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Character Bio of X-Wing Fighter, Wing Leader, Second Squadron, Amelia Pearson

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Species: Human raised on Earth

Age: 25

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 150 lb, brown short hair, brown eyes


Background: Amelia studied at Kingdom of Light X-Wing Fighter Academy, an Academy approved by the Federation. The Federation set up the academy to train fighter pilots to protect planets in the Federation; fighter teams are sent on star ships for protection, for if they encountered attacks. The fighter pilots have proven successful fighting teams, and more and more Captains are requesting a squadron on their star ships. The Vigilant's Captain requested two such squadrons for protection while exploring unknown worlds, and anomalies.


As a child, Amelia grew up fearful of people. She watched as bullies tormented her friends and classmates, and she stood by frozen with fear unable to assist. She would feel so ashamed she didn't help, and stood watching. Then she met the Master. He took away all of that fear, and gave her a boldness and power that broke the fear from her life. She made a vow she would train to be a fighter for the Federation and protect the innocent from bullies.


Physically agile, Amelia handles herself well on the ground, in fighting, both hand fighting, and weapons. She attributes her knowledge and wisdom to her Lord, and Master, Jesus the Anointed One. She owes her life to Him as her Rescuer from darkness.


In the X-Wing Academy, she sometimes became carried away when a someone caused trouble for her friends. She had to learn to control her temper, because it would get the better of her seeing darkness come in and torment people she cared about.


Amelia loves to fly X-wings. She would rather pilot her fighter than be on the ground, or on a star ship. She spends hours in simulators when she isn't allowed to fly her X-wing.