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Pirates Cove Chapter 5

"I'm third year." She didn't let on she already knew what year he
was, from looking at his file.
"Really...strange coincidence, I happen to be a third year myself. 
You must be rather good at what you do, the way I hear it they don't
call you for these types of missions unless you are good."  Amos
winced, realizing that inadvertently he'd just done a fine job of
boasting.  Obviously if she was good to join as a 3rd, that was like
he was proclaiming himself also to be good.  *And why not?  I AM
good.*  He thought...
"I'm at the top of my class, and that's why I was chosen, just as
you are at the top of your fighter pilot class." Whoops. Terrie
realized she just gave herself away that she may have been spying on
him. She just grinned from ear to ear to cover up. Her big wide
brown eyes twinkled with held amusement.

Amos was taken off guard by her pronouncement, wondering just how
interested this girl was in him.  It seemed strange that a science
cadet would actively seek out a fighter pilot cadet.  It wasn't like
their worlds would ever collide.  Giving her a warm smile he was
about to ask her out when the claxon sounded.  Amos jumped, finding
himself taken off guard twice in the same day.

He looked down the corridor to see Lt Cmdr Thane heading his
way.  "Am sorry, Terrie, we'll have to talk some more later."  Amos
said, apologetically as he followed the movement of the wing unit
heading his way.

ynan motioned for Amos to join the group forming around him. 
Waving at Terrie, Amos hurried off.


-Cadet 3rd Amos Prinn
Training Status/ Fighter Wing
USS Vigilant

Yoel Ashnaugh was deep in the bounds of sleep when a bleeping noise
echoed in his room.  His wife, Rhiani, lay cuddled into his side
under the covers.  The noise startled her and she sat bolt upright
in bed.  Yoel opened his eyes and started to ask what the problem
was when his comm bleeped again.  He reached for the nightstand and
hit the comm with a somewhat aggressive slap.

"Captain Ashnaugh, the tower's just received a distress call and
would appreciate your presence to evaluate the situation."  came the
voice across the comm.

Rhiani flopped back down in bed, snuggling under the covers.  Her
_expression was somewhat smug as he emerged from the bed.  "Guess
you're getting an early start."

"Obviously."  Yoel growled as he made his way towards the bathroom.

"Uneasy lies the crown, beloved."  Rhiani teased.

Yoel turned in the doorway to look at her.  "You're enjoying this,
aren't you?"

"Well, Yoel, it seems to me when Taecia and Qorena were wee little
babes that I spent quite a few..."  she glanced at the chrono, "...2
am sessions with feedings, diaper changes, and general fussiness. 
It's nice to know--

"Not a vindictive bone in your body, eh?"  Yoel cut her off with a
soft laugh.  "I tried to help...honest."

"I know you did, lover..."  Rhiani met his gaze, "but there is only
so much you can do when you're not the CO.  And way too much for you
to do when you are."

"Spoken like a pro."  Yoel's eyes traveled over her form.  "Wanna
help me shower?"

Rhiani laughed.  "What and defeat the purpose of my smugness?"

"I tried to help."  Yoel said in mock indignation.

In answer, Rhiani grabbed one of his pillows and threw it at him.

Yoel dodged inside the bathroom and quickly closed the door just in
time to hear the pillow thump against it.  "Women..."  he muttered,
but he didn't really mean it.  Through the door he could hear
Rhiani's voice call, "I HEARD THAT!"



Yoel arrived in the communications tower and approached the watch
officer.  "So, Nebs, what do we have?"

"Not sure."  Nebs motioned for Yoel to follow him over to a wide
screen.  He pointed up at the stellar chart.  "As near as we can
tell the distress call is coming from this sector of the universe."
Nebs touched the general area he mentioned and the image zoomed
in.  "There's only one planet of known inabitation in this system. 
The Federation hasn't crossed into this territory in twenty years."

Yoel stared at the planet.  "What is it called?"


Yoel's brow furrowed.  The name sounded familiar, but at 0230 in the
morning he was still trying to wake up.  "What's the level of

"The call's internal, sir."  Nebs answered.  "It's actually coming
from the planet itself.  And as far as we know there have been no
real incursions into that area by any of our known enemies.  Idao
has a unique technology of its own.  For centuries it has withstood
attempts at conquest.  They've been known to set the Cardassians
packing as well as shutting out other species such as the Borg and
the Nausicans.  The Ferengi pronounced them unprofittable for
conquest though begrudgingly admit that they are more than worthy in
trade.  And the Romulans have long coveted their technology.  But
the fact one LANDS on Idao unless they are permitted to do
so.  Knowing that..."  Nebs shook his head.  "This simply doesn't
make sense."

"And what's their standing with the Federation?"  Yoel inquired,
though he was pretty sure he knew the answer.

"The Federation is the only alliance that has even been able to
broach successful communications with the Idaoans.  Yet even the
Federation has not been offered any form of technology save in the
form of Idaon warriors known as the ch'drE."

"We've got one on the base."  Yoel said absently, his eyes straying
back to the planet on the screen.  *So that's where I've heard of


Yoel turned to look at Nebs.  "We have a ch'drE on the base by the
name of --


Nebs and Yoel turned around to look at the dark haired warrior who
had just spoken.  Neither of them could think of anything to say
right off.  The upper decks of the bay were off limits to non-
officers, but under the circumstances...

Ghazi walked into the room to stand beside them.  His eyes moved to
the large holographic map projection.  "I felt the call an hour ago."

"The call?"  Nebs questioned.  The look he gave Yoel was the kind
that said, 'Is this guy for real?'

Ghazi sighed.  "I am biologically engineered to feel the summoning,
Captain.  And somehow I must return.  Unfortunately that leaves me
at a disadvantage for my method of arriving here was not designed to
return me."

"Have you any idea what this distress call is about?"  Yoel inquired.

"I can imagine."  Ghazi met Yoel's gaze.  "It would be an internal
matter, Yoel."

"That's what we figured."  Nebs self-congratulatory tone made Ghazi

"Then you figured right."

"So, this is a planetary matter?"  Yoel said thoughtfully.  "Do you
think Idao would accept our offer of help?"

Ghazi was silent a few moments as his mind delved into 438 years of
experience.  Finally he spoke, "Captain, my experience leads me to
believe that they will not accept your offer of help unless it is
absolutely necessary.  This call you've witnessed is not meant for
just anyone.  It is a call to bring all wandering ch'drE home."

Yoel nodded, having made up his mind.  "We'll take you home, Ghazi."

The young ch'drE smiled.  "Thank you, Yoel."

"Nebs, keep an eye on the distress call."  the Captain told the
Chief of Comm.  He motioned for Ghazi to follow him and together
they exited the Communications Deck.

Out in the hall, Yoel looked up at the tall ch'drE.  "Let's get you
a comm, so I can call you when we're ready.  And would you be
willing to sit in on a briefing in a few hours?"

"Yes.  Most definitely."  Ghazi agreed.


[Yoel's Office]

Having gotten the ch'drE a comm so he could call him, Yoel returned
to his office to make a few other calls.  He started by waking up
Admiral Albright.  Then he moved down the list to wake up his XO,
Darien MacGregor, his Chief Engineer Jean Pascal-Belle, his Security
2nd Officer Taki Masago, the Chief of Diplomacy, the Chief of base
OPS, the Chief of Science, the Chief of Medical Dr. Dawn Silverpaw,
the Commandant of Zoe Academy Sebastion Winthrop, and a small group
of officers he trusted in advisory status (ie: Ariana Knightly, Jake
Montgomery, Yakuta).  To them all he sent the following message:

RE:  Distress Call Briefing

Please join me in the main conference chamber at 0430 for an
emergency briefing.

Captain Yoel Ashnaugh
CO of Starbase 853

He knew the message was short, but it was sufficient.  Touching his
comm he passed the message on to Ghazi along with the directions of
how to get to the conference room.....



OOC: If I've missed any people that should be in this briefing don't
let that stop you from bringing them in.  However, this is NOT open
to cadets for obvious

-Captain Yoel Ashnaugh
Starbase 853

 Jeremy had been sound asleep, snuggling with his wife, when he was awakened by his combadge bleeping. “Who could be calling at this hour?” He grumbled under his breath not wanting to wake up Tracey. Tapping his combadge, he noticed it was a recorded message from Yoel to all senior officers. That got his attention. Why would Yoel be waking up all senior officers and requesting a briefing at such an early hour? Something must be up.

Tracey rolled over, and looked at him, half asleep. “What is it baby?”

“I have to go to an important meeting, sweetie.” Kissing her, Jeremy said, “Have a wonderful day, if I don’t make it back anytime soon.”

Glancing at the clock, Tracey said, “But, it’s only 3:30 am.”

“It is. Have to go.”


At the briefing, Admiral Albright walked in and took the seat to the left of Yoel. He smiled to the Chief Engineer, and then looked to see who had arrived. Nodding to the chief of security, a pretty Japanese woman, he took a sip of the water that sat in front of him. Turning his eyes to the bottom of the table, he noticed the ch’drE was here. Curious. Then, others came in.


Commander Ariana Knightly came in, a fighter pilot instructor who had agreed to teach in Zoë Starfleet Academy.  She sat beside him. “Good morning, Commander Knightly.”

“Morning, Admiral. What’s going on so early? I think I slept an hour when my combadge bleeped.”

Jeremy laughed. “I myself don’t even know. It must have happened fast, and looks like it could be an emergency.”


There were two other fighter pilot instructors who entered. One, a lieutenant sat next to Cmdr Knightly. Jake nodded to the admiral and the commander.

A Cardassian sat next to Ghazi. Deon Mawk smiled grimly at Ghazi, not knowing why he was here. Jake had called him and told him to at the briefing. He noticed the man was a ch’drE, and resembled Aymon, apart from the pale skin.



Admiral Jeremy Albright

CO of Starfleet

Starbase 853


Commander Ariana Knightly

Fighter Pilot Instructor

Zoë Starfleet Academy


Lieutenant Jake Montgomery

Fighter Pilot Instructor

Zoë Starfleet Academy


Deon Mawk


Hand to Hand Combat Instructor

Zoë Starfleet Academy



Gabriel Walker stepped into the Neutral Zone.  It was close to an
hour before everyone would gather here to await the beginning of yet
another day.  He'd stayed with the Counselor for the last three
hours and snuck out early on his own.  Kendrick was still asleep. 
Hopefully he wouldn't find Gabriel's absence upsetting.  That was
all Gabe needed -- more trouble.

Of course, Gabe was already going to be in some trouble for arriving
here without his little red band.  He sighed and shook it off.  It
was much too early in the morning to ruin an entire day with
worrying about things that hadn't happened yet.

Looking around he noticed he was alone and with a smile moved to the
podium at the front of the room.  Standing behind it he looked out
at an imaginary audience while gripping its sides.  "All Cadets will
report to the nearest airlock for some paratrooping exercises."  He
grinned, laughed, and shook his head.  "Ah, yes, and while we're at
it, let's not forget the uniform of the day...bermuda shorts and
tank tops." 

Rubbing his chin, Gabriel turned his back on his audience and
continued, "And while I'm up here, I declare today a much needed
break from the hostility of education in order that we may pursue
the art of Jeffries Sliding.  Demonstrations will--"  he broke off
as he turned around and saw Chance watching him.

Gabriel cleared his throat and stepped away from the
podium.  "Morning, Chance."


"Don't mind me...just a bit giddy with temporary freedom.  How was
your night?"  He crossed the room and sat down at the table Chance
normally sat at, motioning for the Minaran to join him.


"Are you ALWAYS this early?"  Gabriel inquired as he checked the




-Cadet 2nd Gabriel Walker
Zoe Academy

Chance had come to the Neutral Zone early.  He was the first one to arrive.  He preferred to be first:  it gave him the opportunity to steel himself for the gradual influx of cadets.  He found it much more difficult to enter a room which was already full of people.  He had edged away from the doorway, and into a far corner of the room.  He kept very still, not wishing to attract notice or attention.  As an empath, he had a small facility for making himself less noticeable to others.  He was attempting to settle that protective umbrella about himself, when someone entered the room.


Chance was delighted to see Gabriel.  He nearly spoke, but froze when he noticed Gabriel no longer wore his red armband.  He then felt a distinct sense of agitation about the other cadet.  Chance held his tongue, and his place.  He listened, as Gabriel approached the podium and began to improvise announcements, as if he was in charge.  The banter confused Chance, and his meditative protections slipped:  Gabriel spotted him.


Gabriel cleared his throat and stepped away from the podium.  "Morning, Chance."


"Good morning, Gabriel,"  Chance replied, blushing as much for Gabriel as for his own embarrassment at being caught so easily.


