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                            Are You Seeking and Craving God With All  Of your heart
                Written by Caroline Lanette Alderson
Are you seeking God? Are you craving God? Do you desire
God so much it hurts? Are you craving God to heal you?
Are you craving God to prosper you? Are you seeking
God like a man in the desert would seek for water? How
much do we want God? Are we willing to fight to have
more of God? Are we addicted? Addicted means, having
to have Him, not being able to live without Him. 
addicted: To occupy (oneself) with or involve
(oneself) in something habitually or compulsively: The
child was addicted to video games. 
adj : compulsively or physiologically dependent on
something habit-forming
crave: To have an intense desire for
To need urgently; require, to long for
To desire strongly; to feel an insatiable longing; as,
a craving appetite.
  If you have no desire to be with God, can you really
call yourself a Christian? I know that sounds harsh.
But, a Christian is to be like Jesus, and Jesus hung
out with God and was addicted to Him; he wasn't just
"saved" We have to make Jesus the Lord of our life,
not just say some magic sinners prayer and say, "ok,
I'm a Christian now; I don't have to do one single
thing. Ok, well, maybe I will go to church on Sunday
morning; that makes me a Christian, right?" I don't
know. Does it? "But, geeze God, who wants to hang out
with You? I just want my ticket to Heaven. I don't
have time to spend with God; He's so boring." Is He?
Is He really? Or, does He seem boring, because you
have never got to know Him? Because, if you knew Him,
really knew Him, He would not seem boring. You would
be addicted and want to be with Him every day, all the
   Do we crave God? Do we intensely long for Him with
all of our heart? Do we seek Him out to be with Him?
Shouldn't a child seek and crave to spend time with a
Parent? Isn't that normal? Crave means, you need God;
you can't live without Him? Can we really call ourself
a Christian if we don't need God? "I can do it on my
own, thank you very much. i don't need God. Oh, but
I'm a Christian. I asked Him into my heart when i was,
let's think, oh when I was three. I was raised up in
Church and Sunday School, so that makes me a
Christian." Does it? 
Just something to think about...