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Old Shuttlebay (current status show after type)
1 Marine Issue Flyer-Class Runabout (25th Century) - Recovered
Name: Omega Flyer
Length: 21m  Width (Beam): 12.2m  Height: 4.8m  Crew Compliment: 2 (+9 Marines)  Hull Life: 75 years  Decks:  Mass: 180.6 metric tons
Engines: Enhanced Atmospheric Thrusters, Enhanced Impulse Engines with Rectractable Enhanced Impulse Thrusters, Standard MARA Warp Core utilizing Retractable Warp Nacelles, Standard Transwarp Core
Cruising Velocity: Warp 7
Maximum Cruising Velocity: Warp 8.5 for 6 days
Maximum Velocity: Warp 9 for 36 hours
Transwarp Core
Cruising Velocity: Transwarp 5 (Warp 15)
Maximum Cruising Velocity: Transwarp 6.5 for 1 Day (Warp 16.5)
Maximum Velocity: Transwarp 8 for 6 hours (Warp 18)
Armaments: 8 Phaser Arrays, 2 Missile Launchers, 3 Micro-Torpedo Tubes (2 fore, 1 aft) (+30 Micro-Torpedoes)
Defense: Regenerative Unimatrix Deflector Shields, Light Duranium/Tritanium Hull, Monotanium Hull Plating, 5cm Ablative Armor, Low-Level Structural Integrity Field, Cloaking Device (This cloak allows the shuttle to keep low-level deflector shields active while cloaked to facilitate atmospheric entry.  The shuttle cannot fire weapons or raise shields to levels used for combat.  The ship can travel at maximum warp.  This cloak does not give off any tachyon emissions or residual antiprotons.  This unit can remain active while troops deploy through the ventral hatch.)
Other: Transporter Unit, Bio-Bed with Limited Medical Facilities, Ventral Hatch for Troop Drop-Deployment, General systems upgrade using 26th century parts and equipment, 28th century wiring and sensor upgrades. This ship is capable of being used by Mysty the ships AI (see AI unit description under new technology)
Description: The hull of the Flyer is highly aerodynamic, and is composed of tetraburnium alloys with parametallic plating. The layout is fairly conventional - a large cabin occupies the front portion, with the engineering section aft, which feeds nacelles to port and starboard. The EPS conduits in the plasma manifold are isomagnetic, minimizing power losses and increasing engine efficiency. There is a small cargo bay and transporter system installed in the Flyer, along with the various systems usually associated with a vessel of this type. While most of the Flyer's control systems are conventional, the helm controls consist of two manual steering columns; this allowes for finer control and precise maneuvering. 
1 Danube-Class Runabout (24th century) - MIA
Name: Black Lotus
Length: 23.1m  Width (Beam): 13.7m  Height: 5.4Crew Compliment: 1-4 (+40 Evacuation)  Hull Life: 60 years Decks:  Mass:158.7 metric tons
Engines: Standard Impulse Engines, Standard MARA Warp Core
Cruising Velocity: Warp 4
Maximum Cruising Velocity: Warp 5
Maximum Velocity:
Warp 5.2 for 12 hours
Armaments: 6 phaser arrays, 2 Standard Mini-torpedo tubes + 24 micro-photon torpedoes
Defense: Unimatrix shield system, Light Duranium/Tritanium Hull, Low Level Sturctural Integrity Field

General systems
, weapons, and defense upgrades using 25th/26th century parts and equipment; 28th century wiring and sensor upgrades.
Inside: Transporter Unit, 4 bunks, Modular Design allows for modification depending on missions. This edition carries a full compliment of Marine equipment and supplies as well as extra weapons when compared to the standard type.