"Don't mind me...just a bit giddy with temporary freedom.  How was

your night?"  He crossed the room and sat down at the table Chance

normally sat at, motioning for the Minaran to join him.


"Temporary freedom?  That is why you need not wear the armband, then?"  Chance picked up on the clue.  "I was beginning to worry you might get into more trouble, for not having it.  I am pleased you have liberty,"  he added, smiling genuinely.  ""My night was... certainly different,"  he said, not wishing to discuss how he had felt compelled to get out of bed after only a couple hours's sleep, and prowl about like a caged animal.  That compulsion had passed, but it made Chance wonder if Gabriel spent every night in the grip of such unease.  Since they were in a public place, he did not bring the subject up.  He joined Gabriel at the table, though he perched on the edge of his seat, rather than sitting back in it.


"Are you ALWAYS this early?"  Gabriel inquired as he checked the



"I've been here nearly half an hour,"  Chance admitted, looking sheepish, again.  "I try to be first.  It makes things easier, and...  and I like observing people first thing in the mornings, when most of them haven't got their usual guards up, yet.  I've noticed sleepy people behave very differently after they wake up.  It is almost as if they must put on their personalities, much like they put on their uniforms.  I find this most curious, and very interesting.  Do you see this, in others, too, or is it just my imagination?"


< tag Gabe >


"Thank you.  I did not want to let my naivete run away with me,"  Chance said, smiling gamely.  "I still have much to learn about people.  I am grateful that you help me to understand.  Please, if I may ask, why do you put on a personality, like the others do?"  Chance asked. 


It worried him, that Gabriel might take offense at the question.  It worried him more, that some vague hunch nagged at his insides, insisting Gabriel put on an act, as much to fool Gabriel, as to put on a certain face for others.  Chance did not believe Gabriel did this to be dishonest.  Chance had the feeling Gabriel needed such facades.  Were they a defense against something?  A coccoon around something painful?  Chance had felt so many intense and roiling emotions, in his fleeting physical contact with Gabriel, that it was difficult for the Minaran to sort them out.  Nor did he have enough faith in his understanding of others, to be comfortable he was reaching the right conclusions, even when he did suppose he had figured something out.  Chance had only his own insights, and a very little bit of instruction, to use as a basis of understanding others.  He knew most people he encountered considered him peculiar, at best.  He did not want to apply peculiar views to explain the world around him.  So, he had to ask questions.  That often got him into trouble, but, he was used to people hating dreggers like himself.  With Gabriel, though, taking such risks was more dangerous:  Chance liked Gabriel, and Gabriel had been nice to him.  Chance did not wish to risk straining that fledgling friendship.


"If my question is too personal, please ignore it,"  Chance offered.  "I would also like to know if I should look into this habit of putting on a personality?  I'm afraid I have no concept of how to do so, but, if it is what people do, I should like to behave appropriately."


< tag Gabriel >




Cadet 1st Chance

Diplomatic Trainee

Zoe Academy


Sitting at the briefing conference table on the Starbase, Ariana kept picking up from Deon, her daughter’s images. Why was this Cardassian thinking about her daughter?? She knew she wasn’t supposed to probe anyone’s mind, but this was her daughter inside his head! What right had a Cardassian to be thinking about her daughter, Selena? Could he have had something to do with her abduction all those years ago? She knew she was being paranoid. Looking over at him, she could see he was wearing an academy instructor uniform.  That could explain it. Maybe Selena is in the lieutenant’s fighter pilot class, and I’m jumping to conclusions over nothing. Trying to relax, she waited for the others to arrive.

**Find anything interesting in my mind?** Ariana heard in her thoughts from the Cardassian. Very surprised at finding a telepathic Cardassian, she let her shocked expression fall over her face.  She saw him grinning at her. A Cardassian grinning at her made her shudder.

**Don’t worry. I’m not your typical Cardassian. Though I had nothing to do with Selena’s capture, I was made her keeper.** Ariana tensed up when she heard that. **I raised her the best I could, and taught her about Jesus, Who is your now your God. Yes?**

Looking at the Cardassian strangely, A saved Cardi?? This was new! Could Cardassians even be saved? She realized how preposterous that sounded. Anyone could be saved; why not an Cardassian? Why was she listening to a Cardi inside her head?? Hadn’t Schala her trainer, taught her better than that over twenty years ago? Had she become soft with the years?

**You were Selena’s keeper? You were her guard,” Ariana stated matter of factly.

**Yes, I was her guard. I am Deon Mawk, Commander. I’m half Cardassian and half Betazoid, which is why I am telepathic. Your daughter went to flight training school using Cardassians fighters, and scored at the top of her class. She apparently only took the courses because she intended to escape. When I found out of her escape, I tried to cover it up. I had to leave, because I was threatened if I didn’t see to her return, I would be punished, or at the very least lose my job. So, here I am. The kind Captain Ashnaugh gave me a job in the academy teaching hand to hand combat, and fighter pilot training. Selena was in my fighter pilot training course, but the commandant has transferred her to your course which is more advanced. She will still be in my hand to hand combat and weapons class.**

The meeting was about to start, as Ariana heard Captain Ashnaugh speak.


Commander Ariana Knightly

Advanced Fighter Pilot Instructor

Zoë Starfleet Academy


Rubbing her eyes, Selena found a seat at the academy early morning meeting. There was excitement in the air. She pondered what was going on. Off to the right, way back behind the podium, she saw Commandant Winthrop talking to several of the instructors. She could sense from them something was definitely up. Maybe a mission, and she would be assigned to it. Yeah right, Selena. Keep dreaming! They were never going to send first or second year cadets on a mission. One could hope and dream. She kept picking up images of deep space from the Commandant’s mind, as well as from her instructor, Lieutenant Jake Montgomery. Maybe it WAS a mission! Who would get to go?? Oh please, please God, let me, and my friends go? I’m tired of just doing schoolwork. I want some action and adventure!

Looking over at Gabe, she saw him talking to Chance. Why wasn’t he wearing the red arm band?? Had he been released from that horrid pow camp for wandering boys? Selena grinned. That must be it! Orrrr, maybe he was chosen to go on the mission! She thought Gabe was so cute, and so adventurous. Course, he couldn’t hold a candle to Mr Erich Jaegar, rich boy, who belonged to Unca Coy. He made her head swoon.

Selena’s eyes scanned the room looking for Taecia and Rie. They should be here soon, she thought. The briefing was about to start.


Cadet 1st Selena Jerabek

Second Year Advanced Fighter Pilot Student

Zoë Starfleet Academy 


Leaving the bridge, Lt. Cmdr Amelia Pearsons ran to the turbo lift. Inside, her mind was strategizing on how best to scan for pirates or anyone else who was liable to attack either the Vigilant, or the wounded freighter.   Finding her way to the front of the hanger bay, she whistled, as she walked in. “Heads up, pilots!” Everyone had gathered there who were pilots or having anything to do with the fighter aircrafts, per the captain’s orders.

“Six fighter pilots will be going out and scanning the area. We’ll be looking for anything suspicious. Pirates have been reported in the area, so be sure to be on your guard. The following pilots will be going. Tunehawk, Gunner, Reighhound, Attackleader, Soing, Prinn, Windrapper, Alarmringer, Thane, and myself. Commander Thane, and myself will be taking druids instead of a person so we can do recon.  Prinn, you will be going with Attackleader to back him up. Two to a fighter. Let’s head out pilots! And be careful out there. I don’t want any trouble.”

Popping into her fighter, she looked back as the droid was placed inside.

“Your fighter is good to go, Commander,” her engineer said.

“Thanks, Tucker.” She pulled her helmet snug on her head, and then did a systems check to be sure everything was in operating order.  Flying her fighter aircraft out of the hanger, she with the other pilots flew over the freighter looking for any sign of the damage they claimed to have.  Her computer droid took pictures as they passed over and around the freighter, which would be studied later.  Scanning the area, there didn’t seem to be any sign of any other space craft other than the Vigilant, and the wounded freighter.  Whoever attacked the vessel was gone now.

“Anyone find anything?”

<open tag to fighter pilots>


Lt. Cmdr Amelia Pearsons

Sword Squadron Leader

USS Vigilant


Tanix set up the scan to scan the engines and the hull integrity of the wounded freighter. The scans did show they had been attacked by several small ships, most no larger than the wounded freighter. He knew this was a pirate ploy, and he wondered if these were actually pirates attempting to get on board. He had no proof as yet. If he sent out a transmission to the pirates, Logan, his science assistant, was bound to pick it up or Kezya at communications. If he knew it was pirates and didn’t warn the captain, he could find himself tossed into the brig by a very irate captain. Being a ex-pirate himself told him not to trust these people. The crew of the Vigilant knew he was a criminal but they didn’t know about his sorted past as a pirate. If they had known, they would have probably put him in charge of this, instead of having him merely do the scans. It was lucky for him he wasn’t in charge, since it was his intention to escape back to the pirates. Yet, he wouldn’t help them go after the Vigilant ship or any of the crew.

“Captain, my scans show the freighter was attacked by several small ships, none larger than the freighter itself.” Tanix left out the part about him knowing this ploy was sometimes used by pirates. 

“Thank you, Mr. Kashington.” Laurana turned to Tsalea. “Did tactical scans pick anything up on the weapons, Commander?”

Tsalea studied the readings on her tactical grid.  "Scans show, Captain, that the freighter possesses ion cannons and photon torpedoes, but at the moment all weapons are reading offline.  Yet, internal scans show a residual current of energy flowing through the aft chambers.  It could be a short in the system or, Captain, it could be that they've simply powered down the weapons in order to ensnare us."

“Hopefully, our pilots will be able to determine if there is anything going on that is out of place.” Laurana said, uneasily.



Captain Laurana Fitzpatrick

USS Vigilant


Commander Tsalea

XO & Chief of Tactical/Security


Lieutenant Tanix Kashington

Chief of Science


Taecia walked into the neutral zone, bleary eyed and stifling one
yawn after another.  In one hand she held a mug of steaming
raktajino, straight black.  Over her shoulder she sported a black
student bag filled with her textbooks and materials for her morning
classes.  She hadn't slept well last night.  One bad dream after
another chased her through darkness into the light...which turned
out to be morning.

Dropping onto a seat next to Selena, Taecia stowed her bag by her
feet under the table.  Cupping the mug between her hands she sipped
at the caffeine, hoping to wake up soon.

"Hey, girl," Selena said, as Taecia dropped in the chair next to her.

Turning her head slightly she caught sight of Gabe speaking to
Chance.  It seemed strange for a minute, then she realized that he
wasn't wearing his red armband.  She started to comment on that to
Selena when Charlemagne Liles walked up and dropped a hand on
Gabriel's shoulder.  Giving Chance an apologetic look, Gabriel rose
from his seat and walked with Charlemagne back to the restricted
table.  He sat down in a seat next to one of the restricted cadets
and Charlemagne handed him a red piece of cloth.

Taecia sighed.  "I thought for a minute there he'd gotten out of

"I was wondering the same thing. Maybe he escaped again." Selena had been watching Gabe too.

"Wonder how he managed to escape it so far."  Taecia took another
gulp of her Klingon coffee and gasped at the heat.  "Ooo, that's

"Why you drinking that nasty coffee anyway?" Selena crinkled up her nose.

"I need my me."

"If you say so."

"Yeah, I had a string of nightmares last night...all of them fuzzy
and jumbled together without sense."  Taecia yawned.  "Today's gonna be a killer.  How'd you sleep?"

"I didn't get much sleep either, but no nightmares." Selena said, thinking about her night with her mom for the first time since her abduction by the Cardassians.

Taecia nodded, noticing as Cadet Rainstorm came in the door.  She
raised her hand and waved at the Neko, attempting to get her

"Morning...I think."  Taecia said by way of greeting, then took
another sip of her raktajino.

"Hey, Rie."

After they all said their good mornings, Nathan entered the Neutral
Zone.  Taecia raised her hand and waved in his direction...


"Hey, here comes Christy."  Taecia remarked over the rim of her mug
as the other Borg enhanced cadet entered the Neutral Zone.

<tag Christy?>

Not too long after a rather large Gorn trudged into the Neutral
Zone.  His rank said 'commander' and Taecia wondered if he was a new instructor.  "Hey look at the Gorn officer."  She remarked to those
around her table.

Selena's eyes went wide at the seven foot lizard. "Surely he cant' be an instructor??? He's a lizard!! Look at those teeth.... and that... large tail! Goodness! They let those kind be teachers?? He better not be my instructor. Man, I don't want to get eaten!" Selena showed mock horror on her face.

Taecia grinned.  "Like THAT's gonna happen." 

Selena giggled.


