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USS Charleston NCC-70570

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Player Rules

As with all games, rules are necessary to make the game enjoyable for all. Below is an abbreviated version of the rules.

1. Create an original character. Do not copy Star Trek Cannon characters such as Captain Kirk or Lt Cmdr Data.

2. You may not post of other players characters. Observe the posting format at all times.

3. Five active characters within Obsidian Fleet are allowed.

4. Players may have up to three NPC characters.

5. A player must post at least once every weeks to remain active aboard the Charleston. The Captain must be notified of any absences that will be longer than this time. NO leave request will be denied, regardless of the length.

6. The GM reserves the right to control the game master plot exclusively. AGMs will fill in if the GM must take an absence and can create sub-plots as needed. Players are restrained to creating plots only of a personal nature (ex: meeting a fellow player in a recreational facility, memories, logs, etc...). All other plots/story changes must be approved and/or started by the GM or AGMs. Player are encouraged to participate actively.

7. Obsidian Fleet has many resources including the Obsidian Fleet Chronicles and the Office of Public Relations. Volunteers are always welcome.

8. Most importantly! ENJOY the game!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the commanding officer, the first officer, or the second officer. Any one of us will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

For an unabbreviated version of the rules, click here.