Scout Pod (Terran Defense Force registry 731) (28th century) - KIA
Length: 10.3m  Width (Beam): 4.7m  Height: 4.7m  Crew Compliment: 1-3(2 passengers)  Hull Life: 65 years Decks: 1  Mass: 2.5 metric tons
Shaped like a Bullet (has retractable landing struts)
Engines: Standard Impulse Engines, Standard MARA Warp Core
Cruising Velocity: Warp 6.5
Maximum Cruising Velocity: Warp 7.2
Maximum Velocity:
Warp 7.9 for 8 hours
Armaments: None
Defense: Unimatrix shield system, Light Duranium/Tritanium hull, Low-level Structural Integrity Field
Other: General systems and hull fixed 25th/26th century parts and equipment.
type92 Type-9 Shuttlecraft  (Late 24th/Early 25th Century) - KIA
Names:: Late 24th -- Angel Wing 33, Early 25th -- Vulcan 44
Length:Length: 8.5m  Width (Beam): 4.5m  Height: 2.34m  Crew Compliment: 1 (+2 passengers)  Hull Life: 50 years Decks:  Mass: 2.61 metric tons
Engines: Standard Impulse Engines, Standard MARA Warp Core
Cruising Velocity: Warp 3
Maximum Cruising Velocity: Warp 3.4
Maximum Velocity:
Warp 4.0 for 3 hours
Armaments: 2 Phaser arrays, 1 Pulse Phaser Cannon, 2 Multi-Directional Micro torpedo tubes, + 60 micro-photon torpedoes
Defense: Unimatrix shield system, Light Tritanium Hull, low-level Structural Integrity Field
Other: General systems, weapons, and defense upgrades using 25th/26th century parts and equipment, 28th century wiring and sensor upgrades

The Komorex (Multi-functioned Assault Craft) (Chort- 65Million B.C.- Only one in existence) - KIA
(craft is delta wing shaped - similar to the original Cylon raider but more smooth)
Length:: 22.8m   Width (Beam)::20m   Height::6m (without Engine Compartment)   Crew Compliment::2-13(10 passengers)   Hull Life::55yearss Decks:: 11  Mass:: 175 metric tonss
Engines: Warp core in engine sled; experimental temporal "Omega particle" core in ship (Currently devoid of Omega particles for safety reasons).  1 Warp engine is dual warp/temporal drive -- first experimental drive. (Warp sled detaches)
Cruising Velocity: Warp 6.3
Maximum Velocity:
Warp 8.6 for 7.33 hours
Armaments: Fixed: 2 Disruptor batteries on wing tips; 2 Quantum phaser multi-cannons beneath cockpit; 2 forward and one aft rotary torpedo tubes than can launch a variety of guided weapons or probes; lower bomb bay that launches large weapons with mass-destruction warhead.  Engine sled can be used as a guided weapon with very massive explosion potential with timed warp core breach. 18 quantum warhead torpedoes (6 per rotary tube). One subspace warhead gravity bomb.
Defense:  Deflector plates, and adjustable/flexible deflector shields that can form artificial stabilizers for atmospheric or underwater flight; electronic warfare suites; cloaking device.
Other: The Komorex is a multi-functioned assault craft. Designed to fight, recon, or bomb on whatever mission that is needed. All computers and navigational equipment are designed to be removed for specific missions. The Komorex primary starship attack method is ten fighters remaining cloaked until the last second and launching a mass of torpedoes at close range. Then assaulting the ship as a swarm, so close that the larger ship cannot maneuver. It can also be at home in atmospheric flight for ground assault or underwater travel with depths down to 6000 meters crush depth. In the event of injured crew there is a holographic co-pilot that can take control. General systems, weapons, defenses, and hull/structural integrity fixed using 25th/26th century parts and equipment, 28th century wiring and sensor upgrades.
8 Scorpion Class Attack Fighter Mark-II - All but 1 KIA; Last 1 Recovered
(USS Mystic Edition based on a stolen experimental Romulan design that was cancelled)
Names:: Epsilon 1 through 8 (or Scorpion 1 through 8))
Length: 5.03m  Width (Beam): 1.89m  Height: 1.89m  Crew Compliment:Hull Life: 80 years Decks: Mass: 2.47 metric tons
Engines: Quantum-Drive Impulse Engines
Velocity: Maximum Impulse
Armaments: 1 Multidirectional Disrupter Cannon
Defense: Light Federation Deflector Shield, Light Duranium Hull, Light Parametallic Hull Plating, Low-Level Structural Integrity Field, Romulan Cloaking Device
Other: General systems, weapons, and defense upgrades/repairs/designs using 25th/26th century parts and equipment, 28th century wiring and sensor upgrades, Bulk of materials used were replicated on the Mystic. Rare Materials and tools / machines used were from October 12, 2377.
