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Character Bio


Admiral Jeremy Albright was born on Betazed. Jeremy stands 6 feet tall, and weighs 185 lbs. At 56 years, he is extremely agile and excited about life, and exploration, He lives for solving mysteries of the universe, making contact with new and interesting species, exploring new Class M planets, and spending time with his family. 


Background and Personality


Growing up on Betezed, all he could think about was joining Star Fleet and meeting other species. As a lad he spent an enormous time daydreaming of developing into the role of a star ship Captain. His parent's notions were that Jeremy would go to college and be a great scientist. Jeremy found irresistible all things science, but space exploration interested him grandly. Why couldn't he be a scientist in space, he would ask his father? His father didn't think it would be suitable and continued pressing him to attend to his studies, and quit dreaming of space.


Age ten came and Jeremy entered every space project he could muster, winning one each year to his parent's and teacher's amazement.  To please his father, he equally entered science projects, winning many of those, as well. At school, because of having a mind with a high thinking standard, his teachers enrolled him in advanced classes in nearly all subjects. Teachers told him consistently he was well suited to be a star fleet officer, and be in command positions. In high school, in both his junior and senior year, he was voted student president.  He was unmistakably a leader, as his parents soon discovered. Able to command respect, and highly likable, he soon gained ascendancy with all of his peers. He never allowed any of this to go to his head. Always eager to help others achieve their goals, he cared for his fellow man.  Jeremy believes that a leader takes his followers with him to new heights, and leaves no one behind.


After beginning Star Fleet Academy at the age of 16, Jeremy became interested in God, thereby beginning his search for the true God. He met Jesus in his second year at the Academy at the age of 17 and three months later, had the experience of the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Now, he had a Mentor to teach him all he needed to be in command in space, which still stayed his dream.


After serving on numerous ships and star bases, Jeremy made XO on the ship USS Caribbean, then was promoted to the rank of Captain and commanded the USS Reigns.  Making command rank wasn't what he wanted, as Star Fleet pulled him from his beloved star ship, and banished him to serve out his command days on star bases. (Banished from Jeremy's point of view)  


Jeremy Albright is now an Admiral and commands star base 843, where he lives with his lovely wife Tracey who is human. They have a daughter, Captain Laurana Fitzpatrick. She took her mother's maiden name because she didn't want any favors awarded her for the reason of who her father was. Jeremy requested earnestly with Laurana, she keep her name, but being as stubborn as he was, refused.



Psych File


There is an extensive psych file on Admiral Albright which is classified.