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Name:   Erich Phlean Jaegar
Age:    20 yrs/ 11-06-2383
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 169 lbs <Med. build>
Hair:   Black <short in length/ long & wavy on top>
Eyes:   Blue-Gray <light>

Pos/Occupation:  Only son of Coyan Jaegar and Heir apparent to the
Jaegar fortune.  Managing company [Jaegar Enterprises] owned resort
[Albrindor] and restaurant "CeeJays" on Starbase 853.

Young Erich is just starting off in the family business.  His
father, Coyan, is still alive [61 yrs] but is in the process of
preparing his son to take over the family holdings.  Erich has three
younger sisters who still live at home with his parents.

A few attempts have been made on Erich's life so that now he goes
nowhere without his accompanying bodyguard, Aymon.  In spite of
that, Erich manages to stay upbeat and outgoing.  Like his father,
he enjoys the company of people and is most often found in social

Albrindor houses one of the Jaegar estates.  There, Erich's guests
will be entertained in high fashion.  All arriving guests usually
spend at least one night in the Jaegar Mansion and enjoy a Welcome
Celebration before heading off to their chosen retreats/adventures...

"I am your host, Mr. Jaegar, Welcome to Albrindor."