Cadet Selena Jerabek

Cadet Taecia Ashnaugh


Briefing:  Main Conference Room

Time:  0500

The Following In Attendance: 

Admiral Jeremy Albright
Captain Yoel Ashnaugh  [CO of 853] 
Commander Darien MacGregor [XO of 853] 
Dawn Silverpaw [CMO of 853] 
Chief Dana Laslo  [OPS of 853]  (npc)
Lt Commander Andre McGowen  [Science of 853]  (npc)
Lt Taki Masago  [Security 2nd of 853]  (npc)
Lt Jean Pascal-Belle [Engineer of 853] 
Lt Miles Odell  [Diplomatic Corp of 853]  (npc)
Commander Sebastian Winthrop  [CO of Zoe Acad] 
Commander Ariana Knightly [Inst at Zoe Acad] 
Lt Yakuta  [Inst at Zoe Acad]
Lt Jake Montgomery  [Inst at Zoe Acad] 
Lt Deon Mawk  [Inst at Zoe Acad] 

Ens Mercutio [Captain's Yeoman of 853]  (npc)
Ghazi  [ch'drE of Idao] 

Subject:  Returning the ch'drE warrioR Ghazi to Idao (and) Be on
hand to assist if requested

========POST BELOW===============

Jean entered holding the biggest cup of coffee ever known to have
existed in all the quadrants of the galaxy, and a gigantic headache
to go with it. She sat down mid table, put her mug on the table and
put her head in her hands.
"Ueach." She said, a sound that conveyed both tiredness and general
ueach-ness. "You leave the Academy and it doesn’t take long for you
to forget early mornings are awful." She rubbed her hands across her
forehead and turned to look at Yoel.

"Try getting up at 0200, Lieutenant." Yoel replied with a faint

The doors parted behind them and Yoel turned his head to see a Neko
he had never seen before.  She entered with Zoe's diplomatic
instructor, Yakuta and words were exchanged.  Yoel merely listened. 
If this was Schala, as he thought, it was better to
remain quiet until she gave him reason to say something.

Yoel went over his notes, waiting for the empty seats to fill. 
Before long Commander Winthrop entered, followed by a few of his
instructors.  Yoel waited until they got seated and looked around
the table to make sure everyone was present and accounted for.  His
eyes lingered on the Cardassian and the Commander next to him. 
There was something about their facial features that made him think
they were communicating despite the lack of words spoken. 

Continuing his check around the table, Yoel found that all were
present and thus it was time to begin.

"Ladies and Gentleman, I've called this meeting in regards to a
distress call we picked up early this morning in the far reaches of
the Delta Quadrant coming from the Cygni system.  Upon further
investigation, it was realized that the call was coming directly
from the planet Idao, homeworld to the Udikri, the ch'drE, and the
Chall."  Glancing down the length of the table at Ghazi he
continued, "At the end of this table sits Ghazi, a ch'drE of Idao. 
He assures us the distress call is not meant for outsiders but as a
call to return to Idao for the ch'drE.  As a ch'drE he is required
to return, but at the moment has no means of making that return.  As
a show of good will to the people of Idao, I am requesting of Fleet
Captain Albright permission to take a ship and deliver Ghazi back to
his people.  In the interim of this trip, I'd like to initiate a
cadet shakedown...or rather training cruise."  Yoel looked at
Admiral Albright.

Jeremy looked over at Ghazi. He didn't sense anything that was not
on the up and up with the man, so glancing back at Captain Ashnaugh,
he said, "Whatever you need, Yoel. I'll leave the cadets up to
Winthrop." He looked over at the commandant of the academy.

Commandant Winthrop handed his padd to the captain. "On there you
will find a list of cadets I recommend going with you. You know most
of these cadets, I believe, Captain. Cadets Gabriel, Selena, Rei,
your daughter Taecia, Nathan. They're on the padd with the others."
Yoel received the padd with a slight nod of his head.  "Do you
think, Commander, that they can be ready by tomorrow morning?"
"I'll have them ready, Captain. I have a briefing with the cadets
right after this meeting, and then I'll talk to the ones who will be
going." Sebastian said, looking at the time.

"Thank you, Sebastian." Yoel turned to Darien.  "You and I,
Commander will be playing the role of CO and XO respectively."

Darien simply nodded his head, no words were required.

*Wait, they are bringing Rainstorm? If this mission is dangerous
Darien and his Captain will have to answer to me.* Schala thought
with an inaudible growl. No one had spoken to her about taking her
daughter on a dangerous mission in only her second year.

"Albright, Dekker will stand in for me during our absence as acting
CO and Sebastian, if you will fill the role of acting XO, it would
be appreciated?"

Jeremy nodded to Yoel.

Sebastian lifted a brow, thinking he would be busy at the academy,
but said, "I can drop in from time to time, Captain."

Receiving an affirmative from both officers, Yoel made a mental note
to speak with Dekker as soon as the meeting adjourned.  "All the
rest of you Senior Officers, I want you to either fill your role
respectively on the ship or you will send your seconds in your
place, with the exception of you, Miles, you, Jean, and you Dawn." 
Yoel turned to look at the diplomatic officer, his chief engineer,
and the new CMO.  "Seeing as we may get the opportunity to deal
closely with the Udikri I want you in on this, Miles.  And Jean,
we're going far from home with a slight potential of trouble."  Yoel
left the rest of that thought implied.  "And Dawn... I'll rely on
you to keep our cadets healthy as well as help the medical cadets
learn about a ship's sickbay."

"As you wish, Captain.  I'll pack the second I get out of here." 
Miles replied.

<tag Jean>

"Their minds will expand, and it will be grand." Dawn smiled.

*What's with this one?* Schala thought annoyed at the neko's rhyme.
she brushed the feline's mind briefly curious.  *So its a crutch,
this is the first of those creatures I have encountered who's mind
was so weak as to need one.*


Yoel looked at Lt Masago.  "Yes, Lieutenant?"

"Sir, I am the security second at the moment.  With Lt Commander
Wheaton one step from retirement, I don't feel it is a good idea
that I leave this station."

There was an underlying concern in her request that Yoel decided he
would have to talk to her about afterwards.  In the meantime he
glanced down the length of the table.  "I'd considered that as well,
Lieutenant.  That's why I asked Schala to join us for this meeting."

Raising her eyebrow with a sense of curiosity. Schala adjusted her
black desert robes.  "Excuse me?" she asked flatly.

"I know that it is not your normal area of expertise, Schala, but
I'm well aware of your fighting ability.  I'd like you to consider
filling the role of acting security chief for this mission.  And in
the case of dire need, it is always a good idea to have more than
one well versed engineer on a ship."  Yoel hoped she wouldn't kill
him later for putting her on the spot and tempered his request by
saying, "You don't have to answer me now, if you need to think about
it...but I need to know soon if we are to leave in the morning.  If
you like we can discuss it after this meeting is over with."

"What exactly would posses you to ask me that question?" Schala
stated bluntly.

"I have it on good authority, Commander, that you are more than
capable for the task.  If you want to discuss my reasoning in more
detail, I suggest we do it after this meeting so that these officers
can get to work."  Yoel replied calmly.

"Perhaps I am qualified, but I lack experience in that role. Nor am
I here as an active officer." Schala replied. She gave Darien a cold

"Maybe not, Commander Schala, but this is more a training mission
than anything else, and we will have a capable tactical officer on
board for you to work with if need be."  Yoel replied, thinking
about the officer they had on loan from the Vigilant.  "I think the
students would benefit from your teaching."

"Very well I will accept. If something goes wrong I want to be there
to protect her." Schala said flatly.

Yoel made no comment on Schala's words, realizing that she was
talking about her daughter.   As a father, he could understand the
protective nature. He hadn't really dealt with the idea of Taecia
going yet.

Yoel turned his attention to the instructors in the room.  "The
reason you instructors have been asked to attend this briefing is
because I would like you to join us on this mission and continue to
instruct your students in a real time environment.  Show them how
their duties go from paper to ship."

"My instructions are not hands on. They require a classroom and
books." Yakuta pointed out.

"The USS Maranatha is fully equipped, Instructor Yakuta."  Yoel
replied.  "You will have your classroom.  Tell me, though, do you
know much about the Udikri?"  Yoel nodded in Ghazi's direction.  "Or
even the ch'drE?"

"I'm afraid not commander, they are both a very rare and secretive
race." Yakuta explained with a twitch of his antenna.

"Well, then, Yakuta, this would be an opportunity, perhaps to learn
something new and share it with your students."  Yoel replied,
hoping this Andorian was as inquisitive as the next.

Instead of replying, Yakuta simply nodded.

<OPEN TAG if anyone else has questions, if not...consider the
following a rap and get to work... the USS Maranatha pulls out in 24
hours, simm time>

"Any other questions?"  When no one spoke up, Yoel said, "Meeting
adjourned...let's get busy people...24 hours is all you get."

The officers at the table rose and streamed out of the room...


~Compiled by Maje
Recorded by Yeoman Mercutio
w/ Credits in the Beginning

It had been a rather pleasant night, after visiting with her mother for awhile, and gaining the strength the night before that to face her empty quarters. Rei had slept better then she had since the Chall attacks had begun. Because of this she didn't need a stimulant to bounce so happily into the early morning meeting area.

 Taecia nodded, noticing as Cadet Rainstorm came in the door.  She
raised her hand and waved at the Neko, attempting to get her

"Hello." Rei smiled softly. She moved to Taecia with a small amount of surprise that the girl had called her over.

"Morning...I think."  Taecia said by way of greeting, then took
another sip of her raktajino.

"Its a great morning." Rei replied.

"Well, at least until class begins." she added with a laugh. she loved most of her classes but there was that one teacher that always made her feel like a criminal.

This time Rei choose to simply smile politely. as much as she might have liked to greet everyone with a warm neko like hello she wasn't really sure where she fit in at the moment. for more then a year the cadets at this academy had ignored her. It had been painful back then because her people enjoyed making friends and meeting people. But now she had a couple friends and it warmed her heart but she was a little confused  how that circle had grown past gabe so quickly. then again she might have simply been looking too much into Taecia's actions so she stayed silent.

Cadet Rainstorm

2nd year medical

Starbase 853


[Amelia] pulled her helmet snug on her head, and then did a systems check to be sure everything was in operating order.  Flying her fighter aircraft out of the hanger, she with the other pilots flew over the freighter looking for any sign of the damage they claimed to have.  Her computer droid took pictures as they passed over and around the freighter, which would be studied later.  Scanning the
area, there didn't seem to be any sign of any other space craft other than the Vigilant, and the wounded freighter.  Whoever attacked the vessel was gone now.
"Anyone find anything?"

"I've got a bad feeling about this, Sword."  Ky said into the comm.  "Scanbot's coming up with some shadows in the hangar bay.  "They look vaguely familiar..."

"Minor energy spike in the weapons."  Amos commented from the jump seat of another bird.

"Shield, we've got a shadow blip on radar coming out of warp one quarterly." 

Kynan's mouth creased in a worried frown.  "Commander Pearson, suggest we send cadet pilots back to the hangar and have a more experienced defensive force launched."

”Won’t that alert them that we know something is up?” Amelia said, not wanting to give them away. “We better keep them with us. Only Prinn is a cadet out here, and he will be fine in the back of Attack’s fighter.”

"Roger that Sword."

By the time the radar blip was close enough to make out anything about it, Shield and Sword were ready to defend.

Lt. Cmdr Kynan Thane

Shield Squadron Leader

USS Vigilant


Cadet 3rd Amos Prinn (NPC)

Fighter Pilot Intern

USS Vigilant


Two small ships shot out of warp near the wounded vessel. Amelia and Kynan heard on their head sets, “That’s our scavenge freighter, maties! Back off. We saw it first!”

Amelia saw two shuttles squaring them off. It was actually laughable. Two shuttles were daring to take on 6 fighters and a starship, which was bound to have more fighters?? Were they without common sense?? Laughing in Kynan’s headset, Amelia asked, “Do you believe this jerk?? Do you think they are our pirates who took out the freighter to begin with, Commander??”

<tag Kynan>

Responding to the pirates, “We have no intention of “backing off”, whoever you are. They asked for help, and we are helping them.”

Waiting, Amelia held her hand on her weapons control incase they tried anything. Suddenly, there was a barrage of weapon fire coming from both the shuttles. Photon torpedoes grazed past their fighters. Her air caught in her throat. Glancing at the radar screen, Amelia saw none of the fighters had received any damage.

“That was a warning shot,” one of the pirates said. “Now, back off! We have fire power your fighters can’t handle, and shields to protect us from you.”

“Shield leader, let’s scan them. I hope it’s only a bluff!” Scanning the shuttle nearest her, she found the pirate was telling the truth. They had firepower like what a larger ship had. Still, could they take on all of them, plus the Vigilant? Surely not. 

