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       God Rescued Me From My Enemy
                 Written by Caroline Lanette Alderson  
     Friday, I had listened to the Kenneth and Gloria
Copeland meetings live all day, and when I went to bed 
my enemy followed me and slithered his ornery way into my thoughts, 
threatening to put SAR's on me, because I had testified that I
was safe from it in a bubble. The devil really is
stupid, ya know. There was a time he would have got
away with such thing and I wouldn't have realized my
authority over him and thought he could make me sick.
No more. I know my authority and power over sickness
and disease, and Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have been
over and over and over teaching the body of Christ
that we are safe from Sars, biological warfare, and
chemical warfare and weapons, that no matter what is
out there, it can't come nigh me, or touch me. I was
careful what I said, that I give the enemy no place
in my thoughts or my tongue. My tongue and my thoughts
belong to God, and is protected by God. 
     The enemy kept attacking me in my thoughts and
threatening me, and so I got up and got on the
computer for a few min to distract my mind, thinking
he will give up. I went back to bed, and here he came
again, pushing, pushing, pushing, trying to get me to
give in to fear. And yes, it was scary having him in
my thoughts and threatening me. I am glad I don't know
the symptoms of SAR's. That may  have actually helped
me. I just figured it's some sort of flue or
something. I don't care what it is Satan has no right
to touch me with it or any other sickness. I just kept
saying I am healed by the Stripes of Jesus, and I have
God's protection.
    Don't you know that God was watching and listening
to see how I would handle my and His enemy? If I would
follow God's way and the way I had been taught, or
would I follow the devils way and go the way of fear?
Though fear was trying to attack and get in, I
stayed with the Word and resisted the thoughts of the
threatening enemy. (Here I thought I would have
trouble putting this into words. LOL And it is just
flowing out of me.) The Word says, IF I resist the
devil, he WILL do what? HE WILLLLLLL FLEEEEEEEE!!!!
whooooo hoooooo!! That is good news! Though it may
feel scary, I cling to the Word which was spoken by my
God! My God! My God! My God! He is MY GOD! My God will
come to my rescue!!! When??? When I please Him and say
and think only His Word! That's when. When He sees me
doing, thinking and speaking the Word of God, then He
is obligated to come to my rescue. 
   I haven't had tongues and interpretation in some
time, and I don't recall ever using it on the enemy.
Last night, God came swooping in on the enemy. I
sensed Him come in, and out of my mouth came forth
tongues. Now, I can't tell you how I know, but I knew
it wasn't my normal prayer language. It was the gift
of tongues, and any time I have the gift of tongues
come on me, then the interpretation always follows on
it's heels. I will usually start hearing bits and
pieces of the English part coming before I am ready to
speak it.
   The English came and when I got up the morning, I
forgot what I said. I was like, God how will I testify
of What You did for me last night, if I cant' recall
what was said? It was like when you dream and then
wake up, you might not recall the dream or only part
of it. So, I was sitting here, and God brought the
words back to my memory. I spoke in English to the
enemy, from God. 
     "I have set My hedge of protection around her,
devil, and you can't touch or harm her. God has set a
hedge of protection around me and you can't touch me,
devil! I have God's protection, and I am inside of
Him, and you can't get in here to get me."
   I'm writing this, and God just said, now laugh at
the devil, and don't be afraid to say neener, neener
to him. You did nothing wrong. That's the same as
laughing at him. So, I laugh at the devil.
hahahahahahahahahahah HA HA HA HA HA HA on the devil!
you can't touch me! The evil one can't touch me! It is
flowing strong in me these words. You have nothing
that you can touch me with, because I am inside of the
Word of God, and That Very Word is and will continue
to protect me. The Word of God surrounds me with His
protection. Wow, as I am writing this, the anointing
is coming on me powerfully! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!
   I will NOT let the devil bully me around! Mmmmmm,
the Word is sooooo good! When you first start
listening to the Word, you don't realize how or that
it will open you up to let you hear the Voice of God,
and the Word which has a Voice. The Word will
literally speak to you, even if it's not audible, you
know it's not you. It's the Word doing the talking.
I'm just typing what I hear the Voice of God's Word
speaking to me. God is waaaaaaaayyyy AWESOMELY COOL! 
   I live in a bubble! Don't mess with my bubble! I
expect You to protect me. Walking in truth is my
bodyguard. God has to come to my rescue when I walk in
   After I spoke that word to the devil, I felt him
leave. The attacking threatening thoughts ceased as
soon as that word came. The word really is true that
says, "Resist the devil and he will flee." It's really
true, because I sensed the enemy leave when the
Presence of God came in and the Word went forth and
demolished the enemies words.