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                                      How Do I Make a Change, or Set the Setting Different?

                                          Written by Caroline Lanette Alderson



        John 8:32

And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will SET or MAKE you free.


The Word of God will SET or MAKE you free when you pour that Word into you.  I have been thinking of the word set; what does set mean?  I looked up the word set in and wow; it was very clearly defined.  There were too many to list here in fact.   What I was thinking was the thermostat control on my a/c and how it is set.  It is set generally at 82 degrees F – 28 C.  I made note that it stays where I set it, not moving up or down, or in the case of the Word, left or right.  What if I wanted to “make a change”?  I would have to “change the setting” wouldn’t I?  I turn the setting down to 76 F to make it cooler, and now the thermostat will be SET at that setting and will not move from that spot until I change or set it different.  Inside us has been a setting set by SIN.  Sin controlled us and set us on our behavior.  What if I don’t like the setting that Sin made for me?  How do I set it to something else?  How do I CHANGE my behavior?  How do I stop a sin that won’t seem to stop?  How do I now become godly after serving and being a slave to Sin.  How do I change the setting?  How do I SET it different?  I keep saying this differently, because I want to grab your conscience and your mind so you can understand what it is I am saying.  (I have merely capped sin to draw the attention of my readers, not to give it any kind of prominence.) 


The Word of God being poured into our hearts will literally change us.  The Word will ALTER our minds.  They talk about mind altering drugs; well I like the mind altering Word of the Living God.  His Word will alter and change, and set my mind to act, and think and speak differently. 


James 1:21 … welcome the Word which implanted and rooted in your hearts contains the power within itself to save your soul.


Let the Word come into your spirit, by feasting and meditating on it.  The Word will become engrafted into your heart or your spirit, and your mind, and will change your will, and clean your emotions.


James 1:22 Be ye doers of the Word, [obey what you hear] not being merely listeners to it…


Soak your mind with the Word of God, by listening to Preachers, and by reading the Word for yourself, and by reading articles and books teaching the Word.  The Word has the power to change your thinking.  The Word has the power to deliver you from fear.  The Word has the power when you soak your emotions in it, to cast out depression.  The Word will change our will even, to cause us to want to obey, and do the will of the Word.  Jesus is the Word.  So, when we obey Jesus, we are obeying His Word. 


Don’t think inside of yourself; think inside of the Word of God.  When the Word of God corrects me, instead of getting down and depressed, and saying, oh mannn I am soo bad.  I don’t do that.  See, when God corrects me with His Word, He corrects me because He loves me so very, very much.  When He corrects me, it let’s me know how much He loves me.  It’s not a put down to be corrected.  God only corrects His own.  It’s ownership.  He shows me I am His; He shows me I belong to Him, not the enemy, when He corrects me.  His correction is uplifting, and edifying.  He seeks to build me up, never to crush me, and tear me down.  He never condemns me with correction. 


God never uses the devil to teach me a lesson.  He never says, hey, I need two devils to come up here.  I have an assignment for them.  I need to send them out to teach this person a lesson.  We are running short up here on angels.

      God does not need any help from His enemy to teach His own children.  Would you as a parent go out and grab a gang member, and say, I need you to rough up my son, and teach him a lesson.  He is getting out of line.  No, you would never do that.  You would teach him yourself the correct way to act.  And, what is the best way a parent can teach a child?  By example.  Right?  God teaches us by example.  If He were to abuse me, then what kind of example would that be for me, since the Word says, I am to copy, or imitate Him as dear children.  Eph 5:1