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BIO of Character

Characters name: Commander Tsalea XO and Chief of Tactical USS Vigilant
Character Species: Vulcan
Character Gender: female
Character Height in Feet and Inches: 5'7"
Character Weight in Pounds: 128 lbs
Character Age: 37 years
Date / Place of Birth: September 21, ??? / Vulcan

Background info:

Daughter of Palteth and T'Ana. Grew up on Vulcan with one brother, Thei. Tsalea
pursued every available avenue of education on her homeworld in
acadmeics and at the provincial temple. She then entered Star Fleet Academy at
the age of 21 where she pursued many different fields from the administrative
to the technical. Having a photographic memory helped her retain a vast array
of information. She was often teased for not being able to make up her mind in
her field of studies, but those who knew her well knew that she simply wanted
to learn everything. Her resume reads like an index of Star Fleet courses with
minors in engineering, medical, alien anthropology, linguistics, piloting, etc. A visit
from her father, Palteth, resulted in her majoring in tactical/strategic/
operations, and piloting. She graduated Star Fleet at the Age of 27 and went on to serve
aboard the USS Pretoria as a Tactical Officer. After completing three years of
service aboard the Pretoria, she was promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to
the USS Vigilant to serve as Assistant Chief of Tactical/Strategic Operations. Three years later, she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and became the Chief of Helm, at the age of 30.

Personality: As most Vulcans, Tsalea has a logical mindset. There are no
shades of gray. She is dedicated to her duties and loyal to her crew members, but has a strong sense of justice and will not tolerate insubordination. She enjoys time alone on off hours, but also finds other
humanoid species fascinating and is just as likely to be seen in the social areas of the ship.