<tag Lt. Cmdr Kynan Thane>


Lt. Cmdr Amelia Pearsons

Sword Squadron Leader

USS Vigilant


After Commandant Winthrop finished speaking to his instructors, he walked to the podium. Tapping the microphone, he said, “Attention.” He waited as the cadets became quiet and watched to see what he would say. “There won’t be a briefing this morning, but I do have cadets I need to speak with. If your name is called, meet me up here behind the podium. The rest of will be dismissed to begin your day. Cadet 2nd Gabriel Walker, Cadet 2nd Rei Rainstorm, Cadet 1st Selena Jerabek, Cadet 1st Taecia Ashnaugh, Cadet 1st Christina Montgomery, Cadet 1st Nathan Hunt.

The other cadets looked over at the first and second year cadets wondering what was up, and what they were being chosen for.

Sebastian waited for the cadets he had named to join him. “I have a mission to send all of you on. Captain Ashnaugh has received a mission to take our ch’drE warrior, Ghazi back to his home planet, and the captain has requested some of the academy’s cadets go on a training mission. You are the ones I have chosen, with the help of your instructors” 

Turning to Walker, he continued, “Cadet Walker, as of now, I am reinstating you to Cadet 3rd, and making you the squad leader of these cadets.”

<tag Walker>

“You will be responsible for them, and will answer to me if anything happens to any of them.” The commandant knew he sounded hard, but he believed the cadet was ready for a taste of leadership.

<tag Walker>

“You cadets will be serving on the USS Maranatha for this mission, with Captain Yoel Ashnaugh as CO, and Commander Darien McGregor as his XO. The ship will be leaving Starbase 853 at 5:30 am tomorrow morning. You are all dismissed from classes for today so you may pack your things and say good-by to your friends. Cadet Walker, you are released from restriction. Hand your armband in to whoever is in charge at the moment.”

“Cadets, you are under Cadet Walker, and will show him the utmost respect. I understand some of you are friends with him, and that is fine, but you will still have to respect that he is your squad leader.”

<tag cadets if you have any questions, comments or anything to talk to the commandant about>

“That is all. You are dismissed.” 


Commandant Sebastian Winthrop

CO of Zoë Starfleet Academy on Starbase 853


Amelia saw two shuttles squaring them off. It was actually
laughable. Two shuttles were daring to take on 6 fighters and a starship, which was bound to have more fighters?? Were they without common sense?? Laughing in Kynan's headset, Amelia asked, "Do you believe this jerk?? Do you think they are our pirates who took out the freighter to begin with, Commander??"

"You may not believe me, but no...I don't think that's the case.  Something's going on here and though I'm not exactly sure what, I believe it isn't what we may think on the surface."  Kynan replied, his eyes on his sensor screen.

Responding to the pirates, "We have no intention of "backing off", whoever you are. They asked for help, and we are helping them." Waiting, Amelia held her hand on her weapons control in case they tried anything. Suddenly, there was a barrage of weapon fire coming from both the shuttles. Photon torpedoes grazed past their fighters.

The air caught in Amelia's throat. Glancing at the radar screen, Amelia saw none of her fighters had received any damage. "That was a warning shot," one of the pirates said. "Now, back off! We have fire power your fighters can't handle, and shields to protect us from you."
"Shield leader, let's scan them. I hope it's only a bluff!" Scanning the shuttle nearest her, she found the pirate was telling the truth. They had firepower like what a larger ship had. Still, could they take on all of them, plus the Vigilant? Surely not. 

"Scans show they've got quite the payload."  Kynan replied.  "Though honestly the way it's rigged, one good shot in the right place and their ships will blow to kingdom come...though, honestly, that might not be good for anyone in their vicinity when it happens."

”What do you suggest Shield?” Amelia asked, still watching the freighters.

"Give me a minute."  Kynan fell silent, meditating on the Spirit.  *Lord, what do we do?*  At that moment he turned his head to look at the freighter and it was like God was speaking to his spirit... *they're connected...*  But why would ... what were they after? 

”Will do.”

"Mind if I try something, Sword?"

”Go ahead, Shield. I got your back.” Amelia watched to see what Kynan would do.

Flipping his comm he broadcasted to the Freighter.  "Freighter, we can see that your aft cannons are still in operation.  Request cover fire on encroaching pirate ships."  *Their reaction will tell us a lot.*  he thought...

The pirates on board the “wounded” freighter looked at each other. “Now, what do we do??”

Captain Razer spat tobacco juice on the floor. “We shoot them with our aft cannons.”

“What?? We can’t!”

“What choice do we have?!” the captain said. “If we don’t, Vigilant will be suspicious.” Not responding to the fighter pilot, Razor geared up the aft cannons and fired on the lead shuttle. He winched as the shot took out their weapons. He knew not to blow them up. “I didn’t kill them, just put out a mighty fine shuttle. Don’t look at me that way! What else could I have done??”


Lt. Cmdr Kynan Thane

Shield Squadron Leader


Lt. Cmdr Amelia Pearsons

Sword Squadron Leader

USS Vigilant



Turning to Walker, he continued, "Cadet Walker, as of now, I am
reinstating you to Cadet 3rd, and making you the squad leader of
these cadets."

Gabriel's eyes widened.  "ME, sir?"  The thought seemed ludicrous. 
Gabriel had never to date been in such a position...

"You will be responsible for them, and will answer to me if anything
happens to any of them." The commandant knew he sounded hard, but he
believed the cadet was ready for a taste of leadership.

*Responsible?*  Gabriel couldn't immediately take it all in, so he
listened in silence as his mind tumbled over and over what the
Commodant was proposing.  Was the man insane?  Didn't he know Gabe's

"You cadets will be serving on the USS Maranatha for this mission,
with Captain Yoel Ashnaugh as CO, and Commander Darien McGregor as
his XO. The ship will be leaving Starbase 853 at 5:30 am tomorrow
morning. You are all dismissed from classes for today so you may
pack your things and say good-by to your friends. Cadet Walker, you
are released from restriction. Hand your armband in to whoever is in
charge at the moment."
"Cadets, you are under Cadet Walker, and will show him the utmost
respect. I understand some of you are friends with him, and that is
fine, but you will still have to respect that he is your squad
"That is all. You are dismissed." 

After Winthrop walked off, Taecia patted Gabriel on the
back.  "'Bout time someone recognize your gift for leadership."

"My gift for what?"  Gabriel shook his head and looked at the cadets
around him.  "Anyone feeling suicidal?"  he joked.

Gabe felt the armband slip off his sleeve and relinquished it
without question to whomever it was that had taken it.  He heard the
murmur saying he didn't need it anymore, but his mind was still
tangled up with the idea of being responsible for EVERYONE'S life.

"Commandant, how long are we expected to be out there?", Nathan piped up


"That depends on if nothing happens, and you go and come right back. Could be a week to two weeks, Cadet." Commandant Winthrop responded. He knew anything could happen on missions. And with them going to the Delta Quadrant, as well as to an unknown planet with species they didn’t' have any information on, that question was one that couldn't be answered easily.


Commandant Winthrop

CO Zoë Starfleet Academy


Cadet 3rd :o  Gabriel Walker
Zoe Academy

Cadet 1st Taecia Ashnaugh
Zoe Academy



Yoel stood at his office window, overlooking the docking bay. 
Tethered in one of the larger berths was a new ship that had only
recently been brought in from the fleetyards.  She was christened
the USS Maranatha and she came with a skeleton crew of viable
officers.  All Yoel had to do was get his Chiefs on board to take
charge as well as himself and his XO, along with the training crew.

"Beautiful, isn't she?"

Yoel looked to his right to find his young Yeoman standing beside
him with a padd in hand.  "She is at that."

"I'm almost packed."

"Mercutio, I told you...I do not expect you to come on this
mission.  You've a wife and young child at home."  Yoel said with

"We've discussed it Captain, and both of us feel that my place is
with you."  Mercutio replied, his _expression one of determination.

"As you will, but do tell Molly that Rhiani will expect her to check
in with her on occasion and ask for help whenever it's needed." 
Yoel smiled.  "And if she seems resistant, remind her that Rhiani
will be more at ease knowing you are with me and will feel badly if
she doesn't get to help."

Mercutio smiled and nodded.  "I'll tell her.  Captain...?"

Yoel inclined his head to show he was listening.

"I have to confess that I'm a little relieved to be leaving home for
awhile and that bothers me.  I--"

Yoel clapped a hand on Mercutio's shoulder.  "Don't let it worry
you.  I don't know very many men with a new baby who don't feel the
need to escape every now and then.  Rhiani would tell you honestly,
the women feel pretty much the same.  That's why it's important that
Molly understands how much Rhiani wants to help."

"0500 comes mighty early."  Mercutio said, changing the subject.

"That it does.  Tell me, is everything in place and do you have our
quarters arranged?"

"Aye, sir." 

"Then lock up and head home.  Spend some quality time with your
family.  I'll see you over there..."  Yoel pointed at the
Maranatha, "in the morning."

"Aye, sir."  Mercutio replied and started for the door.  He paused
before walking through and said, "Thank you, sir...and thank Rhiani

Yoel nodded and found himself alone once more.  With a soft sigh, he
pulled himself away and headed for the door.  He realized that like
Mercutio he was actually looking forward to commanding a ship again,
though probably not for the same reasons as the young officer.


-Capt Yoel Ashnaugh
CO of 853

-Yeoman Mercutio (npc)

Dekker walked quickly through the still morning of the
starbase. Not many people were out wandering about at
4:00 in the morning, but there were some veteran
officers who were used to getting out of their warm
beds at this time of day.

The uniform may have been off for good, but after
being in the service for 34 years, Terrance could not
shake the habit.

He had found out by skillfully pumping one of
Ashnaugh's ensigns of his wherabouts and was trying to
catch up with his old friend. He had not had time to
check in with him since the bureaucracy of the Academy
took forever.

His last hope was to find him at the docking bay and
his keen eyes picked out his friend who was surveying
the USS Maranatha through the viewport.

"Your not getting away this time. Your going to pay
for the Inversion beam in the Science class!" roared
the haiwian shirted ex-commodore across the room.

Dekker could see the startled __expression as his
reference to a gag that both of them pulled off on the
Commandant when they were still Cadets. It was
Ashnaugh's idea, but Dekker had implemented it by
taking a small scale model of a warp engine and
changing the Inversion flow so when the teacher was
demonstrating, he got shocked and the magnetic field
made his hair standup on end and then curl.  They were
caught of course, but Dekker took most of the beating
because he *had* done it.

"It's not my fault they didn't believe I was smart
enough to have come up with that idea."  Yoel replied
with a slight smile.  "You're the one who had to be so

The two friends grinned at each other and Dekker
saluted. "Well, Captain. What are you up to on this
fine morning? Plan to skip out and go search for

"Something like that."  Yoel agreed as he waited for
Rhiani to make her appearance.  "It's good to have you
back again."

"Thanks. Glad to be back off a planet." Dekker said.
"I love the bustle of a starbase."

The two turned back to the starship and Dekker looked
appreciating at the starship outside the bases'

"You will be teaching at the Academy, eh?"  Yoel
inquired, hoping to see more of Dekker on his return.

"Yep. The only way I could get back to 853. Need a job
to work on this starbase. Pulled some strings with
Admiral Albright to get stationed here again." Dekker
said grinning.

"What have they got you slated to teach?"  Yoel asked,
his eyes searching the dock for Rhiani.

"Navigation and lecturing on protocol of command.
Probably the two most boring classes in the Academy."
Terrance answered noticing his friend looking for
something. The professor glanced around trying to see
if he was missing something.

"Listen, Terrance, while I'm off on this
mission...mind keeping an eye on my family?"  Yoel
asked.  It had been a long time since he'd been
separated from Rhiani and he knew that her sarcastic
humor was just a cover up for what she really felt.
It occurred to Yoel the slight possibility that
something could happen and he might not return, but he
didn't like to think thoughts like that...

"What? You are planning some Klingon style death or
somethin'?" said Dekker, but he saw the look in his
friends eyes and Dekker nodded and patted Yoel on the
shoulder. "You know I will. I'd guard them with my

"Thank you..."  Yoel said with sincerity as he caught
sight of Rhiani stepping off the lift.  He smiled

Dekker saw Rhiani coming toward them and it wasn't
hard for her to find
her husband. The haiwian shirt stood out among the
uniforms and slate gray civilian clothes.

Rhiani joined the two men.  "You dragging this one off
on your 'sea' voyage?"

Yoel smiled.  "Not this time.  He's going to hang
around here and keep 853 stable in my absence."

