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BIO of Character:

Characters name: Martha Gray (Gray Wolf) aka Cadence Luz

Character Species: Human  

Character Gender: Female
Character Height in Feet and Inches:

Character Weight in Pounds:  a curvy 115

Character Age:17

Date / Place of Birth:  October 31, 2388, Tucson, Arizona.


Background info: Born in Tucson, in an area with a high Navaho Indian population.  Her father is John Gray (his Native American name is Gray Wolf)   full-blooded Navaho and her mother is Irish-American.  They met while she was vacationing in the West.  She moved when they got married.  She got tired of the rat race in New York.

They are both in Starfleet, but travel back and forth to different ships as consultants to science departments.

 Martha Gray, the youngest of five children was left alone a lot or with any
combination of her older two sisters and two brothers.  This gave her the opportunity to run wild and get into a lot of trouble.


She was friends with Araphina VanCroise, described as a "little redheaded girl with her head in the clouds. 


Martha's parents gave her everything, including years of voice lessons when it was found out that she had a powerful little voice when she sang in a school talent show. 


As a teenager, Cadence got interested in the late 20th and early 21st century phenomenon of rock n roll music, especially "classic rock", but was also influenced by various forms of primitive electronica.


Personality: Loves a good time and very flirtatious, but possesses intelligence near the genius level, a "princess" from the word "go" but also a "wild child." When she joins Starfleet, she has to put her wild side and long, thick hair "under wraps", she lets her "wild side" out in trickles working and studying aboard ship and "full-blown" during performance of her "retro" music and every opportunity she gets. 


Cadence Luz is somewhat manipulative but not malevolent.  She can "get things going", actually a leader in her own right.


Appearance: raven-black hair (enough for two heads) styled in a French twist on duty and "wild" to the middle of her back when she is not, dark eyes, medium complexion, a decisiveness about her: a look that says "stand back, I know what I want..." wears heavy makeup when she gets the opportunity, kind of like Elvira, but she is not scary-looking.