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Name: Darien Macgregor
Rank: Commander

Position: XO
Race: Fremen/Human
Height: 5'10
Weight: whatever the desert wishes
Eyes: Blue in Blue (whiteless)
Hair: Black
Access code: Oscar Romeo Mike
Mom's name: Alia Macgregor
Dad's name: Miles Macgregor
Home planet: Arrakis
Place of birth: Earth


Ancient items Books, swords, Fighting, Scotland,



Harkonnens, injustice


Darien grew up largely on Earth in the Highlands. However because his mother was Fremen he also spent many years in the desert of Arrakis learning how to survive like his mother and her parents before her. His father was a human named Miles who had been visiting the desert planet to study its people and culture. After learning everything he could in the cities Miles determined that he would have to travel into the desert to find where the Fremen really came from. In the desert he met Darienís mother Alia and the rest is as they say history. Darien inherited his motherís white less eyes though they have a lighter tint of blue then a regular Fremenís. He also received her quick clotting blood and longer life span.

When he was old enough he joined Starfleet under the engineering program, dabbling a little in security he took all of the combat training programs he could get his hands on. Aided a bit by strength the desert granted him when he lived on Arrakis. Eventually he even combined various styles with the style of his desert to create his own special style that could best even the most advanced Starfleet training.

Darien started his service on the USS Umma as an engineering tech. He served on that ship until he reached the rank of Lt. and transferred to the USS Trident as its chief engineer after five years. After only two years of service on the Trident that ship was lost in a Cardassian attack with close to all hands. He was soon re-assigned to the USS Fuyu Katana where after another two years he gained the rank of Lt. Commander and started to take command classes. After three more years the executive officer of the Fuyu Katana was killed on an away mission. He was given the position along with an upgrade to full commander.

Darien was on the Fuyu Katana until a few more years had past and the USS Hephaestus lost its commanding officer. He was promoted to captain and given that ship as his first charge. It was lost after only six months when he got into a battle with an unknown ship and barely won. The ship was declared non salvageable and after a lengthy investigation he was given a completely new ship the USS Kawaii.

He had the Kawaii for more then ten years, keeping it out of trouble before making the biggest mistake of his life. Accepting the rank of Commodore and working his way to admiral in command of Starbase 5.. After some time sitting at a desk and hating almost every minute until getting so sick of it he handed in his resignation. He was away from Starfleet for twenty-one years, having returned to his desert to become more accustomed to his Fremen heritage. However like most people in retirement he started to get bored and wanted to re-join the fleet. Since he was only in his early eighties by this time he came back. Since he wanted to stay away from the desk job he used to have as an Admiral he was more then willing to accept a rank reduction to Commander. He didnít even want a command position, instead he wanted to go back to his roots in engineering but Starfleet instead forced him to Starbase 853 as executive officer.

Important Events

When he was waiting for the investigation to end, Darien came across a Fremen Teenager who had just lost everything to the JemíHardar. He took young Paul MuadíDib under his wing and taught the boy to fight, and a lot more engineering skills then his uncle had been able to teach him before the JemíHardar came along. He wasnít able to remain with Paul after receiving the Kawaii but the two kept in touch and remained good friends.



Desert Survival
Combat (unarmed, swords, knifes, and a few other oddities like a staff)

Creating things in the Holodeck


Has spent most of his life struggling between his Fremen heritage and his Human heritage. He's learned to live between them for the most part but they still come into conflict from time to time.

Darien carries a Crysknife in his boot. On hits hilt it contains the Macgregor clan symbol.

Useless Info

a Crysknife is sacred to the Fremen people, created from the worms her people once feared as Gods (now they just fear)it is custom that no one but a true Fremen own one, or see one. non Fremen that see a Crysknife must either be killed or cleansed in a ritual similar to most Klingon rituals

Fremen Blood clots quickly, this is due to a moisture preserving evolution

Darien eats a lot of items with a certain spice known as Melange, a flavour found only on Arrakis (but easily replaceable, not that anyone but Fremen really like the taste) she eats it because it reminds her of home, and the desert she loves so much