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Sin Falling off Without Struggle
 Written by Caroline Lanette Alderson
 I had been preaching or sharing with a friend on
some things about the Word of God, when she had to
leave. But, God continued giving me insight, and I'm
going to share it with you here. 
I was sharing on how God is going to come back for
a triumphant church, a church without spot or wrinkle,
or blemish, who has victory in every area of their
 Eph 5:27 that He might present to Himself the
church in all her glory, having no spot or wrinkle or
any such thing; but that she would be holy and
blameless. (NASB)
 Eph 5:27 That He might present the church to
Himself in glorious splendor, without spot or wrinkle
or any such things [that she might be holy and
faultless]. (AMP)
 What does that mean, without spot, or wrinkle or
blemish mean? KJ says on the last part, holy and
without blemish. (blameless, faultless, without
blemish) God's not coming back for a weak church, who
is sick in the body, has depression, joyless, in
strife, un-forgiveness, easily offended, lustful,
walking by their feelings, and being poor in money. 
 Being holy and without blemish means, our bodies
are healed, because we walk in divine health. We don't
walk as the world walks, being sick in our bodies from
time to time, or worrying about cancer and all manner
of diseases. 
We will have all our financial needs met. We won't
be poor. Being poor means we aren't walking in the
fullness of God. It is not God's will for us to be
poor, sick, or mentally in anguish. Poor means not
having your needs met, or having your needs barely
met. We should more than have our needs met; we should
have our desires met as well, and we ought to have
more than enough to meet other's needs. We should have
enough to give to ministries who are training us and
growing us up. 
This would take me a month of writing to share
everything I am learning on this. But, I want to cover
one point on this. I am just laying a bit of
foundation first, because I have no idea where
everyone is in their knowledge and understanding of
the Word. 
Christians, including myself are always
with how to stop doing something that is bad for us.
Someone having a struggle with trying to quit smoking
will try to fight that in the flesh and struggle with
their addiction, attempting on their own to stop
smoking. From what I hear that is not too easy. The
same with drinking; A person will struggle with
wanting to stop drinking and will try to fight it in
the flesh. And sure, some people have a measure of
success with nicotine patches and their own will, and
going to AA meetings, and stopping on their own. But,
most of us are weak, and it's just not that easy to
stop an addiction. A person who eats too much will cry
out to God to help them lose weight. They will go on
all these fad diets and some of them make them sick,
and they will try to fight their food addiction with
the flesh, and some succeed but for most they find it
quite difficult to fight their bodies addiction to
So, what is the solution? How does one stop
sinning or doing things that aren't good for us? Is
there any hope if we can't get our bodies to obey us?
You know what? There is a way that is unlike any other
way. This way will work for you. It's called God's
way. God doesn't want us to struggle with sin. God
wants us to rest in His word. Okay, so how do we do
that? It's easy to say, rest... but how do i DO that?
I'm glad you asked that question; Because, I'm going
to tell you the answer. 
You know what I found? I found if I poured the
word into me, and asked God to change my desires to be
pleasing to Him, that in time, those things will
just... Guess what they will do? They will FALL off on
their own! Isn't that good news? They will leave on
their own! How does that happen? See, the Word is God,
and when we pour the Word into us, we are pouring God
into us, and everything that is not God, will WASH
away! Isn't that wonderful? Isn't that easier then you
struggling with your flesh trying to stop it from
doing what you don't want it to do? Granted, this
won't happen over night. It took you a while to get
those addictions, and it will take time to stop them.
But, I promise if you will pour the word into you... 
 Now, what does pouring the Word into you mean? It
can be reading the Bible on your own, listening to
preaching tapes, or live preachers, or watching them
preach on tv, or the internet, it can be making
confession of the Word, praying the Word, or listening
to music with them singing the Word. All of this is
getting the Word into you, and the Word will renew
your mind. 
Don't let anyone condemn you if you have an
addiction that they are aware of. It is none of
anyone's business what we are doing. If they say
something like, "You're a Christian, and you shouldn't
have this problem." Say I am dealing with it, and
leave it at that. Don't be condemned by what other
Christians say. I dare say they have issues they need
to deal with as well. They may not be the same as
yours, but they are still just as bad for them as
whatever you are dealing with. 
Un-forgiveness, is just as bad as some addiction,
believe me. Being easily offended is just as bad as
overeating. One sin or addiction is not any worse than
another. They all need to go. If I refuse to forgive,
that's just as bad as if I was smoking cigarettes all
day. Un-forgiveness and strife will mess you up bad. 
We are to walk in love and forgiveness, just as
much as getting rid of addictions. 
The Word is the answer for every addiction, every
emotional problem, everything that can be wrong with
the body, your pocket book and checking account. The
Word will in you will make things happen that to the
natural man makes absolutely no sense. You will notice
your desires changing, your reactions changing, the
things you do changing, as you put the Word into you. 
You cannot help but change if you are pouring the
word in you, my brother and sister. You cannot help
but change.