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Name: Dawn “Silverpaw” Miller

Rank: Civ
Race: Neko

Age: 69
Height: 5'5
Weight: not telling
Eyes: Soft Green
Hair: Light brown
Access code: N/A
Decorations: StarFleet Graduation Ribbon
Mom's name: Rei Miller
Dad's name: Richard Miller
Home planet: Wallach IX


People, Learning, and Helping



Hate, and Grumpy bears



Grew up on Wallach IX in a happy, healthy family. When she was a kitten she used to love playing a game, speaking in rhymes and riddles. When she was fifteen a tragic shuttle accident claimed the life of her parents. Young Dawn was devastated by the their loss, and started to withdraw from the world. She remained closed off for months until one day she simply started playing her game again.  The rhymes of her childhood fun started to cheer her up, and because of them she pulled through her depression and eventually learned to deal with the loss of her parents. However because she used her riddles as a crutch for a couple years, she found that she could not simply stop playing her game. The rhymes became her natural way of speaking. When she was old enough she entered the Whisperwind Institute, when she was finished there she joined Starfleet academy and completed her courses in medicine. But because of her parents she decided that she wanted to get used to ship life before starting her tour of duty. She’s been tending bars on ships for the past sixty years, enjoying the people she has yet to enter active duty.




People skills




Graduated the Whisperwind Institute, learning Neko medicine



Shiny things