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Name: Talitha Dalton
Rank: Commander 
Current Assignment: Chief of Intelligence on board the
USS Vigilant
email address:
Race/Gender: Human/Klingon (looks human)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150
Age: 33 earth years
Place/Date of Birth:  Texas, Earth
Hobbies: Writing holodeck programs and exercising with
her holodeck Klingon program she wrote. Talitha enjoys
writing Christian holo-novels, in action/adventure,
futuristic, and Indiana Jones type -  from the 20th
century Earth times. She take pleasure in interjecting
the gifts of the Spirit, in the anointing, and power
of God in her adventures, for the hero to use, yet
still having conflict to overcome, which powers the
holo-novel on.  
Languages Spoken: All Human and Klingon dialects
Known Family: Father: Captain De’Bok, Klingon, for the
Mother: Miranda Dalton: Human on Earth, Heads up a
Background: Talitha Dalton was born to Blake
De’Bok/Klingon and Miranda Dalton/Human. Talitha looks
totally human, though she is half Klingon. Her mother
from the time she was born tried to hide the fact the
child was half Klingon. Miranda left Talitha's father
right after she was born, wanting to raise her
daughter human.    
    Her Father when visiting Talitha, was secretly
teaching her the Klingon ways, the language, weapons
and fighting. Captain De’Bok desired his daughter to
be involved in Star Fleet  Intelligence, so trained
her himself in everything he could think of.  He
taught her weapons, fighting arts, Intelligence
lessons, lessons in security, tactical, and strategic
games to hone her talents in operations. He would take
her on board his ship and teach her everything on the
bridge, and he even had a friend in Star Fleet who
allowed him to take her on his Star Fleet vessel when
it was docked, so He could train his young teen-age
daughter. He wanted her enrolled in Star Fleet at age
four-teen, but her mother wouldn’t sign the papers. 
Talitha had to wait till she was six-teen to be able
to get in with only her father’s signature.  De’Bok
had been Chief of Intelligence before he made CO of
his own ship.  He hoped to see his daughter rise up in
the ranks, except do it in Star Fleet rather than with
the Klingons. 
 Miranda never knew her daughter was
being trained in the Klingon customs, right along with
being trained in human traditions.  And she sure would
never have allowed her daughter to be trained in
Intelligence. She believed Star Fleet was no place for
a girl, and would have been horrified if she had known
of Talitha’s dreams. Talitha finally told her what she
wanted to do when she turned 14, and asked to enroll
in Star Fleet.  Miranda refused with disdain. No
daughter of hers would be in Star Fleet much less in
command, much les being some spy cross enemy lines,
where she would only get herself killed … or worse …
possibly tortured.  Her mother had shuddered at the
thought. Talitha reminded her mother that being a
reporter was just as dangerous, as she had to be in
perilous situations in order to obtain excellent
coverage, and stories.  Her mother had hesitated but
had still refused permission.  When Talitha turned
six-teen, she enrolled in the Academy, with her
mother’s disapproval. 
She proved herself capable in all that she undertook,
though having a bit of a temper , being half Klingon, and
excelled in all of her classes, and missions, quickly
rising in rank, and stature. 
 Talitha kept the Klingon part of her secret. Only
her doctors knew she was Klingon. Once she joined Star
Fleet, her father agreed to allowing only the Medical
Personal to have Talitha's medical file. Her DNA was 
made to look only human, so tricorders can’t pick up
her Klingon DNA.  
 Service Record:
   Talitha started Star Fleet Academy at age 16. She
was at the top of her class, but she had a temper and 
once was in a fight with a male Klingon, and harmed
him rather seriously. She was almost expelled, but was
able to convince the board to drop the charges, so the
information of her misconduct was not made known on
her records. 
     She excelled in Security, Intelligence, Tactical,
and Strategy, so took command classes,
as she hoped to be promoted to Chief of
Later she was promoted, and served as Chief of
Security/Tactical on the USS Discovery for three
years. When her assignment was up, she was promoted to
Lieutenant Commander, and given an appointment upon
the Star Ship Avalon, as Chief of
Tactical/Intelligence for the next three years.  Then,
Talitha was Promoted to Commander and made Chief of
Intelligence, and over The Chief of Tactical/Strategy,
and Chief of Security on board the USS Vigilant, for
her excellent service. 
     Only the Captain knows about her trouble in the
Academy. No one else on the ship knows, as it's not
public knowledge. She's also been an Intel field operative, and
has gone behind enemy lines as a spy for the
Federation. The Captain has been informed of all of
Her qualifications. Again, that information is not public
    Although, from time to time information leaks
Personality Traits: Mostly gets along well with
others, if not provoked. Enjoys talking Intelligence with
anyone who will listen. She’s protective over anyone
she is assigned to guard over. She will protect her
Captain and first Officer with her life, as Commander
Morg found out. She thought he didn’t appreciate her
being so protective, as he was a Gorn and didn’t think
he needed her protection, but she believes she has
proved herself efficient even to him.  She tends to
get carried away and sometimes will even protect a
cadet over herself, if she feels the need.  Talitha is
always having to watch her Klingon half's temper. 
Sometimes when in fight mode, she has trouble coming
out of it. 
She has the gift of wisdom, and word of knowledge
working in her life. Talitha also has a prophetic
anointing, which comes in quite handy when having to
deal with the enemy, both in the spiritual world, and
in the natural. Though she has had her share of
conflicts, and has almost been killed many times, she
has always come out of them, on top. She always gives
the credit, and the glory to her Jesus, who she says
is the center of her universe.  She considers herself
to be a warrior, both in the spiritual war, and in the
natural, which pleases her Klingon father, whose dream
was for his daughter, though female, to be a warrior. 

Counseling Notes in file: Commander Dalton in
counseling sessions is evasive and sometimes
belligerent. She will do anything to not show up for a
session, worried she will reveal something that could
be termed, classified. She has a strong character ( no
pun intended ) and rarely shares her weaknesses or
feelings for failure in any area. Being a Chief, she
wants to always appear strong, even when sometimes she
doesn't feel that way. Getting into her head takes
extreme patience, and paying attention, as she won't
often reveal herself. She won't allow her sessions to
be recorded in audio for this reason, so I can only
take notes. Orders from Intelligence on her behalf.

The Captain has a classified file on her, and there is
a further classified file on her that Admiral Albright

I suspects something is off about Dalton. She has a
odd temper for a human, almost like a Klingon, yet her
DNA appears to be human, unless the Doctor is hiding


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