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Name : LeapingJoy

Species: Agape

Location: Albrindor


Age: Unknown Looks like an 18 year old (never looks older than 25 no matter how old Agapes are)


Appearance: Long golden hair to her waist, sometimes worn in braids. 5'0". Medium build. Dress like a simple 14th century girl. Long slender hands. Golden skin, skin looks like it has flecks of diamonds imbedded. Silver colored, with medium narrow, long eyes. Long slim nose. Small puffy lips that smile a lot.


Background: LeapingJoy has lived mostly in the village in the El`Shaddai mountains of Albrindor. She is a teacher of her people. She and her people serve the Source of all life, Whose Name is Y`Shua (in English Jesus)


Personality: Wary of strangers. She hasn't been around other species before. Easy going, once she gets to know you. Very protective, and loyal.