Darkwing Assault Craft (Scimitar class design base - shuttle version) - AWOL
Name: Fey'rii
Length: 69.3m  Width (Beam): 41.1m without wings, 80m fully extended wingspan, 56m fully retracted wingspan  Height: 16.2m  Crew Compliment: 1-5(+60 passengers)  Hull Life: 225 years Decks:  Mass: 317.4 metric tons
Engines: Impulse engines - Quantum driven,
MARA Type-X35 core (runs more efficiently)
Cruising Velocity: Warp 7.0
Maximum Velocity:
Warp 9.99 (indefinitely)
Standard Transwarp core unit Version; J259
Cruising Velocity: Transwarp 7.6 (5 Days)
Maximum Velocity:
Transwarp 9.999 (8 Days)
Quantum slipstream core - Version; C37
(Due to a breakthrough in transwarp/slipstream theory it was found that transwarp goes from Transwarp 1 to 19.999 before another barrier is hit.)
Cruising Velocity: Slipstream level 4.999 (2 Days)
Maximum Velocity: Slipstream level 7.999  (36 hours)
Omega Slipstream Core (Experimental and outlawed by many factions in the 28th century)
Cruising Velocity: Slipstream level 8  (17 hours)
Maximum Velocity:
Slipstream level 9.99  (2 hours)
Armaments: 24 Collimated Phaser Arrays, 6 Pulse Phaser Ports, 6 Rapid fire Phaser Arrays, 8 Disruptor Mini cannon Arrays, 12 Multi-directional Fire Micro-missile launchers w/ rapid fire capabilities, Missiles: 60 Quantum, 60 Transphasic, 30 Plasma, 30 Tri-Cobalt, 30 Chronition, 16 Tri-Lithium Resin Transphasic, 5 subspace warheads (stored separately in force field containment)
Defense: Light Parametallic double hull, high-level Structural Integrity Field, Multi-Phasic Absorption Shield System w/ Automatic weapon fire compensation system, Phase Cloak Displacement system, Point-Defense Phaser system (tied into weapon fire compensation system for point of origin firing, 30cm lightweight Ablative armor, Nanite repair System (Ablative armor repaired at 20% / hour), Phasic projectile Disruptor System (70% chance of stopping Transphasic and Multiphasic torpedoes and missiles /  used in conjunction with the shields)
Other: LCARS Version; X-1.0 (Superior Efficiency and Speed), Ship wide holoemmiter system on separate power system, nearly impossible to take out due to shielding and force fields allows a complete holo-crew and programmable AI Matrix system. Ship's avatar parts and equipment, for customizing a physical avatar to the AI's persona and looks. Single Officer Control Station (SOCS): A single cockpit-like unit that rises from the bridge floor in which a single person can control all aspects of the ship
1 Type-7 Shuttlecraft (From 2355) - KIA
Length::8.5m   Width (Beam)::3.6m   Height::2.7m   Crew Compliment::1-8(6 passengers)   Hull Life::50 years Decks::1    Mass::3.96 metric tonss
Engines: Standard Impulse Engines, Standard MARA Warp Core
Cruising Velocity: Warp 2.5
Maximum Velocity:
Warp 3.0 for 24 hours
Armaments: 2 MultiPhasic Phaser arrays, 1 MultiPhasic Phaser Cannon, 2 Multi-Directional Micro torpedo tubes, + 60 torpedoes (all photon)
Defense: Multi-Phasic Unimatrix shield system, Light Duranium/Tritanium Single hull, low-level Structural Integrity Field
Other: General systems, weapons, and defense upgrades using 25th/26th century parts and equipment, 28th century wiring and sensor upgrades
1 Nietzschean Slipfighter (2465)(badly damaged) - MIA presumed KIA
Name: Stryker
Length:Length: 10m Width (Beam): 10m Height: 5m Crew Compliment: 2 (1 passenger) Hull Life: 60 years Decks:  Mass: 2 metric tons
Engines: Spatial Fold Drive
Cruising Velocity: Warp 4.0
Maximum Velocity:
Warp 5.2
Armaments: 2 Forward Phaser Arrays, 2 Forward micro-torpedo tubes (5 Quantum Torpedo’s per tube)
Defense: Light Parametallic hull, low-level Structural Integrity Field, 10cm ablative armor, low level shield output field
Other: A two person cockpit controls this fighter
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