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BIO of Character


Characters name: Nathan Hunt

Character Species: Terran/Trill/Borg

Character Gender: Male Female

Character Height in Feet and Inches: 5 foot 6 inches

Character Weight in Pounds: 150 pounds 

Character Age: 12

Date / Place of Birth:  26/08/2392 Ashford, Kent, England, Terra

Background info: His Mother is called Janet and his father is called Michael. They were both Starfleet officers. Nathan grew up mainly on starships. He was assimilated into the Borg collective on a school trip to Pacifica when he was 4. He was rescued four years later and had  82 % of  his implants removed, his remaining implants are critical to his life support. He completed his last two year of secondary school as top of his class specializing in quantum and temporal mechanics. His mum and dad made him wait until he was 12 before they agreed to contact Yoel and request that he be allowed to live with the Ashnaughs and enter the Zo academy as an Engineer in training. 

Personality: Nathan is very outgoing and loyal, even though he can sometimes be a bit withdrawn. He is a hard worker but enjoys a bit of fun every now and then. He likes holosuite programs and enjoys writing his own. He also likes learning and has a keen interest in engineering.