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                  Bio of Character



Character’s name: Lieutenant Tanix Kashington (Former spy, and smuggler)

Location: USS Vigilant

Position: Chief of Science

Character’s species: unknown

Character’s gender: male

Character’s age: 30 earth years (maybe)

Place of Birth: On a star ship somewhere


Background info: He lived with his parents until the age of five, when a gang of smugglers took him away and made him their slave.  Kashington was trained in many areas from the age of five.  He began training as a smuggler at the age of ten.  He was a slave and never knew what it was like to be free, obeying whatever his owners demanded.   At 14, he began training to be a spy and infiltrating different aspects of his owner’s enemies to get information, or steal from them and smuggle property out.  At 18, he was trained as a mercenary.  He much preferred being a spy, and smuggler, as he did not like killing anyone.  He was sent to Star Fleet Academy in place of another applicant who was accepted, and learned everything he could about Star Fleet.  Graduating at the top of his class with honors, he could have served Star Fleet, but he had been trained to be a spy, and smuggler, so that was all he knew, and continued in it.  Working against Star Fleet paid extremely well, as Star Fleet had made many enemies of other species. 


Tanix is now a former spy, smuggler and mercenary.  Caught by the crew of the Vigilant, he was given a choice, be tried for his crimes against Star Fleet, or at Captain Laurana Fitzpatrick’s mercy, work in the kitchen as a Chef at the rank of Ensign for the next five years. 


Personality: He has a tender heart, yet knows nothing of the love of God, or His forgiveness.  At times he can get very nervous, especially if a higher rank is around, and more so if it is a higher-ranking female. 


Psych and Medical records on Tanix Kashington

Kashington worked against Star Fleet as a spy. His
motive: Plain and simple. Money. All of his jobs were
for selfish reasons, to gain riches. As selfish as he
is, I observed he has kindness for others at times.
When the Captain was held on the Borg Ship, Kashington
could have escaped by himself, but came back to help
the Captain, knowing that she would almost certainly
have him thrown in the brig upon their return. He
would not leave without her and Commander Tarin.
Before that, he was working for Romulan renegades
against the Vigilant. In my opinion, he should have
gone to a federation prison for his crimes. He had
abducted a Lieutenant who was about to board the
Vigilant, and took his place. He had his DNA changed
and his face altered to look like the crewman. Since
no one on Vigilant knew him, he was able to get away
with it.

Doctor Karasov has not as yet managed to find what
Kashington’s true DNA is. His last DNA was altered to
make him appear medically, a Talaxian. He has a
strange DNA that allows him to have his DNA altered
enough to cause him to appear to be something else,
and then medical will change him cosmetically.

Then, Commander Kraga came along, and saw right
through Kashington. Perhaps, that is why Kashington
fears Kraga so much, because Kashington can’t pull the
wool over his eyes. Kashington has many secrets that
would take many sessions to get them out. I’m sure we
would turn up a large variety of deceptions that
Kashington committed against Star Fleet, if the
Captain would allow it. Captain Fitzpatrick seems to
think Kashington has, or might change, and won’t allow
deep probing. I’m sure I could uncover his secrets if
given a chance, but I will be transferring off this
ship, and another officer and his assistant has been
assigned to take mine, and my assistant’s place.