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Internal Crew Awards for 2005

Commanding Officer's Award - The Four Pillars Award

 No winner this year.

Flag Officer of the Year

First Place Admiral Jerome D. Eller
Second Place Vice Admiral Stephen B. Brown
Third Place Commodore Cheryl A. Harris

Senior Officer of the Year

First Place Captain Ruth A. Brown
Second Place Commander Diane M. Carpenter
Third Place Captain Susan Moore

Junior Officer of the Year

First Place Lieutenant Robert W. Barnett II
Second Place (tie) Lieutenant Katrina R. Andrews-Knight
Second Place (tie) Marine Captain Michael A. Grubb

Cadet of the Year

First Place (tie) Cadet Carol Andrews
First Place (tie) Cadet Kenneth Knight
Third Place Cadet Dana M. Carpenter

Midshipman of the Year

First Place Midshipman Nadja Van Pelt
Second Place (tie) Midshipman Maria L. Grubb
Second Place (tie) Midshipman Patrick R. Harris
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