"Stable, eh?"  Rhiani raised an eyebrow in Dekker's

"Yes, stable. I'm going to make sure your children
aren't going to tear apart this station while he's
gone." Dekker said with a grin.

Rhiani smiled.  "I'm sure you'll be an asset,
Terrance.  And while the old man's away, perhaps
you'll be among those around my table."

"Sure." Dekker said. "though I have heard that you
have been treating Commander Morg to dinner a couple
times. Don't humor that lizard, they eat alot. "

Of course, Yoel's wife ignored his comment.

"How is Loktas?"  Rhiani inquired, remembering the
time when Dekker brought the Kzinthi to dinner.

"Oh, he's fine. " Dekker said remembering the joke he
pulled on her months ago. "He returned to the Kzinti
Ascendancy and is studying for his promotion to
Commander 3rd grade."

Yoel glanced at the time.  "You two can talk about
this later.  If we're going to have time, Rhi, we need
to go."

Rhiani nodded.  "Be seeing you, Terrance."

"See ya around. Sorry, i didn't find you both sooner."
he said knowingly taking the hint.

Yoel slipped his arm around his wife's waist and
giving Dekker a parting nod, he escorted his wife onto
the USS Maranatha.

Dekker watched them go and shook his head.

"You don't approve of spouses?" asked a voice from

Terrance almost hit the roof and he spun around to
face Commander Morg who was standing there in his
uniform and had his hands behind his back. The terran
eyed the big Gorn then broke out in a grin.

"How long have you been standing there?"

"The past four minutes." Morg responded still not
moving or changing positions.

"You know it's impolite to eavesdrop." Terrance said

"It is impolite to approach an officer to interrupt
unless it is very important. I have nothing to say or
report to Captain Ashnaugh so I shall not bother him."
Morg answered.

Terrance shook his head and turned back to see where
Ashnaugh went, but he was long gone.

"I asked you a question, Professor." Morg said.

"Oh, yes." Terrance said forgetting that he did. "Nah,
I have no problems with spouses. Yoel was lucky to get
her. I was just thinking how lucky and was wishin'
that I was smarter years ago and got married too."

"You are single then?" Morg said as Terrance started
walking to the view port.

"Yeah. Never found time to get attached to a girl. To
busy with my career." Terrance said. "That's why I
made Commodore and Ashnaugh's still a Captain."

There was silence for a minute and then Terrance
sighed. "He got the better deal."

-Captain Yoel Ashnaugh
CO 853/ USS Maranatha

-Terrance Dekker
Professor at Zoe Academy

-Rhiani Ashnaugh (npc)
Captain's Wife & Mother of 2

- Commander Morg
Starbase 853


Yoel stood inside the Captain's quarters watching Rhiani make the
bed.  It was a bit of tradition for the two of them, though
generally Rhiani was staying.  This time she was not and Yoel knew
that he'd feel her absence every night he laid down to sleep.  With
a smile he watched as she tugged the fitted sheet onto the bed.

"You could help me you know."

"And ruin my view?"  Yoel grinned.

In answer she picked up a pillow and flung it at him.  Yoel caught
it easily.  "And what do you want me to do with this?"

Rhiani finished fitting the bottom sheet and spread out the
top.  "You could put a pillow case on it, Yoel...or are you that
slow after all these years?"

Yoel could see by the quirk in her mouth that she was only teasing
him.  With a soft sigh he picked up a pillow case and slid the
pillow inside.  Afterwards he set it on a nearby chair.

"There's two pillows here."  Rhiani murmured as she finished the
hospital corners on the bed.

"I know...I need one to hug in your absence."  Yoel replied with a

Rhiani picked up the second pillow and flung it at him.  "Are you
deliberately trying to be difficult this morning?"

"I don't want you to forget me, love."  Yoel replied as he caught
the second pillow and shoved it into a case, then stacked it on top
of the others.

"Like I could...though a few nights without your monstrous snoring
might be a relief."  Rhiani was pulling the bedspread onto the bed
now and Yoel could see the tears in her eyes.

"Now, now...none of that."  Yoel murmured as he crossed the room and
scooped her up in his arms.

"I can't finish the bed like this, Yoel."  she buried her head in
his shoulder.

"The bed's finished..."  Yoel said thickly as he laid her down upon
the sheets...



Rhiani stood in front of Yoel straightening his shirt.  "I wasn’t
serious about your snoring..."

"I know."  Yoel replied simply, watching as her hands worked out the
wrinkles.  "Have you got another uniform?"

"This one is fine."

"You can't appear before your men and women looking like this." 
Rhiani asked.  "They'll think--

Yoel slid his arms around her waist and pulled her in for an
embrace.  "Rhiani, right now I don't care what they think.  I am
without a doubt a blessed man to have a sweet and caring lover like
you."  He dipped his head and kissed her lips.

Rhiani playfully pushed back on him.  "You have fifteen minutes
until this ship is to be called into order...go.  I'll finish here."

Yoel sighed heavily.  "What is it you do in here every time you
banish me?"

"Pray for your journey, Yoel...pray for your safe return.  Now,
go... Mercutio is probably wondering where you are now."

Yoel reluctantly released her and felt her hands grasp his face. 
She pulled him down for one last kiss, then spun him around, and
swatted him on the rear.  "Now, get out of here."

"Aye, aye, ma'am."  Yoel replied with a sigh and a laugh, before
departing the Captain's quarters.

Rhiani remade the bed and got on her knees beside it.  She prayed
for her husband and daughter's safe return and for the safety of all
those aboard the Maranatha.  Then she rose, wrote him a quick
letter, and propped it up on the pillow.  With one last look around
the room, she departed Yoel's quarters and with a heavy heart made
her way back to the airlock.  As promised Taecia was waiting for her

"I thought you'd never come.  Have you been on board ALL this
time?"  Taecia remarked with a roll of her eyes.

"I was saying good-bye to your father."  Rhiani replied as she
reached out to touch her daughter's face.  "Make sure you listen
well to those in charge.  I expect you to come home with your own
sea tales for a change...and give your father competition at the
dinner table."

Taecia grinned.  "You think that's possible?"

Rhiani smiled.  "I know it is.  Just do your best in all that you
are asked and Tae, follow your heart, love.  It won't steer you
wrong."  Rhiani embraced her, giving her a hug.

"MOOOM..."  Taecia fussed.  "Do you see any other cadets around here
getting hugged 'good-bye' by their mothers?!"

"Would you rather I went with you?"  Rhiani replied with a broad

Taecia sighed. "Fine, hug me, humiliate me...embarrass me... so long
as you go."

Rhiani giggled.  "Thank you for your permission."  She pulled back,
dropped a kiss on Taecia's forehead and released her.  "You know, if
I thought you meant that the way it sounded...

"I didn't."  Taecia assured her.  "It's just...look around you."

Rhiani complied, then remarked, "They're just jealous because their
moms aren't here to say 'good-bye' or wish them luck.  Do you think
I should offer myself as a surrogate?"

Taecia burst out laughing.  "Could you?"

The space around the airlock quickly cleared.  Rhiani raised an
eyebrow.  "Was it something we said?"

"Good-bye, mom.  I'll send you email regularly."

"Don't make a promise you can't keep."  Rhiani started for the
airlock doors, then paused, and turned back.  "Just make sure I know
you are know your father will vouch for your safety."

"Will do..."

And with that Rhiani Ashnaugh headed back home...


Yoel stood on the command bridge, waiting for his senior officers to
report in.  He knew that some of them were already aboard and
settling in and would be coming up shortly.  Mercutio stood beside
him watching Starbase 853 on the viewing screen.

"Molly take your departure well?"

"As well as any wife...I think."  Mercutio replied.  "Now that I'm

"You can go back, you know..."

"No, sir."  Mercutio turned to look up at the Captain.  "I'm here
for the trip.  I'll prepare the ready room for your first briefing
after departure."

"Thank you, Yeoman."

Mercutio dipped his head in a nod and turned towards the ready
room ...

<OPEN TAG TO ALL SR OFFICERS AND CADETS:  Get yourself on the Maranatha... ;)>


-Yoel Ashnaugh
Captain of the USS Maranatha
CO of Starbase 853


"I wish I could go with you."  Erich told the ch'drE.

"You need to get well."  Ghazi said simply.  "I'll return someday."

"How soon?"  Erich knew that the absence of a ch'drE in his life was
going to place a rather large hole.  He'd spent most of his growing
up years with the one called Aymon looking over his shoulder and now
it felt odd to know that he would be on his own.

"I cannot say.  It depends on the size of the Cha--

Coyan motioned for Ghazi to stop, but it was too late.

"Chall?  You're going back to fight more of them?"  He turned to
look at his father.  "You can't allow that.  He won't come back."

"Aymon was well over 400 years old, Erich."  Coyan said
gently.  "Ghazi is only 25 unless I miss my the top of
his form, I imagine."

"It sure didn't help him save Aymon."  Erich muttered bitterly.

"I did not have the knowledge nor the experience of Aymon to help
me."  Ghazi said gently.  "And now I go with him.  I will prevail
and I will be back."

"Promise me."

Coyan's brow crinkled with concern.  "You can't ask--

"I promise." Ghazi cut across the old man's words, ignoring his
disapproving look.  "I WILL return."

Erich relaxed, accepting the ch'drEs word for the value he knew it
possessed.  "Then this isn't 'good-bye' just...see you when you get

Ghazi nodded.  "See you when I get back."  He hefted a small bag and
started for the door.  Pausing he took one last look at father and
son before heading out the door.



Ghazi walked through the airlock, passing Captain Ashnaugh's wife on
his way in.  She offered him a smile and a bob of her head in
acknowledgement which Ghazi returned, but both continued walking.

An officer met the ch'drE as he stepped into the boarding
area.  "Sir, you are Ghazi?"


"Follow me and I'll take you to your quarters."

"Aredun pol."  Ghazi murmured.

"Excuse me?"

"Thank you." Ghazi answered with a slight smile.

"What language is that?"  the officer asked.

"Udikri."  Ghazi replied as they entered a lift.

"How do you say hello?"

Ghazi smiled.  "Ashama."

"Ashama Ghazi."  the officer said with a grin.  He called out the
deck number and the lift began to move.

"Ashama hegwe."  Ghazi replied.



The officer grinned.  "Sorry if I'm bothering you."

"You're not."  Ghazi assured him.  The lift soon stopped and Ghazi
followed the officer down a long hall and to a door on the end of
the hall.  Issuing a command the officer stepped through the door
and Ghazi followed him inside.

"Computer, transfer secure codes at sound of voice."  He pointed at
Ghazi, but the ch'drE said nothing.  "You have to speak to it."

=c= Secure codes transferred.=c=

"NO..."  the officer hissed, then laughed.  "Okay, we'll try this
one more time.  When I point at you Ghazi, you will say 'hello' to
the computer.  Ok?"

Ghazi nodded and waited for the officer to re-enter his password and
clear himself from the computer.  Then he pointed at Ghazi.

With a slight smirk, Ghazi said, "Ashama."

=c=Restate command.=c=

"Hello computer."  Ghazi said with a smile as the officer across
from him nearly collapsed in a fit of laughter.

=c=Secure codes transferred.=c=

"You slay me."  the officer said with a grin as he headed for the
door.  "Make yourself at home.  The Captain's Yeoman will come for
you in due time."

"Aredun pol."  Ghazi said with a nod.

"How do you say 'you're welcome'?"

"Pafahap naolg."  Ghazi smiled as the officer tried to twist his
tongue around the words.

"I'll work on any rate, you're welcome."

Ghazi nodded and the officer was gone.  He looked around his
quarters which consisted of two rooms.  One seemed to be a study/
sitting/ eating area...while the other was a bedroom.  Ghazi carried
his small bag to the bedroom and laid it on the bed.  Then he
returned to the sitting room and ordered a mug of hot chocolate and
a cinnamon roll from the replicator.  Taking his meager breakfast to
the table he sat down to wait...


ch'drE Warrior
Bahnok Bar Ghedsuai


Gabriel shoved some last minute items in his douffel.  He was still in
shock over Winthrop's pronouncement.  How could someone like him be
expected to be in charge of everyone.  He knew how to be a good friend
and admittedly was rather popular...but the two did not denote a good
leader.  You had to be firm...decisive...strong.  *I'll buckle the
first time I have to give an a house of cards.*

Of greater shock was having his 3rd year status restored.  Gabriel
wasn't sure what he thought about it.  He liked making his own way and
it just sort of felt like Winthrop had handed it all back to him on a
silver platter.  That didn't sit well.  *Is he setting me up for a

Gabriel sighed and moved over to have one last look at himself in the
mirror.  Everything seemed to be in place.  *Why do you suddenly care?*

"I'm not going to give him the satisfaction."

