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BIO of Character


Characters name:    Taki Masago

Character Species:  Human/ Japanese

Position: Chief Security

Rank: Lieutenant

Character Gender:   Female

Character Height:    5'0"

Character Weight:   108 lbs

Character Age:         23 yrs

Date/Place Birth:     April 7, 2381

                                Hakodate City, Japan


Background info:


Taki entered the Starfleet Academy at 16 years of age to study tactical and strategic commands. Graduating with honors she was selected to attend higher courses at the Vulcan Academy.  She is proficient in the art of Ninjitsu and a few other species' martial arts (like the Vulcans) as well.  She is qualified on both the phaser and the phaser rifle and a few other weapons not so commonly known.  She served aboard the Surak Class Vulcan Ship called Ni'var for a year before being transferred to StarBase 853 where she is currently being trained to take over base security by Lt CMDR Patrick Wheaton.





Taki carries herself like the stereotypical Japanese persona.  She seems serious, dedicated, and disciplined at first look.  It was that which made it easy for her to interact with the Vulcans she studied with.  And it also makes it easier for her to keep her officers in line. But those who get to know Taki well enough, soon learn that the stereotypical front she puts on is nothing more than a carefully constructed facade.