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Fleet Captain Laurana Fitzpatrick

Commanding the USS Vigilant

Species: Betazoid/Human

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 140 lbs

Age: 37 Terran years

Place of Birth: Betazed


Family: Father - Admiral Jeremy Albright - Betazoid, Mother Angeline Fitzpatrick Albright - Human


Background: Laurana had been raised from the time she was little to be trained to a Star Fleet officer.  She wasn’t allowed much of a childhood, with her constantly being pushed by her father to study daily, even on weekends. As a child, she thought it would be cool to be on a ship, but pretending was more fun, and she would have rather played with her friends, than have her nose in stuffy ole books. By the time she reached ten, she changed her mind deciding her parents knew best, and put forth her best effort toward her studies. Always the diplomat in school, she rarely occupied herself with a fight, but rather could typically talk her way out of anything. 


Once, a thug held her up, insisting she give him her hover car, but she instead started praying under her breath, and he becoming fearful, and acting as though he had seen a ghost, or maybe it was an angel, he tossed the gun to the ground and fled for his life. She didn’t even call the authorities, merely opened the door of her car, got in, and sped away. 


Her parents had pushed her to have high grades because they wanted their daughter to be trained for command.  Their goals were for her to make First Officer, and maybe even Captain some day.  She started Star Fleet Academy at only sixteen years of age, having finished high school early.  Right away anytime a leader was needed, Laurana would rise to the occasion.  Even as a child, she always took the lead in most activities.  Taking every command class she could, Laurana excelled.  


Having her father be an Admiral wasn’t easy, especially when she was always in the fleet he commanded.  At present, being a Captain was hard, since she had to report directly to him, and he couldn’t act like her father, nor could she treat him like a parent. She was under him as any other commanding officer was.



 Service Record: Laurana was a diplomat in all aspects, so she took communication classes, counseling classes, diplomacy classes, and science classes. Her first command as a Chief was in communications, then she was Chief of Science, and then she was Chief Diplomat of the ship USS Rapha. She was promoted to Second Officer when she was made a Lieutenant Commander on board the USS Rapha, but remained as the Chief Diplomat as well, and then when she was promoted to Commander, she served as First Officer on board the USS LivingWord, and served under Captain Che`Ak a Klingon.  Then, she was promoted to Captain and given the USS Vigilant to command. She, after commanding the Vigilant, has been promoted to Fleet Captain over the NoFearHere Fleet, while still commanding the USS Vigilant. 



Psych Records:

Flt. Capt. Laurana Fitzpatrick had a bad experience with some renegade Ferengi who took over the Starfleet Academy she was attending. None of the counselors to my knowledge has been able to convince her to talk about that time in her life.


It is quite difficult to get the Captain into counseling or medbay. Only the Chief Medical Officer can order her to come in, or to make an appointment with the Counselor. Adml. Albright can order any Captain in the NoFearHere Fleet to go in for a medical, or counseling session. The Chief of Medical can only deem the Captain on a mission unfit for duty if the Chief Counselor and the XO concur.