"Go to bed..." 

Gabriel grinned.  "Some of us are not so lucky, Brevan."

"Keep me awake for much longer and I'll show you just how UNLUCKY you

"I'm going...going..."

"GONE!"  Bevan roared from his bed.

"Easy, I can take a hint."  Gabriel shouldered his douffel and exited
the dorm room.

*Why did Winthrop do this to me?  I was looking forward to the trip
from the moment he called out my name and then he had to ruin it all
by placing me in charge.  I swear the man hates me.*  Gabe grumbled
mentally as he made his way towards the docks.

It was a relief at least to know that only the first and second years
would fall under his command.  He couldn't imagine telling someone
like Charlemagne Liles what to do.  With a sigh he stepped into the
nearby lift and called out the docking bay.  The lift hummed to life,
stopping on the way down to let another passenger in...


[ooc: any other cadet want to join him for the ride down...?]


-Cadet 3rd Gabriel Walker
Zoe Academy

At the briefing the commandant had handed each of them the list of instructors, and cadets who would be going on the USS Maranatha.  Scanning the list, Selena stopped. “Wait a minute!! Commander Ariana Knightly is going??? My mom is going???” Selena looked at Taecia, and said, “I can’t believe this! My mom is coming??”

 “And look who else is on the list! Commander Schala is coming too??? I didn’t even know she was on the Starbase!! No body tells me anything! Geeze!”


The next morning, Selena had her bags packed, and was on her way to the ship for her first training mission. She hadn’t seen her mom, and wasn’t sure she wanted to. Everything would be different. Why was she coming? She was a commander and just happened to be one of her instructors she would be under on the Maranatha. How strange is that?? She would have to salute her mother, and obey her every command…. And she was her mother!!! This was just too weird. She was glad she didn’t have to bunk with her! She was assigned to a room with Taecia, thankfully, which meant Tae wasn’t staying with the captain who was her dad. She didn’t know if Rie was going to be with her and Tae, or what as of yet. She wondered if the Neko would be embarrassed her mom was coming, as she was. Or did things like that bother Neko’s?

Arriving on board the ship. Selena immediately took her bags to hers and Taecia’s room. There were four beds in the room. She didn’t know if they were just extras or if Rie and Christina would be staying in here too. Laying her bags down by one of the beds, she noticed bags on another bed. Probably Tae’s, she thought to herself.


Cadet 1st Selena Jerabek

Fighter Pilot Student

USS Maranatha

from Zoë Starfleet Academy

"What choice do we have?!" the captain said. "If we don't, Vigilant
will be suspicious." Not responding to the fighter pilot, Razor
geared up the aft cannons and fired on the lead shuttle. He winched
as the shot took out their weapons. He knew not to blow them up. "I
didn't kill them, just put out a mighty fine shuttle. Don't look at
me that way! What else could I have done??"

"Freighter, our thanks for your excellent shooting.  Would you be so
kind as to take out the other shuttle as well?"  Kynan inquired with
a smug smile on his face. 

There was silence after that question. Amelia stayed her hand on her weapons controls to see what would come next.

 On a separate channel Kynan said to Amelia "Be ready for anything.  I've never known cargo freighters to be such good shots...all the weapons down on one shuttle in one strike...what are the odds?"

The second shuttle apparently not wanting the same thing to happen to them turned around and fled the scene. They saw the blip as the shuttle hit warp.

Amelia laughed. “Alright! Guess they didn’t want to be blown up, or lose their weapons!”


LT CMDR Kynan L Thane
Shield Squadron
USS Vigilant

           Lt. Cmdr Pearsons

Sword Squadron

USS Vigilant


When the time came, Rei was packed and ready. Though she still had trouble believing that she had been picked to go on this mission. Had it not been for who else was picked she might have suspected something funny was amiss. A mission designed to get rid of the academy troublemakers and leave them on some strange planet far far away. But the truth was she was the only one they would want to get rid of.


She was not however surprised to learn that Gabe had been put in charge, the idea made her smile because she knew that he was capable and that he seemed to under estimate the following he had acquired at the academy.


Her mother walked beside her, taking careful steps so that she did not move too quickly for Rei, though the younger feline suspected her mother was simply being a little too over protective. It wasn’t like Rei was any slower then her mother, she might have been at one point but that was so long ago that Schala’s display now almost made Rei laugh.


“Why are you coming if this is just a training mission?” Rei asked while they walked.

“I was asked to handle some of the security duties, would you have preferred I refused?” Schala asked curiously. Not that it would have made much difference, if her daughter was going to be going on her first training mission she would have much rather been there to protect her if something went wrong. Her own fathers training mission had been attacked by romulans and the ship destroyed, so she was a little less then confident about the safety of these missions.

“No, I’m glad your coming.” Rei smiled. She was glad that she would be able to spend a bit more time with her mother before their paths separated once more. This training mission would of course delay Schala’s return to T’Plana Hath so they would get to spend at least a couple weeks together. Plus Schala had made arrangements for them to share a quarters she knew she would not be alone.


“You at security, is that even wise?” Rei teased.

“Quiet little one.” Schala replied trying to act cold and insulted. However it rather failed miserably resulting in her daughter bursting into laughter and drawing a few strange looks.


“You would probably half kill those poor security cadets… trying to turn them into you.” Rei added between chuckles.

“I once taught you about, as Miss Swordsong would have put it. The sword of justice and you seem to have survived quite well.” Schala pointed out.

“But I am your daughter, who can better stand your program then your own blood?” Rei replied.

“Do not be concerned child, I will lower myself to “Starfleet” standards to teach these cadets.” Schala replied, then with a nasty grin she added.

“No sense on having them all go find Chall’s to chase after” though she regretted the joke when she saw how uncomfortable it made her daughter feel. Since her voice had become free she sometimes found that her father’s sense of humor rubbed off.


“Rei, I apologize.” She said quickly.

“Its ok. Its my fault really, I should have known my own limits a little better and trusted Captain Yoel and Commander Macgregor.” Rei replied a little uneasy.

“Hey we talked about this already. Learn from your mistakes and then put it behind you and you become a better person. You are not your mother and I have tried my best to make sure you never become me. You are Rei Rainstorm and you will never be anyone else.” Schala said quickly. The last thing she wanted to see was her daughter becoming upset about what was already past, she hated seeing any kind of frown on that feline face.


“Lets go, you have a baby commander to break in. he may be your friend but its up to us trouble makers to mold our commanders into stronger people. But remember what I taught you, he can’t know what your doing.” Schala grinned


The two felines put their bags in their temporary quarters and reported to their respective meeting places. Schala went right to the bridge choosing to test her acting commanding officer by wearing one of her sacred crysknife’s on her side instead of a phaser. Rei on the other hand went to sickbay to check in with Dawn before finding the cadet common area to check on her friends and report with a smirk to her leader.


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Commander Schala

Visiting Neko of darkness

USS…what?…better give me a few posts to learn the ships name


Cadet Rainstorm

2nd Year Medical


Tsalea studied the situation out in space and noted, as LtCMDR Thane had, the excellent shot fired from the Freighter at the approaching
shuttle.  It seemed as if the officer on the Freighter's gun knew
EXACTLY where to hit the shuttle in order to wipe out its weapons
and shields...all in ONE shot.  Following Thane's request that the
Freighter be so kind as to dispatch with the second shuttle, the two
shuttles turned tail and warped out of range.

"Captain, as time progresses I confess to growing more suspicious." 
She glanced at Laurana.  "I believe we may actually have a hostage
situation.  Though it's possible the Captain of the Freighter has an
excellent tactical officer, the odds are against him that he would
take out the shuttles full complement of weapons in one shot without
destroying it."

Pondering the situation, Laurana considered the options. “We don’t know enough about the situation to accuse them of anything, yet.”

Glancing at the young Vulcan coming on duty with communications,
Tsalea said, "T'Vin check the communications log for subspace
frequencies between the freighter and the shuttles that were in
range minutes ago."


"I couldn't help but notice, Captain, that the shuttles did not
immediately retreat after the shot from the Freighter, but instead
waited until after Thane sent his request for the Freighter to
disburse of the second shuttle.  Quite odd, don't you think?" 
Tsalea inquired.

Looking at her XO, the captain said, “I did think that odd, yes.”

<T'Vin -- news?>

"I believe, Captain Fitzpatrick, what we may have here is a hostage
situation."  Tamerlane spoke from his position near Tsalea, his eyes
on the viewing screen.  "I have been practicing drills with security
officers for boarding procedures.  Granted this would be somewhat
reverse of their training, but we could board the Freighter
ourselves and have a look around."

Glancing back at the Andorian, Laurana nodded. “Under the circumstances, I don’t see we have any choice. We cant’ send our engineers in there without first having their vessel checked from within for a possible trap.”

"An assault team beamed directly onto the bridge could have full
control of the Freighter in minutes."  Tsalea agreed with
Tamerlane.  "If worse comes to worse we will have a lot of
apologizing to do.  At any rate they've requested assistance from
our engineering teams."  Tsalea looked at the Captain.  "Do we even
have an assessment of the Freighter's damage?"

Leaning over to read the scans, Laurana said, “They seem to be telling the truth on what repairs they need.” Her eyes went back toward the screen. “If we’re wrong---it will make Starfleet look bad.” Turning her head back to Tsalea, she said,  “Take a team of four, Commander. I suggest taking Lieutenant T’Vin with you to look at their log of recent communications, if you are right and something is awry.”

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Fleet Captain Laurana Fitzpatrick

CO USS Vigilant

-CMDR Tsalea
XO &
Chief of Tac

-Lt CMDR Tamerlane (npc)
Chief of Sec

Commander Ariana Knightly had come on board the USS Maranatha last night. She had been asked by the captain to be the squadron pilot leader for Maranatha’s fighters. Lieutenant Jake Montgomery would be her second in command fighter pilot leader. He had come aboard with her, and was drilling the fighter pilots, getting them ready, in case the squadron would be needed. Selena, her daughter, though only a second year fighter pilot as far as Starfleet was concerned couldn’t be an intern pilot until she finished the second year courses and made high enough grades to be considered ready for third year training, and an internship. Ariana had seen her fly, and had seen her records, but most of her flying was with the Cardassians, so Lt. Montgomery wouldn’t release her to third year, or approve her internship at this time. Ariana supposed she was merely being biased because the cadet was her daughter. Pog! Ariana had placed Selena in her squadron as a fighter pilot trainee. Montgomery couldn’t deny her that, since she was in charge of the squadron, and his superior officer. 


Kendrick Kassin checked out his counselor’s offices aboard the Maranatha. Not bad, he thought. He was glad he had been summoned to come by Ashnaugh, as Chief of Counseling. He could keep an eye on Cadet Walker, which was a good idea since the commandant had made him the squad leader over the first and second years cadets.  


Deon Mawk had lost his class with the fighter pilots, thanks to Commander Knightly. He was none to pleased about that. But, he would be teaching hand-to-hand combat instruction all day, and would still have Selena in that class. He guessed he would have to be happy with that. Now that her mother appeared, it would mean there was no chance of him being Selena’s guardian anymore. She had her mother now to take that over from him. He wasn’t pleased about that either. He sulked in his room, waiting for the ship to leave the docks. He could still enter the girl’s head, but so could her mother, so he would have to be careful, as Knightly could catch him. Being a commander would give her a lot of authority over him, at least while on this ship, though he wasn’t military, but a civilian instructor.  Commander Knightly had been put in charge of the academy cadets Instructors, though Ashnaugh was over her. The captain of a ship outranked everyone on board no matter what their rank. 


All the cadets were on board and it had been worked out where each was staying, and what classes they were taking, and what internships, or trainee programs they were in. Third and fourth year cadets were in intern programs, and first and second years were in trainee programs in the field they were studying in.


Commander Ariana Knightly

Fighter Pilot Leader &

Acting Academy Commandant


Lieutenant Jake Montgomery

Fighter Pilot Leader 2nd


Deon Mawk  (Active NPC)

Hand-to-Hand Combat Academy Instructor

(Half Cardassian/Half Betazoid)


Cadet Selena Jerabek

Second year fighter pilot trainee program

Rank – First year Cadet


Cadet Marcella Bromes   (NPC)

Fourth Year Science Intern Program 

Rank – Fourth Year Cadet 

(Human – age 19)


Cadet Adam Greenwich (NPC)

Fourth Year Intelligence Intern Program

Rank – Fourth Year Cadet

(Human – age 20)



In the middle of the night, Selena woke up. She could sense Deon, that something was wrong. Tiptoeing past Taecia, (and whoever else was sleeping in their room) Selena opened the door, and peeked out. Thanks to whoever was in charge, they still had that dumb curfew. She suspected Yoel was the one doing this to the cadets. He had it enforced on his base, so it was probably him who had it enforced on his ship, too. She was hoping to escape the curfew rule while on this mission. She didn’t know who was in charge of the cadets curfew. Running quickly down the hall, not wanting anyone to spot her, instructors, or security, she popped into the turbolift. This dumb computer probably logged all travelers too, Selena thought. Kicking the wall, pretending it was the computer, she…. ~It is not necessary to kick me~ Nearly jumping out of her skin, Selena looked around to see who was talking.

