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Characters name: Yoel Ashnaug
Character Species: Trill
Character Gender: Male
Character Height: 5'8"
Character Weight: 153 lbs
Character Age: 54 ytd
Date/Place of Birth: 7/11/2350 -  Trill Home world
OCCUPATION: Captain of Star Base 853

Phys. Descrip: Yoel has black hair touched with silver-gray streaks
which he wears in a short, military style.  His eyes are dark brown
and he is of medium build.  A little paunchy, but not excessively so.

Background info:
Yoel entered Starfleet Academy at the age of 22 years in the field
of Operations.  Since then he has served in several capacities on
ships and starbases throughout the Federation territory.  He has
been at Starbase 853 for the past six years.  Yoel is NOT a joined
Trill.  He has been married to Rhiani Sohar [a joined Trill] for 18
years and has two daughters -- Taecia (16 yrs) and Qorena [14 yrs]

Yoel has an amiable personality and an easy-going temperament. 
Steady and consistent, tough but fair.  He is known for cool
persistence in all areas of his work.  Yoel has a compassionate and
generous spirit mixed with a wisdom that comes from years of
experience and service.