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Real Faith, or Fake Faith, and What's the Difference? 
††††††††Written by Caroline Lanette Alderson
†† Faith is not ignoring certain situations and
pretending they don't exist. Faith isn't ignoring,
but it's dealing with things. Just ignoring the
problem and not dealing with it, is fake faith. Real
faith deals with the problem with the word of God. 
Fake faith is calling things that are as though they
are not. Like if a person has cancer and they call the
cancer not. That's not faith, to say this cancer isn't
real. That's fake faith and the person will die with
that cancer that they ignored. 
Real faith calls those things that are not as though
they are. You call the things in heaven to come to
earth for you in your life. If you have cancer, you
don't say i don't have it, if you do. You say, yes
maybe i do have this, BUT it has to go, because the
word of God says, by the stripes of Jesus I am healed!
Real Faith is taking the word of God, putting it in
your mouth and speaking to that problem and commanding
it to leave, until it actually leaves for real, and
you really no longer have the problem. 
Fake faith is pride, wanting to impress people that
I have just as much faith as anybody, and putting on a
front that they are healed, when in reality, they are
not, and maybe need help getting that faith. It
doesn't matter that you have a problem, it's how do we
get rid of this problem that decides if a person has
faith. Just because you have problems doesn't mean you
don't have faith. It's what you do with the word of
God to get rid of the problem that determines your
faith. When the problem for real leaves, then that is
proof you really did have faith and it wasn't fake.
But, don't worry about how long it takes. If we stand
on the word for real, it has no choice but to go. 
Don't say i have no pain. Say, I call my body healed,
I call my body strong. Don't say Iím not really broke
and poor. Say, God supplies my needs according to His
riches in glory. The word is higher than the problem,
but denying the problem won't make it go away.
Applying the word to the problem will push the problem
away for real.