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Name: Rei Rainstorm 

Rank: Cadet 2nd year
Race: Neko
Height: 5'4
Eyes: Bright Blue
Hair: Black worn long and loose like her mother.
Mother: Schala "Deadlywhisper"

Grand parents: Paul Muad'Dib (fremen), Serenity "Brightmoon" Fraser Muad'dib (neko)


People, medical, treeees 



Violence, injustice



Rei spent her life with her mother who protected her from all types of danger found on a starbase. She has an older adopted sister named Shiverpaw, and no idea who her father is. Though it never mattered that much because if her mom never spoke of it then it could not have been that important. She was raised to be a Neko, even though her mother prefers to walk the racial path of a desert people. She was trained in some minor combat by her mother in an effort to keep her safe once she left the nest, but that had never felt too important to her so it merely became a hobby to be used as needed.


When she was of age she joined Starfleet academy, intending to graduate and take a short hiatus, so she could attend the Whisperwind medical institute on Wallach IX before starting her Starfleet service.





self defense (staff)

Her telepathic abilities 


Who has time for hobbies? She's a cadet.



She never really had an easy time with the academy, because of what she was very few people would accept her, and after a time it started to make her feel bad. However, she stuck with the academy and choose to suffer in silence until she was befriended by Cadet Walker.