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The year is 2375, less than 1 year since the Dominion War ended. The Dominion have retreated to the Gamma Quadrant, leaving the Cardassians defenseless. In an effort to preserve themselves from the Federation, the Cardassians have formed an alliance with the Romulan Star Empire. With the Dominion threat gone for now, the Romulans have once again severed contact with the Federation, remaining aloof and seeking a way to take advantage of the weakening the Federation undertook from the combined losses from fighting the Borg and Dominion. While there is no longer open warfare, the combined resources of the Cardassian Union and the Romulan Star Empire pose a great threat to the weakened United Federation of Planets.

" To search and discover... "

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The USS Coronado (NCC-75318) is an Nebula class starship assigned multiple missions to further Federation interests. The crew of the Coronado faces danger, adventure and intrigue on a daily basis.

The USS Coronado is a list server Play-By-e-Mail (PBeM) game. Through storytelling and creative input, the Game Master (GM) and Player Characters (PC) use actions and Non-Player Characters (NPC) to make the Star Trek world come alive.

The USS Coronado is a member of The Starfleet Destinies gaming group. Starfleet Destinies is a collection of Star Trek games in a shared universe that offers to provide free, high quality Star Trek PBeM games to interested players. 

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