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Character Bio


Name: Selena Jerabek - Code name, Radar


Species is Betazoid/Human Female


Birthday:  November 1, 2387


Description: Long reddish gold hair, slim, big bright, green eyes, 5'6", weighs 130lbs


Rank: Cadet first year at the Zoë Starfleet Academy on Star base 853

Studying to be a X-wing fighter pilot – 2nd year fighter pilot classes


Mother -  Commander Ariana Knightly Fighter Pilot Leader

Father – whereabouts unknown – name unknown


Deon Mawk – Trainer/Guardian – Cardassian/Betazoid who trained Selena while she was enslaved by Cardassians




At the age of 10, Selena was abducted from her mother while she watched, and taken to the planet her scientist grandparents had been taken to. Her grandparents were ordered to help create a weapon for the Cardassians. Once this weapon was created, the Cardassians sent an assassin to murder them. Selena's mother Ariana, saw the assassin kill her parents, and then Ariana escaped to a near by star base, called T'Plana-Hath near the Cardassian border. Selena was born on this star base 16 years ago.


Selena is now 16 years old. While living on this planet where abducted scientists and engineers were kept to work for the Cardassians, she began helping to run a restaurant owned by humans. Families of these abducted ones would be taken as well, so Selena lived on this planet with other children. Because she had no parents, she was given a Cardassian guardian, her keeper, by the name of Deon Mawk.  At the age of 14, Selena enrolled in fighter training school run by Cardassians and other species. She completed 2 years of training. Her main reason for learning fighters was to escape. Escape from the controlling force of the Cardassians was her objective. She knew she couldn't go find her parents, because that would be the first place they would look, so she ran to another star base closer to the Klingon territory, the base residing in Federation territory. The name of the star base is 853 near the planet Albrindor, a tourist planet for Starfleet personal.




Selena is outgoing to other teens but wary of adults, until she gets to know them. She likes and gets along well with all species, although doesn’t trust Cardassians, (except for her Cardassian Guardian) fearing they will find her and return her to their slave planet. Once she found out about Starfleet, and that they have a Starfleet Academy on the Star base she escaped to, she is recruited and begins her classes as a first year cadet on a four year program. Her major is in X-wing fighter pilot training. She wants to be a X-wing fighter pilot squadron leader.  Finding she has already taken two years fighter training classes, the Academy has her enrolled in 2nd year advanced classes for X-wing pilots. Because she has learned so much about piloting x-wings fighters, she is allowed to begin her internship on the USS Maranatha on a training mission to the delta quadrant.