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Name: Sebastian Winthrop

Gender: Male

Species: Human from Earth

Rank: Commander

Position: Commandant

Location: ZoŽ Starfleet Academy on Starbase 853

Height: 6 foot

Eyes: piercing brown, with bushy eyebrows, with a strong middle eastern nose.

Hair: brown wavy, with bushy mustache

Weight: 188 lbs. Large boned, large hands.


Sebastian has a 16 year old daughter in Albrindor Finishing School. His wife Lenora insisted she not be raised in a military school. He treats his daughter like a princess; she's daddy's girl, and can get away with most things, unlike the cadets, whom he was strict.


Lenora with hands on hips told her husband in no uncertain terms, "My daughter will not be raised up to be a soldier!"


Sebastian is a perfectionist and insists on running a tight ship. He's a stickler for curfews.


His daughter, Shadiyah is an adventurous type, and sometimes her daddy thinks the cadets won't take him seriously if they were to find out what Shadiyah can get away with. Princess Shadiyah, she thinks she is.Sebastian calls her prim, proper, and mischievous. She has her dad wrapped around her little finger.


Sebastian studied education Starfleet style in the Academy He majored in becoming an instructor in the Academy teaching the basics, and took all command classes. He also minored in all main departments. His goal was to someday become a Commandant of one of the many Starfleet academies spread throughout the Federation. A Commandant was more than merely a principle or a head master, he looked out for his cadets welfare, as most of them lived at the academy and hoped to serve on a starship someday.


When he finished the academy as an ensign, his first assignment in an academy was to be a first year engineering instructor. The second year, he was a first year fighter pilot instructor. He gradually taught all of the first year courses in main departments. As he was promoted to higher ranks, he was trusted with more and more responsibly. He soon made it to assistant commandant when he was a lieutenant commander. Now, he was told that the academy on Starbase 853 was transferring their commandant to another base, and he was asked to take over as their commandant. He was thrilled. His dream of being a commandant would finally be realized. He had only been promoted to commander three months prior.