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An ancient race of humanoids from Bajor III. The Bajorans had a thriving primitive culture in the arts and sciences 25,000 years ago. They slowly developed space travel and colonized their system and several nearby star systems. Almost identical to Terrans except for distintive nose ridges and minor differences in the female reproductive system. The Bajoran race was conquered by the Cardassian Empire in 2328 and formally annexed 2339. Bajoran freedom fighters repulsed the Cardassians in early 2369. Soon afterwards the Bajoran wormhole was discovered in the Denorious Belt. With the enormous economic boon of the only known stable wormhole, the rebuiliding of Bajor has been accellerated. The Bajoran people petitioned the Federation for membership soon after the discovery of the wormhole and are in the slow membership process

Bajorans are humanoid in form and function with the exception of a ridged nose. Slight deviations from Terran human physiology can be discerned through different reactions to body change. During pregnancy Bajoran females do not nauseate instead they react by sneezing. Bajoran fetuses are also irremovable due to the high degree of vascularization in the placental/uterine interface.

Bajoran culture flourished for 500,000 years. In time, the Bajorans became a race of master artisans, architects, and scholars whose lives are centered on their faith. Their deeply religious culture honors the 'Prophets' who guide the Bajorans. They believe in guidance from the prophecies revealed to ancient religious men much in the same way as the Greeks believed in Delphi Oracles. Within the religious texts of Bajoran faith, safe passage through the Bajoran wormhole is seen as the blessing of the Prophets who reside within in the Celestial Temple.

Portions taken from Star Trek Aliens.