Realizing it was the computer, Selena exclaimed, “They programmed the computer to react in speech to “that”!! Merce! Scare a girl half out of her skin, why don’t you?”

~Command not understood~

“Um, right… Take me to the civilians crew quarters.” Leaning back against the wall, Selena waited for the lift to take her to the correct level.

The doors to the lift opened, and Selena stepped out. Who stays on this level with Deon? Ghazi maybe, and the doctor. They might have put Ghazi in the ambassadors quarters, she thought as she walked. Finding Deon Mawk’s room, she buzzed. Looking at her chrono, she realized it was like 2 am. They would be shoving off soon. 4:30 am or something like that. She was supposed to know the exact time, since she sorta was a crew member. She should have paid more attention. She had other things on her mind. Like, they were leaving Erich behind. It could be months before they get back! Months! How come Erich couldn’t come with them?? Anything could happen while out in the dead of space. They were going to the Delta Quadrent for goodness sakes! Shaking her head, she wondered what was taking Deon so long, and buzzed him again. **Wake up!!** She yelled in his head.

Suddenly the door opened, with Deon scowling down at her.

“HIIII, Deon! I was just uh, coming to check on you!” Selena could feel the correction in her head, as he didn’t appreciate her disrespect right inside his head.

**Sorry, Deon, but you weren’t answering, and I could feel you sul…upset about something. I wanted to see if you were okay.** She transmitted. For some reason, Deon preferred talking this way, instead of the normal way like everyone else.

**That is not an excuse, little one! Have you forgotten everything I have taught you?? Will you now become lazy that your mother is here??** Deon was not pleased at all with how things were turning out.

“Don’t be such a sour pus, Deon!” Selena said out loud. “Oh, I like your bed! It’s bigger than those cadet beds they give us!!” She ran and jumped on his bed, and bounced around on it.

Deon stood looking at her. ‘The girl has lost her mind.’ He thought. “Should I tie you to a chair, and interrogate you, Selena, to find out what you are so hyper about??”

Stopping jumping on the bed, Selena bounced in the air and landed on her bum, with a shocked expression on her face. “Deon, you wouldn’t!”

“At least, that got a reaction out of you, cadet.” Deon turned, so Selena wouldn’t see the smile that was starting. Changing the subject, if indeed this was a subject, Deon sat down in a chair, and asked Selena, “Are you happy your mother is here, Selena.”

‘Well…. Sorta… sorta not. I think I would have more fun if you and her weren’t on this mission. It’s like Yoe… Mr Ashnaugh, errr Captain Ashnaugh thinks I need all this supervision, bringing BOTH of you on here with us. Maybe he doesn’t trust me. I don’t NEED to be watched! I’m not a kid anymore. I can take care of myself.”

Deon laughed, and said, “I can see that! Here you are out after 2am. What do you think your commander mother, and Ashnaugh will say about that??”

“Nothing. They aren’t going to find out….”  Selena declared, with a shake of her head. “Besides, I had to come check on you, Deon!”

“Did you? Do I need checking? You could have transmitted to me, and you wouldn’t have had to break curfew. Or there is the com…”

“Yeah, yeah. Well…if you don’t want me here, I guess I’ll just go back to bed…” Selena dramatically sniffed.

“I’m “not” falling for that one. You know me better than that, girl!”

“Okay, okay. I’m going back! Niters!!!” Selena ran to the door, and peeked out to make sure no one was looking her way, and then scampered back down the hall to the turbo lift.

Nearing the turbo lift, she hoped that computer wasn’t a tattletale.


Cadet 1st Selena Jerabek

2nd Fighter Pilot Trainee (In a real squadron!!!!)

USS Maranatha & Academy


"So we're looking after cadets....again?" Mark said. Jean turned and hit him across the head.

"You love them really...I saw the look on your face when Gabe got
taken away." She replied, Mark smiled meekly.

"He's a good kid," He said. "Was like having my nephew about the
place, he here now?" She nodded. "Right, shall have to dream up a
little plan for me and him."

" what?"

"Couldn't tell you ma'm, you're an officer remember." He replied,
winking. She cried out and reached to hit him again but he darted
off down the corridor. "See you in the morning!" He called and she

Being the CEO Jean had her own room, two sections, living room and
bedroom. It was clean, it was tidy and smelt completely unlike dog.
She sat down with a sigh on her bed.

"Pierre.....Danny.....I miss you my darlin's." She said, leaning
back and closing her eyes. "No. No Jeanette, unpack. Then you have a
chat to have."

-------------> Half an hour later

=/\= Pascal-Belle to Walker =/\=


=/\= Pop down to my quarters would you? We need to have a liiiiittle
chat. =/\=


Jean stood up, got a cup of coffee, settled back in her chair,
closed her eyes, and waited......


Jeanette Pascal-Belle
Chief Engineer

USS Maranatha


Only having a couple of hours to sleep before launch, Selena was back in her room. Climbing back into her bed, Selena fell fast asleep.


Tossing and turning, Selena kept having weird dreams. She kept hearing someone call her name. “Selennnnnaaa.” Over and over she kept hearing it. “Humm… what?” Mumbling in her sleep, she said.

“Great danger awaits you Selena. Be careful where you turn,” was the whispers.

“Danger? What danger?” Selena mumbled, sleepily. With her hand she swatted at the voice in her head.

“We intend to take over.” Another voice said.

Selena didn’t know what they intended to take over, and she tried to ask, but no words came out of her mouth. She tried to wake up, but she couldn’t.

“It is ours now. They will be our slaves.” The second voice said.

Selena didn’t understand.

“Come away with me. I will protect you.” The first voice said.

In her dream, the clouds swirled and faded in and out. She couldn’t tell where she was. It looked like some field on a planet she had never been to. She couldn’t ask. No words would come. She didn’t see anyone, only the voices she heard. She caught a glimpse of golden hair. But, when she turned and looked, there was nothing there.

“Come with me. You will be safe.” The voice said. Selena couldn’t tell which voice it was this time. They were mingling together.

“Safe from what?” She mumbled.

“Come….” Suddenly, she wasn’t there anymore. Where she was, she couldn’t tell. It was dark. Where was the light? Bringing her hand up to her face, she couldn’t see anything. Something was seriously wrong here. This couldn’t be real. It had to be a dream. She had to wake up. Opening her mouth to scream, there wasn’t any sound.


Too sleepy to care, Selena turned on her side, and slept deeply. When launch time came, she was in a deep sleep….


Cadet Selena Jerabek

Fighter Pilot Trainee

USS Maranatha/Academy


Captain Yoel Ashnaugh stood on the bridge eyeing the viewing
screen.  His Yeoman, Mercutio, stood at his side with padd in hand.

"Everyone reported in?"

"Aye, sir.  Crew ship side and Cadets all checked in."  Mercutio
handed the padd to Yoel.  "Flight Control is in the process of
undocking and helms is waiting for clearance to depart."

Yoel took the padd to sign off, looking over the list first.  "One
hundred eighty-five crew members, ten command officers, eleven
instructors, and twenty head count two hundred
twenty-six.  Not a full complement, but enough for this cruise."

"Two hundred twenty-eight, sir." 

"Eh?"  Yoel looked from the padd in his hand to a sheepish ensign.

"I, um, sort of forgot myself and the ch'drE."  Mercutio winced.

Yoel grinned and handed the padd back to him.  "Then I guess I can't
sign off until you correct your error, Yeoman."

Mercutio nodded.  "Aye, sir...I'll get on that right now."  He
accepted the pad and moved to the nearest terminal to upload the
corrected manifest from the computer, making sure that he and Ghazi,
the ch'drE were added to the list.

Yoel turned to see the doors slide apart and his XO emerge from the
lift.  "Good morning, Commander.  How're things looking below?"


"Chaos is to be expected for the first twenty-four hours... less if
we're lucky."  Yoel replied.


"Flight control is engaging disembarkation procedures."

"Docking clamps clear, sir."  the helms officer called.

"Looks like you're just in time for our departure."  Yoel motioned
for Darien to join him.  The Captain's seat was flanked by two other
seats  (Think STNG Enterprise).  Yoel took the center seat.  With
his hands on the arm rests he looked up at the Viewscreen, the image
of 853 large and up close.  "Helm, take us out, one quarter impulse
till we clear the moorings, then warp factor four."

"Aye, sir."

The image of 853 slowly began to shrink, as the ship backed out of

Mercutio moved to stand behind the Captain's chair, and extended the
updated padd.  Yoel accepted it, looked it over, and signed it
off.  "Thanks Yeoman."

Mercutio nodded in response, his eyes straying to the screen.  The
feeling of shoving off into space overwhelmed him with a sense of
excitement and admittedly some dread at the thought of leaving his
Molly and little Jordan behind...

"Clear of 853 Moorings, sir...sufficient distance from 853, warp
factor four..."

"Engage."  Yoel replied.  853 disappeared from view as the USS
Maranatha hurtled through space...



OOC: And thus it begins...

-Captain Yoel Ashnaugh
CO/ USS Maranatha

-Commander Darien MacGregor
XO/ USS Maranatha

-Ensign Mercutio
Captain's Yeoman/ USS Maranatha

The next morning after they had launched and were on their way to the Delta Quadrant to drop off Ambassador Ghazi, Commander Ariana Knightly stepped into the fighters hanger bay to talk to her pilots. Lieutenant Devensi was waiting for her next to the podium

“Commander, all pilots are accounted for except Cadet Selena Jerabek.” Lieutenant Devensi handed the commander the padd.

Lieutenant Jake Montgomery was up on the bridge flying them through slip stream to the delta Quadrent.

“Selena’s not here??” Ariana raised a well-defined brow. Her own daughter is going to embarrass her on the first day.

“Excuse me for a moment, pilots.”

Stepping away from the podium, Ariana tapped her combadge. “Commander Knightly to Cadet Jerabek.”


Humm… doesn’t the girl know she has to keep her combadge with her at all times?? Sighing, Ariana spoke into her combadge, “Commander Knightly to Cadet Ashnaugh.”

Taecia tapped her comm badge, "Cadet Ashnaugh here, ma'am."  She was on her way to meet with the rest of the engineering cadets and their instructor when the call came through.  Pausing in the hall, she waited to see what the Commander wanted.

“Have you seen your roommate this morning, Cadet?”

"Yes ma'am, in passing."  Taecia looked around her as if by doing so she could spot Selena.

“Selena didn’t show up this morning, and she’s not answering her com. Thanks anyway, Cadet. If you see her, tell her to contact her mother.” Ariana thought, forget the commander bit.


Walking back to the podium, Ariana thought there is nothing she could do about it for the moment. She would look for Selena when she was done.


Commander Knightly

Fighter Pilot Flight Leader and Acting Academy Commandant


Cadet 1st Taecia Ashnaugh

Engineering Trainee


USS Maranatha

=^=On my way, ma'am. Just as soon as you tell me where you're at.
=^= Once she conveyed her location, Gabe grabbed the nearest lift
and started his way.

So Jean wanted to speak to her quarters. That brought a
whimsical smile to his lips. He hadn't seen her in what felt like
forever. Arriving at the Chief Engineer's quarters, Gabe rang the
chime and waited...

"Come in!" Jean called brightly, putting her coffee cup down and
heading to the door. She beamed as he stepped in, and rushed over to
hug him. Once releasing him she placed her hands on his shoulders
and looked him up and down. "Comment ca va, mon chere? Did they
bully you in restriction? Did they FEED you at all???"

Gabe was taken off guard by the hug, but he had to admit he rather
enjoyed it and was half tempted to return the hug with equal
enthusiasm.  Her hands were warm on his shoulders as she looked him
over.  He could feel the blush creeping to his face, but resisted
the urge to give in to shyness.  Smiling he replied, "Nope...bread
and water for days."

She laughed and waved him over to a chair next to hers and went to
the replicator. "What could you like?"

"I could like a lot of things, but I think I'll settle for a root
beer."  Gabe replied with a teasing grin, his eyes dancing.

She got herself another coffee as well and after handing him his
drink, settled down in her chair again. "So....what happened?"

"Happened?"  Gabriel raised an eyebrow.  "When?"

