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USS Destiny

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U.S.S. Destiny


U.S.S. Destiny, NCC-42691-B, a Sovereign Class starship, is a canon ship which appeared originally in the series Deep Space Nine. Built at Utopia Plantia shipyards in the Martian sector of the Solar System, in 2373, one of it's first assignments under the original commanding officer, Captain Raymer, was to transport the ailing Dax symbiont to Trill after the death of Jadzia Dax.

Destiny, under the command of Rear Admiral Malcolm Remier, joined the Valhalla Fleet sixteen years ago and remained a pillar member of that fleet. On the destruction of the Fleet's homebase Starbase Valhalla that resulted from the treachery of Admiral Xon, USS Destiny joined the Freedom Fleet. Destiny has been an independent sim for the last several years.

Although Destiny is one of the most advanced designs in the fleet, our missions tend to be science and diplomatic missions. We do not shy away from combat and have on several occasions defended the Federation from the Romulans. Our continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Current Mission:
When Lambs Become Lions

Mission Archives:

We periodically covert our old mission files into a single archive file. Click here to read all the mission postings as a single file.

Mission #13 - Guesting Time The Skandians are little people; friendly, jovial, intelligent. They love nothing more than coming to visit with several thousand of their closest friends.

Mission #14 - Sirens Part 1 Is the planet Iowa really heaven? The sirens promise you whatever you want most but what do they want? Few have heard the siren's song and lived to tell about it.

Mission #14 - Sirens Part 2

Mission #18 - At the Mountains of Madness Part #1 - The Arkhamites have forgotten why their ancestors built the giant forcefield enclosing the south polar region. They only know that whatever is in there must never get out.

Mission #18 - At the Mountains of Madness Part #2

Coming Soon

Mission #23 - Seek and Destroy

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USS Destiny is a member of the class of writing games referred to as play by email (pbem) role playing games (rpg) based on a starship in the Star Trek universe. In this type of game, the player creates a unique character who participates in the adventure by writing scenes in the game. The scenes or postings are exchanged by email with other players in the game. The character may be human or alien but must be consistent with the Star Trek universe. Our adventures take us to a variety of alien planets across the galaxy in situations that could only exist in the worlds of science fiction. The play by e-mail game is a form of interactive fan fiction.

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