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BIO of Character


Characters name: Jeanette Pascal-Belle

Character Species: Human [French, as ya do]

Position: Chief Engineer

Rank:  Lieutenant

Character Gender: Female

Character Height in Feet and Inches: 5 foot 4

Character Weight in Pounds:

Character Age: 21

Date / Place of Birth:  Lille, Nord-Pas-De-Calais

Background info:


Born to a French mother and Spanish father, she grew up in her mother’s family home in Lille. Her parents are not Christian, long believing that ‘religion has been replaced by science’ but her grandmother on her mothers side taught her everything she needed to know.


Her parents, disapproving of her religious beliefs, decided to try and squash religion out of her. They sent her to the academy to study to be a science officer, but she quickly found that it bored her, instead favoring the engineering course her roommate was taking. She quit her course and swapped to engineering, and left the academy with honors.


Fortunately for her the academy did not push religion out of her, thanks to the presence of her grandmother in her life and Jeanette’s tenacity. Her parents have cut general contact with her, enquiring as to her health every now and then. After leaving the academy she was eager to stretch her ‘space legs’ and has applied for the first ship that came to her reach. 





‘Jean’, as her friends call her, is very loyal and will move mountains to help a friend in need. She appreciates that people are different and prejudice and first impressions aren’t in her nature. If the sun goes behind the clouds she’s the first to notice, the last to comment, and the last to care. ‘Life is what you make it’ is her motto and she decided long ago that a smile per person per day is worth the effort.


She has very strong opinions but isn’t likely to upset someone by airing her own. If she disagrees with someone she prefers to debate the point and if neither have changed their mind at the end, she enjoyed the conversation. ‘Chin up, head high, wear a smile cuz Gods inside’