"When you went to speak to the Captain, silly. You said you were
going to tell me all about it
afterwards, but then you couldn't because I was holed up in sick bay
on my death bed."

"Seriously?"  Gabe took a sip of his root beer, his brow furrowed
with concern.  "What'd they have you in for?"

"Some sort of evil're avoiding the question."

"Okay...well, I decided to get into the business of tribbles. 
They're cute, soft, and cuddly and they make this great sound if you
aren't Klingon.  The ones I requisitioned were guaranteed to be
fixed, but it seems I fell for a con.  Well, not all of them
reproduced, but it doesn't take much at the rate they go.  The one, I put on the Commandant's desk was supposed to be just tribble.  But unfortunately we..I...timed it badly and we
ended up between commandant's.  By the time the tribble was
discovered it had reproduced itself.  Not to mention the ones I had
hidden in the jeffries tubes.  Am sure you've heard something or
other about the short lived tribble outbreak on the base?"  Gabe

She listened quietly, watching him over the rim of her coffee cup.
When he finished she set it down in her lap, her eyes wide. "Gabe!"

He shrugged his shoulders.  "If it had worked out it would've been a
lucrative business.  You'd be surprised at how many people find
tribbles appealing."

"Honestly mon chere, furry little animals I could understand but

"Have you ever heard the sound they make?  Kind of like a cat
purring..."  Gabe replied with a smile.

"Do you break the rules on purpose?!?!"

"Yes, ma'am.  'Course I do.  I wake up every morning and say to
myself, 'Self, what can we do today to break the Academy rules?' 
Personally I'm going for a record, but people keep getting in my
way."  He knew he was being sarcastic, but her question had made him
think about Charlemagne.

"I'm not on your back, I just don't understand why you always go
against whatever you are told....I'm waiting for the day when you do
it to me mon chere." Her voice was stern but her eyes regarded him

Gabe sighed and set his glass on a nearby table.  This little
meeting wasn't turning out like he'd hoped.  Last thing he wanted

"Hey," She said gently, setting her mug on the floor, leaning
forward and tapping his knee so he looked at her. "You cant break
the rules forever mon chere, eventually its going to get you into
more trouble than you were in before, and I'm not letting any far-
too-rebellious engineers work for me." She winked.

"If it were only that easy."  Gabe replied with a roll of his eyes.

"You gotta be have to stay in the academy so you can
work for me when you get out." She said crisply, picking her mug up

"Me work for you?"  Now that was an idea...

"So what's going on now? You still the lowest of the low in the
cadets now?"

"I wish."  Gabriel's mouth quirked upwards in a half
smile.  "Winthrop reinstated me to third, put me in charge of the
first and second years, and here I am.  And just when I thought it
was getting good... Yo..."  Gabe sighed and shook his
head.  "Someone was nice enough to room me with Crusader."

She raised an eyebrow. "Who?"

"He's another third year cadet by the name of Charlemagne Liles.  He
sleeps rather lightly and..."  Gabe let his words trail off and
looked into her lovely eyes.  "Forget it.  I'm not sure you could
understand that one."

"Try me," She said, fixing him with her eyes. "I'm born to
understand things, I'm an engineer."

Gabe gave her a thoughtful look.  How much could he tell her? 
Certainly not as much as he'd told Kendrick...that had been a
mistake and he wasn't sure what the payback was going to be for
spilling his guts to a counsellor.   *How best to explain?*  he

"It's like this...I sleep on average of three hours a night...
sometimes two.  Call it insomnia if you like, but my work doesn't
suffer for it.  However, I do.  Have you any idea what it's like to
sit in your room and listen to your roommate snore?  You can only
spend so much time within four walls in the darkness and silence
before you go a little nuts." 

Jean nodded slowly. There was a time for commenting, this wasn't it.

"Charlemagne is known for his light sleeping.  It's bad enough to
sit in the dark and wait for sleep time to end, but couple that with
someone who'll wake up at the slightest wrong move and it's kind of
nerve wracking."  Gabe smiled.  "But I'm sure you didn't call me
here so I could sit and whine about my problems.  You settling in
okay?"  He looked around at the CEO's quarters.  "Nice place you've
got here."

She smiled. "Yes, it is nice." She finished her coffee and moved
over to the replicator, holding her hand out for his glass. After
getting them both a refill, she sat on the arm of his chair, gave
him his glass and rapped her knuckles sharply on his head.

"Earth to Gabe, `didn't call you here to talk about your problems'?
Mon chere, that's what I'm here for or are we not friends hmm?
There's something bothering you I know it, and I don't care about
this severe aversion to being sensible that you have, you're going
to be it now." She ruffled his hair lightly. "So come on, tell Aunty
Jean what's bothering you."

Gabe raised an eyebrow at the "Aunty" remark and the hair
ruffling.  "You do realize that you've hardly got five years on me. 
How old are you anyway?"  Again, he was dodging her and he knew she
wouldn't fall for it.  How she could read him so well was a mystery
to him.  Most people bought the outward cheeriness hook, line, and

"Mon chere, you never ask a woman her age!" She said, cuffing him
round the ear and narrowly avoiding falling off the sofa and into
his lap. "Sheesh. 21. You're avoiding the question again!"

Gabe smiled, the whacking was worth the answer.  "So, you've got two
years on me and you're trying to play that 'motherly' role?  You
know it doesn't quite work.  Last thing on my mind when looking at
you is 'mom' ... or even 'Aunty' for that matter."

She raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Oh yeah? And just because I'm
continuing on this conversation, don't think you're let off the hook
on what's bothering you....what's the first thing on your mind then?
Oh look there's an officer, must break some rules?" She prodded him
on the shoulder.

Gabriel laughed.  "No... more like... look, here comes beauty...
hide the beast."

Jean turned her head away slightly, cheeks reddening. "Stop it mon
chere, you're making me blush. You bestow too much complementation
on me."

"I think not..."  Gabe said softly, his eyes wandering up to her
face.  She was so close to him now that it was taking real effort to
think straight.  His hands seemed to clench together on his lap of
their own accord.

She cocked her head to one side slightly and studied him rather like
a bird. "What?" She asked gently, poking his cheek softly. "What you
looking at mister?"

Gabriel's breath caught when she poked him.  He met her gaze and
felt like his insides were melting away.  *OFFICER!!!*  His brain
screamed in warning on one side, while the other half said, *Doesn't
she look good...?*  The two thoughts collided and in a move of self
preservation he started to stand up.  But she was too close and his
sudden movement knocked her off balance.  Gabriel made a grab for
her, to save her from hitting the floor, and that's how she ended up
in his lap.

"Hello," She said softly, looking about her as if she had just
landed on a new continent to meet natives who hadn't seen a woman
before. "How'd we end up here then?"

"I panicked."  Gabriel replied with a sheepish look.  She was
sitting on his hands.  He pulled them out from under her.  "You

She leaned her head onto his shoulder and made a positive sounding
hum to answer his question. "Why'd you panic?" She asked softly,
looking up from his shoulder.

Gabriel let his arms rest on the chair arms, his hands gripped the
ends tightly for a second or two, then he released them and instead
wrapped them gently around her.  "You do know this isn't a good
idea, don't you?"  He wasn't sure if he was asking her or himself.

"Excuse me?" Jean said, leaning round from where she was sitting and
waving her hand in front of his face. "What isn't? Gabe? Wake up mon

Gabriel jumped.  He'd been daydreaming.  His eyes met Jean's and he
knew he was blushing.  Getting up, he escaped the embarrassment by
walking across the room to the replicator and refilling his already
half full glass.  "Sorry,  You were saying?"  He
turned around to face her, glass in hand.

She rolled her eyes and beckoned him back to the chair, practically
forcing him to sit in it and going back to her chair. "Conversation
was derailing, but back to sensible now....tell me what's bothering
you." She watched him keenly over her mug, it was quite a strange

"I wish I could tell you."  Gabe replied, setting his full mug of
root beer on the small table next to his chair.

She raised her eyebrows. "Wish you `could' tell me? Do I *look* like
I'm going to accept that type of answer? Tell me, Gabe, come on.
Whatever it can trust me cant you?"

She had him cornered and he resisted the urge to squirm where he
sat.  Forcing himself to meet her gaze, he said, "I'm not who or
even what you think I am."

She blinked. "Okay. That wasn't the answer I was expecting, you
surprised me there. How do you mean?"

"Jean..."  he began, but that was all that came out...just her
name.  It wasn't that he didn't trust her, but the way she was going
one question would follow the next and he had a limited supply of
answers.  He took a deep breath, held it a few seconds, then slowly
released it.  Making up his mind, he finally asked, "Do I look human
to you?"

She cocked her head to one side and looked him up and
down. "Truthfully? Yes, you do, but then you never can be sure. So
many humanoid non-human races in the universe that I never assume
someone is something until I've been told exactly what they
are....why do you ask?"

Moment of truth.  Gabriel looked down at the patch of floor by his
feet.  If he started down this road where would it end?  Yet, if he
didn't, what would she think of him? Throwing caution to the wind,
he looked up at her and simply said, "Because I'm not."

She watched him for a moment, her eyes narrowed. "You're......not?
Not Human?"

"Yeah, that's about the size of it."  Gabriel looked into her
eyes.  "And that's between you and me alone... and unfortunately the
counsellor as well.  I ... um ... had a bit of a breakdown in
restriction.  See, I don't do well confined..."  He glanced at the
door.  "I should probably go now."

She shuffled forward to the floor and knelt in front of him. Slowly,
she reached up, and turned his head to look at her. "Hey," She said
gently, rubbing her finger down his cheek and smiling in what she
hoped was a comforting way. "What's wrong with that eh? Its not doesn't bother me one bit....question is, does it
bother you mon chere? Hmm?" She took his hands. "It might be
hard....I don't know exactly how you're feeling but I know confusion
and worry when I see need to be, there's nothing wrong with
it. Okay?"

Gabe looked down at her from where he sat, his eyes resting on her
hands holding his.  "It's not the right or wrong of it, Jean...the
thing is I don't know exactly what I am... and neither do my adopted
parents. They've done everything in their power to keep my lack of
humanity a secret from everyone for so long that letting it out like
this..."  he shrugged, "feels like I'm tripping the boundaries."

She smiled. "Well, I'll willingly be sworn to secrecy mon chere,"
She said gently. "and if you ever need someone to talk to, I'll be
here, okay?" He looked so small and alone she had to resist the urge
to reach up and cuddle him, she knew from experience that guys could
take hugs but not cuddles.

He offered her a faint smile.  "How are you at 0300?"

She chuckled and lifted her hand to stroke his cheek again, then
ruffled his hair. "Perfectly fine if you give me time to brush my
hair and warn the dogs. Anytime you need me, you know where to find
me, okay?"

Gabe captured her wrist mid ruffle and slid his hand down to take
hers.  "You've GOT to stop doing that." He said with a slight smile.

She smiled. "You gonna stop breaking the rules?" She said. "I'm not
stopping until you do." She pounced with the other hand and had his
hair ruffled twice before he could stop her. "You gonna be good? Eh?
Are you Gabey boy? You gonna be good?" She jabbed him in the
ribs. "Cause if you aren't you don't get to work with me you know."
She laughed.

Gabe's eyes widened.  He laughed at her antics, but quickly caught
her free hand with his.  Now he had both her hands.  "I make no
promises to no man...or woman.  At least not unless I'm certain I
can keep them."

"Ooooh a man of mystery, nice." She said, grinning, she glanced at
the clock on the wall. "Ha, looks like time for me to pop into
sickbay for my check-up. Come on trouble, you can walk me down, you
need the exercise." She leaned up and popped the smallest, the
quickest, and the lightest of tiny kisses onto his lips. He released
her hands, and she stood up. "You remain here, I'm going to change,
no need for me to wander in my uniform for the moment." She left him
sitting and walked off to the bedroom area, the door swished shut
behind her, leaving him with his thoughts....

Gabe was stunned.  The kiss was what prompted his instant release of
her hands.  And then she was gone.  What had she said?  It felt as
if his mind had been wiped by that one simple kiss.  He got to his
feet uncertainly, his eyes watching the door she'd disappeared
through.  Had she said 'good-bye'?  Was he supposed to wait...or did
she expect him to leave?  His eyes traveled from her bedroom door
to the door leading out into the corridor.  *Breathe...*   He felt
wired, charged beyond his ability to stand or even sit still.  And
it hit him quite suddenly, all at once.  She was an OFFICER and his
CEO and he was acting like an idiot.  Gabe swallowed hard and headed
for the doors.  He stepped through them quickly and fled to the
nearest lift, not sure where he was going or even why.  Halfway down
the hall the doors of her quarters swished shut.  He jumped
slightly, but continued on his way.