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v  USS Banquo 

USS Banquo

"Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary." - Mahatma Gandhi.


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Banquo - Shakespearian Character
The name Banquo started off in William Shakespeare's 'Scottish Play'. He was the voice of reason, and always kept a cool head, even in the mortal face of impending doom. His death symbolised a lot in the play. He is one of Shakespeare's most famous characters.


HMS Banquo - 1588
When the Spanish Armada began to threaten the south coast of England, Queen Elizabeth I had to build much more ships than the British Fleet had at the time, and quickly. She named one of the new ships 'Banquo' after her favourite Shakespearian character.


HMS Banquo - 1991
When the Gulf War broke out, the Amsterdam-Class Destroyer, HMS Banquo was deployed into the Mediterranean Sea. During her time there she destroyed four enemy bunkers, sunk two enemy subs, five enemy ships and saved countless lives.


USS Banquo NCC-2450 - 2240
The Saladin-Class vessel was launched to counter the impending threat from enemies which threatened the Federation. Only three months after her launch, she disappeared without a trace, never to be seen again...


USS Banquo NCC-16815 - 2383
A new chapter in the name Banquo's history. The Ronin-Class vessel has just been launched, hoping to keep her name in the highest regard, just as her predecessors did.


Further History of the USS Banquo NCC-16815



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