BIO of Character:
Characters name:   Lieutenant Kynan Lee Thane
Character Species:  Human / ?
Character Gender:   Male
Character Height in Feet and Inches:  6'0"
Character Weight in Pounds: 163 lbs.
Hair:  dark black
Eyes:  blue
Character Age: 22 yrs.
Date / Place of Birth: February 1st /  Aldama 3
                                                Background info:
Kynan was found on the mining colony of Aldama 3.  When a starship entered the area in response to a distress beacon he was the only survivor. Doctors' examination revealed him to be human in part. They found his genetic make-up to be somewhat different or mutated. Unsure of which, they classified him as human.

Kynan was adopted by Captain Thane (of the starship that rescued him) and his wife, Amelia.  As Kynan grew it was found that he had an impressive memory -- both photographic and auditory.  He entered Starfleet Academy at the age of 14 and studied many different fields, specializing in none. Because of his perfect recall he found technical work both easy and rather
boring.  Finally, he found his nitch in the food services department where the ability to create many new and different dishes/beverages sparked his
imagination and kept him from becoming so easily bored.  While he has some basic knowledge in all fields, he specializes in galley management, nutrition, and cooking.      Position is Galley Manager and he fills in as bar tender, chef, and waiter when the need arises.

(OOC: For those new to the list, the bar only serves non-alcoholic drinks as this is a Christian ship.)


Kynan (often called "Ky" by his friends) is an outgoing person who loves interacting with people.  His personality is upbeat and cheerful.  He is
easy-going and known for a very LONG fuse.  He is also a strong Christian -- brought into the faith by his adopted parents.  Ky possesses a certain amount of empathy and is a good listener and confidante.  Unfortunately, he is also rather mischievous and is known for engaging in harmless pranks from time to time.