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Lieutenant  JG Kezya Holmes

Communications Officer



5 feet, 6 inches



140 pounds



27 Earth Years


Place/Date of Birth

Earth / January 01, 2354



Singing, playing any musical instrument, anything to do with music, cooking, Klingon workouts in the holodeck


Languages Spoken

Proficient in all  major known languages of the Federation.


Known Family

Orphaned at the age of 10, with younger sister (now 19 ) Tamara, who is currently in Starfleet Academy. Raised by an Aunt ( Leshia ) on Earth who is like a mother to me.


                 Human Female




I decided at an early age that I wanted to travel and meet people from all over the galaxy. I have always had a fascination with sounds, music, and languages. I did well in school and as soon as I could, I applied for the academy.

Family is very important to me, my sister and I are very close and she too will have a career in Starfleet one day.



Outgoing, friendly, really enjoy meeting new people and species. Think that was the draw to a life in Star Fleet and in communications. A bit of a dreamer, always up for new things learning from other species, their food, and culture.