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v  USS Banquo 

USS Banquo

"Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary." - Mahatma Gandhi.


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Captain Yoshiki Hide

Name- Yoshiki Hide Rank- Captain
Position- Commanding Officer Gender- Male
Species- Human, Oriental Physique- Physically Fit, Strong
D.O.B.- 28th September Marital Status- Single
Height- 6"1' Weight- 170 lbs
Eyes- Blue Hair- Blonde
Complexion- Tanned Home- Japan, Earth
Distinguishing Marks- None Apparent
  Recommended twice by his former CO, Captain Harold Pintinger, for Command. Then by Admiral Elaine Arnold, for bravery in the field.


Father- Taiji Hide - Taiji was a late starter within Starfleet. He did not join until he was nearly 30 years old. He retired a Captain, at the age of sixty-five, with many a commendation under his belt.
Mother- Sakura Hide - Sakura was never in Starfleet. Wherever Taiji went, whichever Starship he was on, she would follow and become the teacher for the children onboard.
Siblings- Pata Hide - Pata is only a few years older than Yokishi, but despite that, he has already been in command of the USS Tyler for over five years. He is an excellent CO, and a leader of men.
Spouse- None
Children- None
Talents & Abilities- Speaks Federation Standard. He is an expert at tactical abilities. Can read and write ancient Japanese. Is above average in hand to hand combat.
Strengths- Can never give up something he has started. Even if it means costing him his own life in the process.

Will always do his duty to the best of his abilities.

Likes- People who are honourable and dependable. He enjoys taking time off from ship duties to go mountain climbing or abseiling in the holo-decks with some of the senior staff.
Dislikes- People who are fake, and blatant about it. Traitors who put their own interests infront of the greater good.
Ambitions- To one day make it to the level of Fleet Admiral, like his idol, Pavel Chekov. He also wants to start a family and live a long and prosperous life with it.
Quirks- He has none that are apparent. He does, however, like to tell an unbelievable amount of jokes. Some good, some bad.
Interests- Enjoys studying Federation History and Law. Japanese History is also very intriguing to him. To actually study and learn about his heritage. Nothing is more rewarding to him, apart from his duty.
Primary School- James T. Kirk Primary - Tokyo, Japan.
Secondary School- Zephrame Cochrane High - San Francisco, USA.
College- Starfleet Academy - San Francisco, USA.
Specialized Training- Starfleet Command School under Commodore Peter Maguire and Captain Otto Minim.


2376-2380 - Tactical Officer - USS Gigantic under Captain Deborah O'Connell - Final Rank: Lt. Commander

2380 - Executive Officer - USS Langley under Captain Fiona Starling - Rank: Commander

2383 - Commanding Officer - USS Banquo - Rank: Captain 


Yokishi Hide was born in 2342 to Taiji and Sakura Hide in Tokyo, Japan. During his time in the technology leading city, Yokishi became a keen astronomer. He would regularly back-pack with his father up to the highest point of Mount Fuji to glare through his telescope at the wonders of the Universe.

When he was seven years old, his father joined Starfleet - Yokishi couldn't have been happier. He'd always dreamt of going to the furthest reaches of the galaxy and exploring the things mankind did not understand, or know about.

At the age of fifteen, and after galloping around the alpha-quadrant with his parents, he went to live with his God-parents in San Francisco, USA. It was time he begun to study Starfleet and it's ideals. Four years later, he enrolled at Starfleet Academy to study Tactical Combat and Security. He qualified four years later with a pass, and joined the USS Gigantic. It is there that he would remain as Chief of Security for seven years.

At the tender age of thirty, he became the First Officer of the USS Langley. After serving her with distinction for five years, he was offered his own command. He declined willingly and carried on with his posting.

Two years later, he was offered command once again. He accepted this time around, feeling that he had reached the pinnacle of his abilities as First Officer. He was given the USS Banquo. His adventures continue. . .


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