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BIO of Character:


Characters name: Fox Halan Logan

Character Species: Human/Vulcan (Grandmother was full

Character Gender: Male

Character Height in Feet and Inches: 5'6"

Character Weight in Pounds:  150

Character Age: 31

Date / Place of Birth:  August 14, 2350 (Florida, USA,

Languages: Federation Standard, English, a little
Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Identifying Marks: The distinctive Vulcan pointed ears

Father: James Logan, Civilian Engineer on Earth.

Mother: Mary Logan, Civilian Nurse on Earth

Siblings: Sister, Elizabeth Logan, civilian Nurse on
Tycko City, Luna (also known as the Moon)

Standard Federation education on Earth (2355-2367)
Starfleet Academy on Earth (2368-2372) Majored in
Science, Minored in Helm/Navigation

Starfleet Service Record:
(2372-2373) Cadet cruise on USS Crazy Horse -
(2373-2377) Ensign – USS Archer - Science/Astrometry
(2377-2382) Lieutenant – USS Enterprise E –

Hobbies and Interests:
Fox is a history buff, especially Earth and
Federation/Starfleet history. He loves 20th/21st
century Earth culture. He loves fast cars and ships.
He loves the old Earth sport of baseball. He loves
learning about new scientific discoveries. Fox loves
new technological gadgets.

Background info:
Fox was raised in Daytona, Florida. At the age of 4,
he took a shuttle ride with his parents to Starbase 1
and from then on he was totally absorbed with
starships and the idea of space travel. At the age of
7, Fox suffered a brain injury. The injury could only
be treated by genetic enhancement, which is illegal in
the Federation. But his parents had the procedure done
secretly and because of the enhancement, Fox is a bit
stronger and smarter than the average human.

At age 18, just after being accepted into Starfleet
Academy, Fox accepted Christ as Savior and became a
Christian. He graduated the Academy in the top 5 of
his class. But all during his time at the Academy, Fox
was concerned that the secret of his genetic
enhancement would be discovered, which would end his
hopes of a Starfleet career.

Fox had an uneventful Cadet cruise on the USS Crazy
Horse, although he served with merit in his chosen
field of Science/Astrometry. After being assigned to
the USS Archer with the rank of Ensign, he and his
ship fought with distinction for 2 years in the
Dominion War.

Following his noteworthy assignment on the Archer, Fox
was promoted to Lieutenant. Then he received a
transfer to the Flagship of the Federation, the USS
Enterprise. Fox also served with honor and respect
during his time on the Enterprise. Although he was
nearly killed during the Enterprise‘s famous battle
with the Reman Praetor’s ship, the Scimitar. Fox
credits the Lord for saving his life in the battle.
Fox met his fiancée on the Enterprise, where she
currently serves as Science/Stellar Cartographer. She
is human and her name is Lieutenant Lisa Roberts (she
looks just like the old Earth actress Jennifer

Fox is hoping to be posted to the USS Vigilant. 

Fox is shy, but can/will open up after you get to know
him. He is a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. He loves
a good joke even though he is 1/4 Vulcan. He tends to
hold in his emotions although he has not chosen the
Vulcan way. Fox is slow to show anger, but can only be
pushed so far. He is friendly, but can be perceived as
distant. He is very opinionated, but can admit when he
is wrong. He is quite and does not wish to be the
“life of the party” nor draw attention to himself. He
is soft hearted but doesn’t like to show it, except to
his family and girlfriend. Fox does not like needless
confrontation and usually plays the role of peacemaker
in those situations.