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Character Bio


Name: Commander Kendrick Kassin


Position: Chief Counselor


Species: Half Betazoid/half Romulan & Cardassian


Description: Long blond hair, bright blue eyes, looks Betazoid with Romulan ears, 6ft tall, weighs 175 lbs. Has smooth Doctors hands, and a smooth face. Male, age 29.


Personality: Kendrick has a mostly mild manner. Being 25% Cardassian, he has a tendency to be controlling, so has to make himself back off at times. He can sometimes be emotional when wanting to help someone deeply. He rarely shows his emotions to others. He is passive by nature, but can be pushed into a fight. He knows how to fight and use weapons, as it was part of his training for self defense. He only fights when talking won't succeed. His weapon of choice are his words.


Background: His mother is half Betazoid and half Romulan, and his father is half Betazoid and half Cardassian. Kendrick was raised on starbases all over the Federation. His father was Starfleet. Both parents are deceased.


Kendrick started at the Academy as a teen and excelled in his studies, graduating in three years. Even in the academy he was always helping his peers and lower classmen after he was a four year cadet. All of his instructors were astounded at how well he could help others with psych problems. As he rose up in the ranks, his expertise was highly sought after. Right as he was promoted to Commander by Admiral Albright, Captain Ashnaugh requested he be sent to Starbase 853 as his Head Counselor after hearing how good he was from other top ranking officers he had served under. His request was granted and Kendrick was sent to Starbase 853 for the next three years.