 fourth year Intel (NPC) -active-

Cilvian Deon Mawk from Cardassian Territory (NPC) -active-
Deon was Selena Jerebek's Guardian when she was being held captive on an unknown planet in Cardassian Territory - Instructor in fighter and fighting in Zoe Starfleet Academy.

Ghazi - body guard to Erich Jaegar (NPC) -active-

Gail age 17 - sister to Erich Jaegar (NPC) -active-

Beginning rank for new people to this sim, is Lieutenant. An active posting Lieutenant will be promoted to Lt.Cmdr. after three months of rl service time to our Starfleet sim. After the three months, if you have not heard from your CO on having your character promoted, please free to email your CO and apply for promotion.

Lt. Cmdr to Commander takes generally 6 months of active service for your character rl time.

Updated 08/06/05

Starfleet Officers & Maranatha Manifest

Captain Yoel Ashnaugh (CO of Starbase 853)
XO Commander Darien Macgregor
Commander Sebastian Winthrop Commandant of Zoe Starfleet Academy
Commander Kendrick Kassin Head Counselor
Commander Morg Tactical & Security Instructor
Lieutenant Jeanette Pascal-Belle Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Taki Masago Chief of Security
USS Maranatha Manifest

Zoe Starfleet Academy

Cadet 1st Selena Jerabek
Cadet 3rd Gabriel Walker
Cadet 1st Nathan Hunt
Cadet 2nd Araphina VanCroise
Cadet 2nd Rei Rainstorm
Cadet 2nd Martha Gray aka Candence Luz


Erich Phlean Jaegar Owner of Albrindor Resort & CeeJays Bar & Grill
Dawn Chief Medical Officer
LeapingJoy - Albrindor mountain village