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Characters name: Morg
Character Species: Gorn
Character Gender: Male
Character Height in Feet and Inches: 6'7"
Character Weight in Pounds:254
Character Age: 38
Date / Place of Birth:November 27, 2354, Kargal Manor, Tau Lacerte 3
Background info:
Stardate: 235311.27 Morg was born at Kargal Manor, Tau Lacerte III to his
father and mother Moong and Marga. Morg was a Gorn that usually liked to
read more then learn to fight like other Gorns. He did not join Valor groups
and was teased constantly about it.
 At the age of 7, Stardate: 236005.09, Morg's father became MIA from the
Gorn Space Navy(GSN). He had been serving on the Vessel GSN Gorn Valor and
never checked in. A freighter had seen it two days before it disappeared and
it was near the Romulan border.
 Since the uneasy peace between the Romulan and the Gorn Confederation
declared the ship lost to a unknown accident. Morg learnd from the people
around him not to trust anyone who did not show strength. The Gorn
Confederation did not like the planet Betazed and the Romulans Morg hated.
He held them responsible for his father's disappearance. When he became 20
he joined the Gorn Space Navy and was assigned to the ship GSN Lizard's
Honor, and only served two years. Before getting out thou he had been given
the Golden Claw of Heroism for saving 6 of his comrades from engineering
when a freighter collided with his ship and ignited a fire near the
Anti-matter pods. The explosion had knocked them unconscious and the fire
had spread toward the Pods. They all were saved before the Explosion.
 The reason Morg had gotten out was he wanted to join a peaceful political
party who wanted to change some of the laws in the Gorn Confederation. The
thing he did not know was that it was a cover for a terrorist cell and who
wanted to assassinate the Gorn ruler called the Assembly Leader. Morg found
out and not wanting to be involved rushed to the capitol to warm the
assembly, but was ambushed with his brother on the outskirts of the city.
Nugra, his brother was an expert sword fighter and with his sword fought his
way threw the killers and Morg barely held his own. As his blade snapped he
was about to be killed when a disruptor blast hit the assassin and the
police to the killers prisoner. The police were called in by a merchant who
had seen the ambush happen and did not want to get involved with the huge
lizards since he was only a humanoid. To Morg's surprise his life was saved
by a Betazoid.
 Nugra had smiled seeing his brother's surprise and said something that Morg
would never forget, "Not everybody is bad. Don't judge to quickly."Morg
decided he would follow that rule and from then would not judge to
quickly. The Assembly of Gorn planets heard about the warning attempt the
Morg had tried and took Morg of the Death list that the other members got,
but the Assembly leader told him that since he was a member of it he had to
be punished. Morg was banished from the Gorn Confederation for twenty years.
So, on Stardate: 237312.21 Morg had to leave his home and to his surprise
the Betazoid that saved him offered to take him on his ship and teach him
how to be a merchant. For 3 years he worked with the Betazoid, Tela Benn and
on the moon Praxis, the Klingon home world's moon, Tela was caught in the
crossfire of the Klingon police and a wanted criminal and was killed. In his
silent grief of his only friend, Morg took his ship and continued on his
merchant job. 3 more years past and another major event happened in his
life. On an asteroid belt near the edge of the Alpha Quadrant Morg was
selling goods when a Orion slave girl warned him of a raid on his ship.
Also, she told him the base was controlled by the Orion Pirate Cartels. Morg
blasted away from the base and eluded three pursing ships and doubled back
to the starbase. He wasn't going to leave the girl who had warned him there.
By using his transporter he beamed into the base and rescued her from the
interrogators and once back in the ship raced toward the Federation border
where a Starfleet chased away the pirates. Knowing that the Orion pirates
would want to get revenge he hid the girl and gave her his savings and to
hide himself joined the Star Fleet Academy knowing that the Orion pirates
would never attack a federation ship and a federation officer without the
threat of retaliation.
He served onboard the USS Victory for a year when he had to return to his
family and then after stopping a Gorn terrorist with a federation ship he
was given a choice of a court-martial or being transferred to another ship.
He chose the other ship.
He served aboard the USS Vigilant as XO with honors, helping to defeat renegade 
Romulans, with Commander Molof as their leader. 
He has now been transferred to Starbase 853 to ZoŽ Academy, to teach tactical and security 
to the cadets. 
A quiet personwho after all he went through doesn't trust very well. He is
a good officer and is ready to defend anyone. Loyal to his shi,p he does his
job with a very strict military attitude.


Name: Morg Tk'Moong

Rank: Senior Commander, retired

Psycolgical profile:




Name: Morg Tk'Moong
Rank: Commander
Species: Gorn
SS#: 1202-192A


To fill out this record I have very little to say.
Commander Morg made it quite clear to me that he had
no need for a counselor and the reason that he was
present was to obey his officer. He left after 2

From this I am saying that he is a very official
person and does not like people telling him something
is wrong with him. He seems to be in a good sound
mind, but has a nasty streak.

This is all I can deduce from it.

Counselor Commander Trevet, Star Fleet Command